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Jack has been saying “I don’t know too” a lot lately. I’ve been trying to correct him every once in awhile by telling him “I don’t know either”. So this morning I said “I love this flashlight”, and Jack said “I love it either”. Heh. Language is tricky!

Sunday church was good. During the welcome time a guy named Rich asked what RV park we were staying in. He didn’t make much small talk, and then he said he’d like to take our family fishing. I thought at first that he was offering to take us in his Bass boat around here, but later on found out that this is his business, he’s been doing this 12 years, and I believe it’s deep sea fishing! When we went back to church tonight he gave me the link to his website and said we’ll probably go next week, not this week, due to the wave heights!

We haven’t been going to Sunday night church, just Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Tonight, though, there was a youth activity afterward. Max got to go to Culver’s. Jack and I had 2 hours to kill so we went to a nearby McDonald’s with a playground. Boy, was that kid sweaty when he got back home!

Monday Jack’s nose all of a sudden was running clear like crazy! After church I checked his nose sprays and yep, they were both pretty empty. This morning his nose is even worse. I can see his eyes are watering a little bit. Dangit! I called the eye doc to see if they wanted to postpone his eye exam (that was for today at 2:30) and they said yes. It’s now set for Friday. I also set a reminder on my phone to check Jack’s medicines when they’re supposed to run out.

Then I called the dentist since they never called me back to reschedule. Now the boys visit is scheduled for next Monday. Hopefully that won’t interfere with our fishing trip!

I rested a little after school, and then we went to Epcot. I planned a lot of little things to see, little street attractions. I knew before we left that we wouldn’t get to see everything on my list, but I wanted to have a plan before we went. We rode the tram from the parking lot. If it wasn’t for Jack I probably wouldn’t ever ride it in Epcot…the walk is so short. But to Jack it’s another fun perk of Disney. We headed straight to get a frozen coke, and nearby were the JAMMitors. They were pretty cool to listen to; they were really into performing, and that makes a good show awesome!

Next we headed over to Italy to see a juggler. Halfway there I realized I’d taken us a longer way than necessary. Oh well. Then we passed some performers with a whistle in France. At first I didn’t want to see what they were doing…the whistle seemed more annoying than funny to me. But so many people were laughing that we stopped. And after a bit I realized they were the French waiters Mom and Jo had told me about! I’d been looking for them and couldn’t figure out what they meant, but here they were! These 2 mimes, one with a whistle, were trying to get a little (8 or 9?) girl to get out of her chair and sit on a box. But the little girl couldn’t figure out what the whistler wanted her to do, so she ended up playing with them…she really fit into the show so well, she kept laughing and miming to them what did they want her to do? We laughed a lot.

After that I was looking for what we would do next, but the boys were just getting on my nerves. Jack had asked for a playground, and a restaurant, and a playground 85 million times, and Max wasn’t happy at having to share ‘his’ frozen coke, and they were fighting with each other because Max wanted to hold Jack’s hand, but Jack didn’t, so he wanted to hold my hand to spite Max…I was just annoyed with them! I’d made Max his own fast pass for Test Track today, and Jack and I had Soren fast passes, so we split up…our first time doing that here. I thought things would settle down then, but they didn’t. Now that Jack only had one person he focused all his attention on me asking for more and more things. We walked through Turkey and I saw a navy and gold footstool that was exactly like ours!!! It was so cool to see all these things that I recognized. Fun. We walked a little longer and I saw a pretzel stand, so Jack and I split a big pretzel. We stopped at the African place a bit and chatted with the dude from Kenya who was carving a balsa wood lion. He asked me if I’d ever been to Africa before and I said only Melilla. He hadn’t heard of it, and of course it’s not really Africa, just on the continent. Whatever.

We headed to our Soren fast pass then, and after that we rode The Land. It was as slow as I remembered from when I was a kid, but I did enjoy the hydroponic portion. I want to do the walking tour one day. We headed over to the playground to meet up with Max. The boys played for a bit and then we headed home. It was warm when we were standing in the sun watching the French guys, but it was pretty cool walking back to the truck.

I dropped the boys off for half an hour at the playground and headed back to the bus to make pizza. I wanted to have a longer break, but I don’t feel right about leaving Max in charge of Jack out there so far away from the bus after dark. They came home and we watched the last 5 minutes of MASH and Everybody Loves Raymond with supper. Both boys showered and then hit the hay. It’s funny, we leave all the little windows and the vents open during the day and it’s cool enough, but it was a low of 51 last night, and that’s too warm for the boys (and for me) to sleep without the a/c.


I expected Tj to come home this afternoon. I felt the bus really rock sometime this morning and thought that Jack must be really shaking it getting out of bed, but it was Tj coming home early! I guess it was about 6:30 when he got in, I had been sound asleep. Woot! We let the boys sleep a little later and then I didn’t tell them he was home, just to go get in my bed for a snuggle. Tj was under the covers and when Max climbed in he threw back the covers and surprised Max! Heh.

Today is Jack’s first day wearing flip flops out of the house. It’s so funny seeing him be so slow and awkward to walk. His little toes are so tiny…how can they hold on to those flip flops?

Jack’s nose seems to be doing a little better. Hopefully with my reminder set this won’t happen again; he used to be good about telling me. He seemed a little under the weather yesterday. Poor bug.

Tj napped while the boys and I did school. I got us 3 fast passes, so we went to Magic Kingdom after lunch. I also planned a few performances to try to catch. We rode the monorail into MK and headed to It’s a Small World. When we finished we were right next to the Haunted Mansion, so we loitered around a bit till it was time for our fast pass there. Tj bought the boys ice creams, and I had a couple of bites. The nearby HM gift shop was awesome! There were several things I’d buy in there, and some I’m still considering. We saw the Muppets Moments in American History next, and then it was time for the Jungle Cruise. Since we were a few minutes early we went through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. The Jungle Cruise was fine, the girl guide wasn’t bored, but she was a little too pat with all her jungle jokes. Honestly, I’m not sure how spontaneous I’d sound on my 13th trip of the day either! Jack seemed interested in the whole ride, and it was fun for me sentimentally.

We were about ready to go then; Tj was lagging a bit. We hemmed and hawed a while about supper, and then decided to give Willie’s another try. There was no way they wouldn’t be open, right? Tj checked their fb page and they’d been finished with their plumbing work for several days so we headed over there. They were closed!!! Again!!!! The 2 open signs were on, there were a few lights on in the place, but there were no cars in the parking lot and the doors were locked. That’s bull. As much as I want to eat there, I really don’t want to give them my business now! Tj looked up the same wings place he found last time (but we didn’t go there last time) and we headed over. We got the sampler appetizer, which was great, and 20 wings for 3 of us to split, which were great. Jack had a cheeseburger and curly fries, which were great. When we left Tj still wanted more, so he found us a cool ice cream place. You choose ice cream components (or their sets of components), and they mix those up with liquid nitrogen to freeze it. It was some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had! I really want to go back there! Tj got cheesecake, I had almond joy, and Max just picked peanut butter and chocolate and something else with a cream base. There was so much flavor, it was so rich. So often ice cream is light flavored, like gelato, that I can’t really taste it. But not this stuff! They also had bouncy castles in the back, so Jack was in heaven!

When we got home the boys showered and Tj and I hit the hot tub.

I’ve been doing pretty good about posting every day, which is something I never thought I would do. Unfortunately something’s wrong with my blog now. Hopefully now that Tj’s home he can fix it!

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