Biggest monkey off my back! Thank the Lord!!

I realized today while we were doing school that if I just change Max’s schedule before he really looks at it it will be easier for him to accept. All he has to do is do 2 extra units a day and he’ll finish his finals before Gran and Pawpaw get here. I started working on that this morning. It’s so hard for me to keep the schedule movement in my head, especially with the way you have to switch the screen from the calendar view of Max’s schoolwork to the assignment view to change the dates. I ended up printing out the weeks and cutting the units out and changing them. It seems so easy to move just 2 units per day, but after the first day you move 4 units to the 2nd day, and then 6 units the 3rd, etc!

While I was working on that Jennifer called to chat! I love that girl. It’s so good to talk to her, I just never seem to find the time when it’s a good time to talk. Maybe this summer we’ll have more chats. Her oldest daughter finished school for the year today! And her youngest will finish next Tuesday at the latest. Those girls will work ahead when they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Max hates that, and would prefer to just keep a steady pace. Or just to procrastinate the whole thing forever. I think he gets that wonderful trait from both his parents, poor kid!

We had a late lunch of salad, and it was great! It was a roughage salad, not lettuce, and I added cranberries, pepitas and caesar dressing. After Jack was outside playing I told Max to be super quiet and pray for me as I made these calls. We only have a month here and often doctors offices are scheduling new patients a month out, so I have to get this done! I decided to go with the less than completely honest maneuver, and just say we’re new patients going out of town in a month, we need physicals and these specific prescriptions, can you do it? The very first place I called said yes! They asked what days are good for us and I said any day except the 24th and 25th unless it had to be those days. She said no, what days are good for you, like, I have an opening for all 3 of you tomorrow!!!!! I slobbered thanks all over her, and then realized the jig might be up if I didn’t calm down. I made an appointment for 11am tomorrow! Thank you Lord! I was so relieved, but I won’t be 100% relieved until we walk out of the doctor’s office with the promise of those prescriptions.

I started looking for a church tonight; I’m having a little trouble finding one that fits, so I think we’ll go Sunday.

While I was counting my blessings out on the hammock I got a call from a local number. It was the doctor! I figured my good luck had run out, but they only wanted to change the time of the appointment; now we’re going at 9am. :-)

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