Doctor’s visit done! Woot!

We got all ready and headed to our appointment. It all went so smoothly; I’m so grateful! It took a while, as doctors’ visits invariably do, but we got out close to 11.

Things are rarely boring when this nut job is around!

Since it was still a little early for lunch we went to the nearby Dollar Tree. I’m still looking for a number line for Jack, but it doesn’t appear I’ll find one. He can count backwards somewhat, and I thought a number line would help him ‘see’ what’s going on when I ask him what number comes before 73 or something. I don’t really want to make my own on regular paper…maybe I’ll just wait till next school year.

I found a BBQ place near us and we tried it out. I shared the bbq plate with Jack which included a roll, rice and red gravy, chipped pork and cole slaw. Max got a cheeseburger and I made him get an order of onion rings because they were lauded on Yelp a good bit. I realize for sure that I’m not a big fan of the mustard bbq sauce, which is all that this place had. I think I’ll take the leftovers home and slather it with my own bbq sauce and all will be well. The rice and gravy was good, though, and the cole slaw looked to be the usual stuff. Max loved his burger, but I don’t see the need to repeat this place.

I took the boys to a nearby Goodwill, then a little grocery shopping and home. I’ve tried to make a meal plan a couple of times since Ted’s left but I’m just not feeling it. We still have a few leftovers so I’ll see how we make out.

Man, I’m still constantly feeling so free at having this appointment behind me! The doctor’s office electronically submitted the prescriptions and I’ve already gotten a confirmation that my scripts are in the system. Thank the Lord again!

I headed out for an afternoon of Goodwilling. At an outlet I found a couple of leather bags,

another outdoor tablecloth, and a scarf to use as a cushion for my knees. Even with all the walking we did at Disney at times my left knee would just ache in the bed at night. I read recently that a lot of people suffer knee pain because of sleeping with their knees together while on their side, and many would also benefit from propping their knee up a little while lying on their back. A week or so ago I made a small pillow with some rolled up socks and I’ve been using that, so I’ve been looking for something that will do the job today. As for the tablecloth, I bought a green and white one in FL right at the beginning of our stay, and it stayed outside on the picnic table the whole time we were there. It was nice when Max played legos to keep the little pieces from dropping between the cracks of the table, but of course it got really faded, and someone even ripped a hole it it. So when Ted was trying to figure out what we could lay on for the oil change that tablecloth was the perfect thing. Altogether I spent $4.40 on those bags, scarf and tablecloth. I think that’s a pretty good price!

On my drive I talked to Jo a while; I love catching up on all the news with her, but she only has weekends and after work to talk, so we don’t chat as often as we used to. I saw a Marco’s on the drive, too! It’s about 20 minutes from where we live. We’ll have to see if there are any even closer; I wonder if any would deliver on base?

At home I poured out some bubbles for Jack to play with with his new bubble toys I got at Dollar Tree today. I made supper for us and let the boys watch Odd Squad while they ate. We video chatted with Ted a bit, and then Max stayed up late playing his games. He ended up not doing any school today, so he’ll have today’s work to do tomorrow.

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