Red purse and wooden bowls.

We’ve been hearing a lot of new talking from Jack, and it’s so sweet! It’s almost not uncommon to hear “Where this goes?” or “Whachu playing with, Minecraft?” from him. Awesome! Of course our Gemiini just got disconnected because our credit card changed, and now they want to charge us $90 again. I’ve already been thinking about quitting it, it seems hard to fit it into our days sometimes. But when I hear such good speech from him it seems like we should keep on trucking.

Friday morning I let the boys sleep in and I planned to sleep late myself. Of course I awoke at 4am. After laying there quietly for a bit I finally gave up and started reading a new book. A couple of hours later I felt sleepy again, and went back to sleep for a short time only to be awakened by the dehumidifier beeping because it was full. Oh well.

We had a decent school day, though Jack and I had a Mexican standoff about reading the Bible. It got so bad that I ended up sending him to the corner while Max and I read for pleasure for 10 minutes or so. I don’t want reading the Bible to feel like a punishment, but I hate that I can’t make Jack do what I want him to do when I want him to do it. I have enough power to eventually get him to do what I want, but by golly he’s gonna do it in his own good time! I think God’s gonna kill me trying to teach me patience! Once Jack decided he was ready to read the Bible, though, he did a great job. And he also rubbed my neck the entire time. So all is forgiven.

The last time I bought Max pants was in Idaho, however many months ago that was. He’s already grown out of them! I make sure his pants touch the ground at his heel when I buy them, and they’re now just about up to his ankle bone. We headed out for some shopping after school. I’d picked out a Mediterranean place for lunch, too! Lunch was really good; the beef was awesome, but the hummus was just ok. I might hit that place again for their beef shish-ka-bobs.

Next was Goodwill. I really didn’t expect to find any pants for Max, but he wanted a black shirt and I hadn’t been at this Goodwill for a couple of weeks so we went. I found about 7 pair of jeans for him to try on! And we bought 3 brand new looking jeans for him! And they were all $4!!! Awesome!

We headed to Salvation Army next, but had no luck there. We went to Wal-Mart next because Max needed some new flip-flops. The last time I told him to go get himself some flip-flops I made him responsible for picking them out. After we got them home and he’d cut the tags off I saw them on his feet and they didn’t fit! How hard is it to determine the fit of a 96 cent pair of flip-flops?? This time I made sure they fit. I intend to try his old ones on Jack who keeps asking me for flip-flops. I have no idea if he’ll actually want to wear them, though.

Supper was random leftover goodness, and then we went to bed after the boys showered.

Saturday I was able to sleep to a reasonable time, but then I had an unreasonable breakfast. Aldi has had such cheap strawberries and pineapples, so this morning we all had the last of the pineapple with (our second large bottle of) nutella, french bread with butter and a banana for Jack. I’m living it up while we’re doing all this walking at Disney!

I headed out for some errands afterward. I found a couple of new thrift stores I hit up. I bought a crossbody bag from Amazon not long ago and have been using that at Disney, but I don’t think I really like it. It just seems too slouchy to me. Fortunately (and this may have helped me decide) I found a cute red leather purse for $9 today. Sadly I realized this week that the black dot on my red leather backpack is from a pen that leaked from the inside to the outside. I’m not sure I can get the stain out.

I stopped at Camping World and ordered some light switches, and stopped at WM where I finally broke down and bought a rechargable toothbrush. I’ve figured out how to rig the extension cord so we can plug this toothbrush stand in. My last stop was the rock store to look for an empty vial for my medicine. They didn’t have what I wanted, but I did see some pretty wooden bowls. The small one was $13, and when they looked up the price of the large one it was $30. I couldn’t justify that price, especially since I bought an expensive wooden bowl from the redwood forest last year. I told her I couldn’t afford $30 for a bowl and went to pay for the small one. She came by a few minutes later and asked if I wanted it, and said she’d give it to me for $20!!! I’d been standing there thinking what I could reasonably pay for it and that was what I’d decided my top price was, yea! Then when I gave the guy my credit card he asked if we were military, and he gave me the military discount, so my total was about $31!!!! What an awesome day!

At home I sent the boys to the playground while I took the stickers off my bowls and oiled them up, and then I made dirty rice for supper. I’d bought a fruit tart from Publix so we had that for dessert. We read our Bible in my bed before the boys went to bed. I’m so glad we’re still going strong on that.

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