Friday the 13th in Hollywood Studios

Today Jack made several Star Wars characters’ noises and it was so funny! He does a really good impression of BB-8, but his Chewbacca needs some work.

When I went out to dump the back this morning a neighbor stopped me to chat and asked when we’re leaving. Apparently we’re in his spot! Heh. He said he’s not in a big hurry to get it back once I told him we’re hoping to extend another week so Ted can go to another dental appointment.

I made pizza dough this morning, and then helped Ted find a way to get the booster cables inside the bus. After lunch Ted and I took a nap for an hour and then we headed out to Hollywood Studios. We had fast passes for Toy Story and Tower of Terror. While riding the tram to the park I noticed that we had a generic fast pass…Tower of Terror had broken down for a bit so they automatically switched our tickets out. This is the second time that’s happened this week!

We went straight to Toy Story Mania for a DAS, and on the way out of there we saw World of Disney so we stopped a bit and looked at the cool stuff. There was more to see, but they called for the film so we watched a little video about Walt Disney’s life; we’ll have to go back to the museum when we have more time. It’s funny; all the times we’ve been to Hollywood Studios I’ve never been back in this area. We’ve always just headed to our fast passes and missed this whole area of this park!

Next we headed to see Chewbacca and BB-8. When we were finished we saw that Kylo Ren didn’t have a long wait time so we saw him too. He was kinda funny, he pointed at us to tell us where to stand, and had a programmed speech he played while we were in there talking about us joining the dark side. I think I like BB-8 and Chewbacca better with their unintelligible speech. Max stayed in the gift store the whole time and played with the Star Wars lego figurines.

Next up was Beauty and the Beast. We had some time to kill before the show so we headed to the sweet shop and bought another carrot cake cookie for me and Jack, a piece of peanut butter fudge for Max and Ted, and a couple of drinks. We took a couple of bites and then headed down to BatB. We sat by a guy who looked like he had a really bad cold, so we moved forward a row and that was perfect. It was a fun show to watch; I think Jack enjoyed himself. The carrot cake was as wonderful this time as it was last time, too.

Next we headed to Rockin’ Roller Coaster. On the way we sent Max to Tower of Terror to get our DAS. After those 2 rides we were done. At home Ted said he was really jonesing for another meatloaf sandwich so I mixed together the ingredients and we used the last of the sweet-hot mustard on our sandwiches. The boys had those same sandwiches with burger patties and regular mustard. We started ‘Support Your Local Gunfighter’, but didn’t get very far before calling it quits. The boys had showered while I fixed supper, so after Jack got into bed and Max got set up with his computer Ted and I read before bed.

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