Met a guy named Rich today.

Jack has been saying “I don’t know too” a lot lately. I’ve been trying to correct him every once in awhile by telling him “I don’t know either”. So this morning I said “I love this flashlight”, and Jack said “I love it either”. Heh. Language is tricky!

Church was good today. During the welcome time a guy named Rich asked what RV park we were staying in. He didn’t make much small talk, and then he said he’d like to take our family fishing. I thought at first that he was offering to take us in his Bass boat around here, but later on found out that this is his business, he’s been doing this 12 years, and I believe it’s deep sea fishing! When we went back to church tonight he gave me the link to his website and said we’ll probably go next week, not this week, due to the wave heights!

We haven’t been going to Sunday night church, just Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Tonight, though, there was a youth activity afterward. Max got to go to Culver’s. Jack and I had 2 hours to kill so we went to a nearby McDonald’s with a playground. Boy, was that kid sweaty when he got back home!

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