Hollywood Studios and carrot cake cookie

When it was time for Jack to have recess today I told him to get his clothes on and then he could go outside to jump…that’s always a highlight. He got ready and was heading to put his shoes on, and then noticed the open homeschool cart and the Star Wars books there. He sat right down and pulled all the books out, and read all the titles. I just watched him and wondered what was going through his head. He picked out the 3 he wanted to read and then put the rest back. He sat at the table and read all 3. It was so sweet! I hope and pray that he loves reading as much as the rest of us do!

We finished school and headed to buy tickets for Busch Gardens and Universal Studios. I found the parking lot this time, and the ticket counter too. The boys stayed in the lobby watching a Disney movie playing there. In the end there were too many decisions to be made about Universal and Ted wasn’t answering his texts, so I only bought Busch tickets. Of course 10 steps away from the counter Ted woke up and texted me. Oh well, we’ll come back.

Next was Hollywood Studios for Tower of Terror! It’s such a fun ride! Jack hangs on me now when we ride it, but he asks for it a lot at home so I know he likes it. He and I went to see Chewbacca and BB-8 after that while Max hung out in the gift shop. Then we went to Rockin Roller Coaster. Our fast passes can sometimes bring our names up on the wall art. We’ve noticed this here and on Everest as well.

I’m sad to say I’m just getting more and more sensitive to the shaking on roller coasters; if they jar me they give me a slight headache! I’ll have to load up on tylenol the day we go to Busch Gardens. While I had some free time I looked up best things to eat at Disney and found a better list than the last times I’ve looked. There was a carrot cookie cake that tempted me so we headed to the sweet shop on the way out of there and got one of those. It was massive! And tasted oh so good. Lots of icing, which is just how I like it!

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