Recovery from Sea World

Last night Ted found us some movie options at Downtown Disney, so we hatched a plan to go there for lunch, and do school around that trip. Today, though, it stormed like crazy! A half an hour before we were going to leave it was coming down cats and dogs, so we decided to push it off until supper. When it came around to going later Ted said he’d rather stay home. I think we’re all still a little pooped from our full day yesterday.

While the boys did school Ted and I both took care of old dental insurance mix-ups; finally they’re both resolved. And it looks like the shower wasn’t leaking after all! The day we found that leak I had sprayed the shower near the place where the top and bottom of the stall overlap, and that must have leaked. It just happened that the water ran and puddled right where the other leak was puddling. We’ve all showered in it several more times, a whole week’s worth I think, and no more water has been seen. Praise the Lord!!!

Jack had a hard time with Bible reading today, and he wasn’t doing well in school either. I think yesterday was hard on him, and then we stayed up a little late with the ice cream and movie. Today after lunch and after his Gemiini I had him lay in the bed with me for a rest. He ended up not sleeping, but I sure did! Man, we’re all so tired after yesterday! It’s a good thing Sea World doesn’t stay open as late as Disney! Heh. Old people.

Ted thought he had a shot at a trip that would put all of his sick time back and get him paid for the month, but that fell through. It stinks, but I think he needed to get his teeth taken care of. He mentioned the other day that when we got married he didn’t have any cavities or any other problems with his teeth. Boy have things changed! In these last 5 or 10 years he’s had so many problems. He better not be blaming me for them!

We had stuffed shells for supper and watched some Mash. The boys played Uno while I washed dishes, and then we all played Skip-Bo, which Jack asked for by name!

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