Saturday to do

My to do list:
make banana bread with the old bananas (so much easier with a helper!)

get Max’s school schedule set up
do some school with Jack
find a church
catch up on Bible reading and get Max caught up
clean the leather bags and see if I have conditioner
repot the basil I bought yesterday

I should also
make a state and capital match sheet for Jack
fix the magnets on the screen door
wash the bus front
clean the bathroom
mail rags and magnets to Jo and Mom
make sofrito rice
feed my plants
put a straw in plants to water them from the bottom

but these things will probably still be on the list tomorrow for after church/lunch/nap

Jack is beside me in the bed watching his videos (now that he’s watched Gemiini for 20 minutes). Oh yeah, I also need to change his Gemiini video. It’s 9:15 and Max is still sleeping or dozing. I told him I don’t care when he gets up, but when he does he has to eat breakfast and start school. He may do a school unit/Minecraft 20 minutes/school unit day today; we’ll see. He’s so good about getting his school work done once he starts it I don’t push him too much. We saw yesterday that he’s only 3″ shorter than me now! He’s really growing up in a lot of ways.

It’s now 12:15. I’ve made 2 muffin pans of cranberry banana bread (Jack helped a little) and eaten 2.5 muffins with butter! Jack has done his spelling and is cutting out shapes. He’ll take his spelling test in a few minutes. Max has finished 1.75 units, played Minecraft once, and eaten 3 muffins. I think he really liked those! I’ve investigated a possible leak from the boys toilet, but I’m afraid it may just be messy boys. I’ve shown Jack how to clean the counter after he washes his glasses and to hang up the towel on the laundry drawer. I’ve emptied the gray and opened the mid for several loads of clothes, washed the dishes and made a good start on Max’s schedule.

It’s 1:50 now and Jack has finished his school; he got 100% on his spelling test!! Max has 3 units left and is on another Minecraft break. He has 8 days of school left after today!! Yahoo!!! I’ve caught up on my Bible reading. This day is going well!

3:30 and Max just finished his school for the week!!! Woot! Now he has a full week with 8 units every day, then the next Monday he’ll have 2 projects to wrap up and 2 algebra review units, and Tuesday and Wednesday he has 3 finals each day (algebra has 2 parts). Jack and I have been outside for a bit; he’s playing with bubbles and I’ve repotted the basil, wiped off the brown leather bag, and started washing the lining of the red leather bag.

At 5pm I sent the boys outside and I made supper; hamburger gravy with mushrooms over rice. It was fine, but not great. I really want to learn how to make good gravy. I’m not sure if it was the beef I bought, or I don’t have the knack, or if I did something wrong. But I’m gonna keep feeding my family sub-par gravy until I figure this out!

Max and I butted heads over him helping me get the table set. We’re going through a period where he bristles at my instruction. I stayed pretty calm today; perhaps because this happened yesterday so I’ve had some recent practice. We’ll get through this, I believe; I just pray that we have a great relationship after he moves away from home (in 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). After his shower we played several hands of Gin or Rummy or Gin Rummy; I never remember what each game is called. We also played Uno with Jack, and then started a game of Memory with him, but he grumbled so much I finally sent him to bed. Max beat me so bad at Memory we didn’t even count.

So to recap, I got most of today’s stuff done, everything but conditioning the leather bags. I wiped the brown bag off, and I might be still washing the red bag. It’s hanging up to dry now. I may just laze out and call the inside done and condition the outside. Some time today I also trimmed my hair; there’s a little piece at my right temple that curls out when it gets too long. I’m not sure if she didn’t blend that in well enough when I asked for my bangs to go shorter, or if that’s just how my hair grows. Time for some vegetating and then sleep.

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