A cold Thursday at the Magic Kingdom

I passed out early last night, I think right around 10 p.m.! So of course this morning I woke up around 5. At first I wanted to grumble, but then I just enjoyed all that free time. I finished reading a fun book about a woman who had amnesia, and that made her realize her priorities and get them straight. I also looked up some recipes and made a half-week meal plan and grocery list.

I have my alarm set for 7:20 and like we do these days when it goes off I start calling the boys to come snuggle in my bed. It’s a nice way to start the day, when it works.

Mr. Bill told me last night that he’d found the exact part I needed! Woot! He gave me a card with the name of the woman I needed to talk to and the address of the place. Beautiful. Jack and I drove there this morning with hope in our hearts. But no luck; it was the same part I already had! Ugh. Oh well. The guy I spoke to there said that the mishmash the plumber had me buy the other day would work great, and he offered to cut off the pipe for me. Next we headed over to Hobby Lobby to buy more yarn. I’m planning to make dishcloths for my sisters and mom, and for several of my friends. I love this new rag I’ve made, it’s so cushy! I hope it stays this way, and I hope they like them. We then went grocery shopping, and we did Jack’s school verbally along the way. I was surprised at how many spelling words he got correct! And how many math facts that he normally does pretty well with that he got wrong. I guess I should start quizzing him verbally during the week.

We had fast passes today for Magic Kingdom. Of course every day this week Jack has asked for Test Track. We’ll have to make that a priority next week. Our first pass was for the Speedway (go-karts). I dropped my pass so Max took Jack. Jack said he didn’t want to drive which surprised me, but Max was happy to drive.

We split up next and I was wondering what to do, but then Jack spent probably 20 minutes at the giant stone ball they had floating in water on a big stand. Other kids came and went but he was fascinated. I finally asked him if he was ready to go on a train and he said yes, so we got in line for the people mover. During the ride Jack said, “It’s a dark place.”! That’s good talking! The other day he said “I don’t need help.” That boy is coming along!

While we rode I plotted our next move. It was a moot point, though, because Jack wanted to ‘do standby’. Heh. We walked by the Monster’s Laugh Floor on the way to the carousel and Jack saw the standby line and wanted to do that. So we did. I’m glad he wanted to go…it was a different show than last time! We should go more often. Some of the jokes were repeated, but enough were new that it was fun.

We met up with Max and walked straight to the Haunted Mansion, we were just in time for our fast pass. We didn’t see any new hidden Mickeys, but I was super surprised to see that the gravestone we’d scrutinized last time moved! Heh, we were pretty close to it this time so we saw it move a few times. Ted texted us at this time asking if Max could play. I asked Max if he wanted to go home early, but Ted wasn’t sure he’d still be awake by the time we got home. We went ahead to our last fast pass, Thunder Mtn Railroad. Man, it’s been so many years since I’ve ridden this ride!

On the way out of the park I saw that Country Bear Jamboree had an 8 minute wait time so we went to see that, too, for old time’s sake. Talk about a long time! It cracked me up how cheesy it was! So funny. While we waited to get in some Country Bears and cast members danced outside and that was fun to watch.

Then we had the long trek home; it was so breezy that I was cold even though I had a short sleeve layered over a long sleeve and my down vest too! That tram ride was sooooo cold, and I was so tired. I’m not ready to leave Disney, but I will be glad to have some evenings back. I’m not a gone-every-night kind of person! We had leftover pizza and salad for supper, and the last kiwi from my birthday fruit pizza. I stayed up a little later tonight crocheting a rag I hope gets done in time to give to Randi before she moves.

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