Saturday/Monday and out to eat at Nigel’s

Today was our Saturday, so of course Ted woke up not long after 6am, and I wasn’t far behind him. We read then, and the boys were asleep, so that was good. And then at 7am they played reveille! Heh. Why do I always forget they do this on bases? I guess because after a few days it really isn’t a big deal.

When the boys got up I made chocolate chip pancakes for them and then we watched some Ninjago. That movie has some really good parts. Jack and I walked around the campground while we waited for Ted to finish his phone call and to get ready. I stopped and talked to Betsy as she cleaned the spot a camper had just left. I asked for restaurant recommendations and she gave me a few. After we got back to our spot she brought a balsa airplane for Jack. So sweet! Jack and I put our new hammock together today, though I had to get Max to help stretch it out enough to hook on.

Ted, Jack and I went shopping and out to eat for lunch. We bought a water regulator (Camping World has them for $12 cheaper online, but they matched the online price, thankfully), a sewer elbow and 2 more light switches for when we need to change them out. It’s crazy how hard they’ve been to find in camping stores, so since this place had 2 I bought them both.

Then we went to eat some soul food at Nigel’s. I had fried chicken, rice and gravy and yams. Ted had shrimp and grits (with lots of dark brown gravy), and Jack had a (type of buffalo sauced) chicken sandwich with mac and cheese for his side. I really liked what we had, but Ted said he didn’t see the need to go back. It was good but not awesome. I’d be happy to go back, but I see what he’s saying.

When we got back home Ted put the regulator on the pump and I think it’s gonna work! The sewer elbow makes a real difference; I guess our old one just wore out. We sent the boys to the playground while Ted made Alton Browns broccoli sandwiches again for supper. They were a great hit again. I can’t believe how good they taste!

Before they went to the playground I saw that Jack’s new airplane is basically shot…he threw that thing a million times and had such fun with it, but it’s not meant to last long. It was so sweet that Betsy gave it to him; I already wanted to take her some of the Hello Dolly I made the other day but this cements it.

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