Garage sale and a visit with Randi

I’ve finally given up and started using my Flonase this week. Hopefully I’ll stop sneezing so much and so violently!

I put carnitas in the crockpot and then realized that I hadn’t doubled all the ingredients!! Ugh. The pork I found was twice as much as I needed, and I forgot to get twice as many oranges and limes. Oh well. I threw in more lime juice, and since I didn’t have any more oranges but my girlfriend recently talked about her recipe which calls for a coke, I put in a spoonful of orange marmalade. I hope this works!

Yesterday Lucy gave me a printout of the garage sale addresses with the listing of what each house had for sale. It was kind of overwhelming, but I quickly read through it and circled all the multi-family and moving sales. I was surprised that it was a 40-minute drive to get there, but I still kinda wanted to go. So I set up the boys and my GPS and headed out. I called Jo on the way and caught up on all the news.

After the bust that last weekend’s sale was I wasn’t expecting too much, but I made out pretty well. I came home with a ring-toss toy for the boys, and a building set I’d been thinking of buying anyway, 2 succulents and 4 aloes, a bucket to repot those in, a penguin puppet, a bag for my cup when Ted and I walk and a pair of huge earrings. Woot! I texted Max on the way home and told him to make ham sandwiches for lunch when I realized I’d be home after 1pm. When I got home there were the sandwiches. Nice. Punk kid! I had both boys pick up their toys while I made fish tacos for my lunch then we all ate lunch together. I sent the boys to the playground after lunch, and then Randi said she’d be able to get together after she finished cleaning her house. After a bit she sent her kids to the pg as well and came over to my house. We chatted and had good fun like we always do. I tried to finish up a washcloth I was crocheting for her but could see I wouldn’t get it done in time, so I gave her the first red and white one I made. I have enjoyed the ones Amy and Janet have given me so much that I want to give others some.

After a bit the kids started asking where we were so we headed over to the pg and visited some more. Then the older kids came back to our place to play Legos inside, so we came back with the younger kids and I moved the truck out of the way and dumped Jack’s toy basket out on the grass for them to play with. When it was pretty dark we realized we were getting bitten by mosquitos, so we started picking up and they went home. I’m sure gonna miss that girl! We hit it off from the second she got to my house, and we never had a lull. Wonderful! I’m so glad Ted made me be friends with her.

After she left Max proudly told me how he’d insulted one of her kids in front of another of her kids!!! What??!! I was mortified. I texted her and told her we were coming over so Max could apologize. Of course her one kid hadn’t heard what Max said, but Max apologized anyway. Heavens! Randi and I chatted more and more, and I chatted with her husband, too. I sure wish we were going to be around them more! I got the cilantro and cinnamon she was giving me, and the tripod they’d borrowed. Heh. And then the boys and I ran home in the rain.

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