During school this morning a therapist called to say they were booked up and moving offices so she wouldn’t be able to help me. She wasn’t harried sounding, so I asked if I could explain my problem and maybe she could direct me to a resource. I told her we travel, and I’m not convinced that Jack needs insoles, etc. She said she has just the dude and gave me his number. I texted him, he makes house calls, so I was excited that this would work out. Later on I got a call from another therapist who said that we could just order direct from Cascade; that’s nice! But (as I’m wont to do much to Ted’s chagrin) I explained the situation anyway and asked if she knew anyone who could help. She offered to give me her opinion via email if I sent her some pictures of Jack’s feet. I got to snapping! I’m so glad I have a great new phone/camera! She answered this evening with the reasoning why he needs insoles, so insoles it is. Hopefully ordering from Cascade won’t be a painful process.

Also during school I made chicken enchilada innards. I figured if I rolled them up this morning the tortillas might get soggy. I don’t know why I thought that, they never have before! But at least I got this step done.

We headed out to Hollywood Studios after school and all that other stuff. I had 2 fast passes, one for Tower of Terror and the other for Star Wars. There really wasn’t much else for us to do there; HS is a relatively small park. I asked a cast member if there was a playground here and there doesn’t seem to be. I thought about riding a monorail, but we’d have to drive to get to one. In the end we went to several stores and then the Disney Junior live show; there were puppets from several Disney Junior shows, and tons of little kids! Jack enjoyed himself, though, and that was all that mattered.

When we got out of there I tried to find Max, but then Jack and I saw some Star Wars characters heading to the stage show. Jack wanted to walk with Chewbacca, so I told him he could walk alongside, but not touch Chewie. When we were just about to the stage Chewie saw Jack and stopped to hug him! It was awesome, a total Disney moment! I thanked him and told him that we’d had our picture taken with him the other day and he nodded, but then he had to rush away. Jack and I stayed and watched the show. Max never texted me back so I called him. We got together and walked to the Star Wars ride.

We headed home after that. I dropped the kids off at the playground and went home to roll and bake the enchiladas. Max stayed up a little late playing Planetside 2 with Ted. I’ll let him sleep a little later in the morning.

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