Jack and Math

Today Jack and I worked on bigger and smaller. I had him write ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’ on 2 cards; then ‘more’ and ‘less’ on two other cards. I drew a bigger and smaller circle and more and less circles on the corresponding cards. We just worked a bit on that. I wonder what it’ll take to help him comprehend math. He’s great at memorizing, it just seems like there are so many math figures to memorize that understanding is what he needs, but that’s not working so well for us.

A while back I made some adding pages with 2 columns of empty boxes for him to fill in both amounts he’s adding, and then he can add all the boxes together to get the answer. He’s been doing these pages at least this whole year, but he still doesn’t seem to understand that numbers are always the same, and he definitely doesn’t understand bigger vs smaller no matter how many different ways I’ve tried to show him. Ted realized today that when Jack works these sheets he always puts the larger number in the first column and the smaller number in the second column, no matter which number is on top in the addition problem. What??!! So, basically, intrinsically he has some understanding of which is bigger, but if I ask him which number is bigger he answers randomly. Crazy. I really don’t know how to show him that he knows the answer, so for now I’m just going to go over the paper after he’s finished and ask him which number is bigger. Wow. I’m really stumped here. I think it was easier when I felt like he had no knowledge whatsoever.

Today I went back to WM and implemented my plan to fix my haircut, and it worked! Without questioning another chick cut my hair short; she was the one working next to Elia who cut my hair last week. She apologized a couple of times and I wanted to say it was alright, but Elia really did give me an entirely different cut than I asked for and she knew it. I went ahead and bought some product for my hair…that’ll be new. I’ve been mostly air-drying my hair for many years now and only blowing it dry when it’s practically dry. Actually fixing my hair will take some learning.

After my cut I hurried through WM for a couple of groceries ALDI didn’t have last night. Texting with Ted back and forth I told Ted I loved Jack and Jack asked, “Love Chewbacca, right Daddy?” Oh, and lately Jack’s corrected his original pronunciation of Papa John’s. He used to say ‘Papa’ with a short ‘a’, like ‘apple’. Heh, we’ve gotten a lot of laughs out of that one every time we pass Papa John’s on the way to church.

When we got into the park at Animal Kingdom Ted realized he didn’t have his keys. He sent us off to get a DAS at Avatar while he went back and checked. We met back up at the tree and headed to Kali River Rapids. If he had been 5 minutes earlier he would have gotten to see the 10 or so parrots fly from the tree and down the street. It’s the second time we’ve see them; but I don’t think they print the times for that or I’d plan to be there.

When we got to Kali it was closed so we had to figure out what to do. In the meantime we got some drinks and spent some time watching the monkeys. By the time we’d done that and gone to the bathroom Kali was up and running again so we rode that. It was fun, but really short. We got wet, but not soaked. I was appreciative of the free locker nearby for our phones; although since we didn’t get soaked I’m not sure we needed to use it.

Next up we rode Everest to dry off. I think this was my third time to ride it, and it was more fun this time than the other times. I really noticed and enjoyed the part where we went backwards; the other times I could hardly tell we were going backwards. Then we walked all the way across to Avatar. After that we headed to the exit, and while we walked Ted was saying maybe we should try the Navi River ride in case we liked it. We checked the wait time on it, and then noticed that we had a fast pass for it! We’d completely forgotten that! I made these fast passes last week so some time has passed; so we headed off to Navi. Now that we’ve done it I don’t ever feel the need to ride this ride again. And I agree with Ted, if I’d waited 135 minutes for this ride I’d be super disappointed! So many of these rides were awesome when the park first opened, but with all the amusement parks available these days these rides are just outdated: It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Navi and a few others are pretty much the same. But that’s the awesome thing about being annual passholders…we haven’t wasted any real time on this ride since we had a fast pass.

On the way home Ted reminded me that we use sweet-hot mustard on the meatloaf sandwiches I was planning to make for our supper. I know we don’t have that kind of mustard so Ted drove us home and I looked up recipes on the way. I found an easy one, and then an even easier one, so that’s the one I used. The only problem is that both of them suggested making it hours or days in advance for the mustard to mellow; oh well. I mixed it up first thing and then started cooking the rest of the meal. The boys showered and then helped set the table. The mustard was a hit! I do agree that it will be better later, but what can you do?

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