Epcot Thursday

When we finished with the Everest ride the other day I was chatting with a girl working in the gift shop, and it was her first day working there! That was kinda cool. We told her about our day and she talked a bit about hers. She gave Jack a pin for conquering Everest. Sweet!

Today I had fast passes for Epcot, so we got right on with school. I thought later that I should push our leaving off for a bit so I could nap. That was nice. Max finished school a little early despite both of the boys playing outside before school started. I had salad for lunch and the boys had sandwiches. I napped a bit and then we headed out.

We stopped at the Cool Cafe and got a couple of birthday month frozen cokes. Sweet! Our first fast pass was Soren. Ted hasn’t seemed excited at all about this ride, but I really liked it. I’d forgotten exactly how it went, but it was fun and we’ll be going back. You sit in a chair hanging from above and when the ride starts all these groups of chairs swing into position right inside a curved movie screen. If you get a spot on the sides you see the curve of the screen, so hopefully next time our seats will be more towards the middle, but our seats were ok.

Once outside of Soren we got a birthday pretzel and cheese dip. Yum!

Then we heard an announcement for Art Defying Gravity. We’d seen part of it the other day, but this day we got to watch the whole thing. Jack was so funny, I think he really thought he was doing all the poses the acrobats did. That was sweet.

We went into a gift shop for a minute, but then I saw that the Chinese acrobats were starting in 10 minutes, so we hoofed it to China. They were pretty fun to watch.

Then we spent a while looking at all the cool stuff in the Chinese gift shops…I love that stuff. I took a few pictures of stuff for Ted to look for in Shanghai. But there was this one coat…it was beautiful! I’m kinda thinking of buying it here. It’s totally frivolous, but beautiful. And ‘only’ $50. I still have 2 months to think about it.

We headed back to the gift shop I made Max leave for the acrobats. I left Max there and Jack and I went to the Mars playground. On the way there we saw a beautiful piece of cake…like a Mondrian painting. I bought it and then they gave the boys each a handmade poptart! Honestly the poptart tasted better to me than the beautiful cake, and Jack wanted the cake. Win win!

Then we got to the playground and gift shop. When we finished there it was dark so we headed home. I’d planned to stop at a restaurant on the way home…a little splurge before Ted gets back home and I do low carb for another month. But it was already 7pm, and I had pizza dough in the fridge, so we went home.

The water was out when I got home. That’s the 4th time! I left the boys in the bus playing their games and went next door to visit Lucy and Bill. When I got back home the pizza came together quickly. We watched a little TV with supper, the boys showered, and we hit the hay. I’m gonna let us sleep till we wake up tomorrow.

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