I slept through reveille this morning! For some crazy reason I awoke at 2 or 5 or something, and had trouble going back to sleep. Then Jack woke me up coming in bed with me, and a little later my alarm went off at 7:20. I asked Max if they skipped revielle this morning and he said no. I’m surprised I could sleep through that…it’s pretty loud.

Today I planned on going to a church right outside the base gate. We got there 15 minutes early so we’d all have time to find our classes, but there was only 1 car in the parking lot…strange! We sat there for 10 minutes and then I looked up the other church I’d been debating/praying about; it was only 4 minutes away, and their classes started in 20 minutes! Awesome! When we left the first church at the time their class should start there had been no more activity in the parking lot. The second church, Doorway Baptist, had people coming and going. Of course their sign said they started classes 15 minutes prior to what their website said, but we were here so we went in; the website was correct.

Jack’s class was right at the entry, and it sounds like the husband and wife know something about special needs. Max’s class was empty when we got there, and then we met a boy from his class on our way to my class. He was hesitant to go to his class, so we walked to my class and then back to his class and his teacher was there by then. I reminded him that while he was meeting these people for the first time in his class I was doing the same in mine. As outgoing as I am, and as he can be, it’s still a little nerve wracking to face a class full of people who know each other. My class was good, though. We talked about the church in Corinth, which had been one of the last sermons I’d heard in Kissimmee, so it was nice to already have context for the lesson.

When class was over I saw Max coming to get me, so then we went and got Jack; we all attend second service together. Max said there was only that one boy in his class besides himself! Huh. Oh well. The sermon was a good one, about prayer. Sometimes prayer seems so simple, but even the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, on more than 1 occasion this pastor said. He also preached about Eccl 5, no matter what our circumstances we can have God’s joy.

I’d planned on taking the boys to the grocery store on the way home for just a few things, but then I remembered how annoying it is with them, so we just went home. I’d roasted some broccoli for a sandwich last night, so today I only had to heat it. The boys had leftovers from the bbq place and a grilled cheese sandwich. My nap afterward was cut short by the short one…that’s no good Mother’s Day present! Punk!

There’s really not much else to say about this day. We played skip bo, memory and uno before bed and hardly anyone got their feelings hurt.

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