Supper at Monster Truck

This morning Ted and the boys were snuggling in bed and Ted called me to hear what Jack named his baby…Jesus! Heh. Guess the nativity has made a big impression on him!

Today was a hard school day for Jack. These last 2 days he’s been pretty hard-headed, and we’ve been busy, so they haven’t been great for school. Today Ted headed out for a massage so I thought we’d get a lot of quality work in. I pulled out a page on first/middle/last. I really guess I thought it would be kind of easy, but it didn’t turn out that way. Jack needed to color the first thing in each group green, the middle thing purple, and the last thing orange. There were several groups on that page, all just there, not in boxes or set apart. I knew he would need some instruction, but I thought he could get it on his own after I showed him what to do. I backed up and started by asking him what the first sentence of his directions said. Then I had to back up again and show him how to find each sentence, so I showed him the punctuation that delineates a sentence. I thought if we broke it down into little pieces it would be easier. So then we talked about each group, and he easily pointed out each group: turtles, balloons, kites, etc. So I walked him through coloring the first one correctly, and I thought we were on our way. I left him to color the second group and when I looked up he’d colored the middle one the wrong color. I wasn’t impatient with him, but I went over the directions with him again and showed him where he messed up. And then he got teary! Poor boy. I don’t know if it was what we were working on or something else, but he was just so sad! I immediately started consoling him, and let him hug his baby Simba. It’s heartbreaking when Jack’s sincerely sad! I think he just gets so frustrated with himself that he starts to cry. He did fine the rest of the day. After he was calmed down he said, “When I finish my work can I blow my bubbles?” What an awesome full sentence!

Ted came home and raved over his massage. He’s now made me an appointment for a massage with the same lady. I’m so lucky!

We talked about going out to eat for lunch, but my stomach is kinda upset so we ate chicken salad and meats and cheeses here.

The boys played on the playground, and after a bit Ted and I went for a walk. The weather is wonderful…we went out in pants and short sleeves, but I needed a light sleeve after a lap or two.

When it was supper time I reviewed all we had here, but Ted wanted to go out to eat (and I always want to go), and I was feeling better, so we went. I’d seen a food truck on yelp when we first got here so we went after it. When we got there there were tons of food trucks! We thought we’d hit the jackpot! But then we realized out of 35 or more trucks there were only about 5 open. When we asked why they said most of them open later and stay open really late (it was 5:30 at the time…we still had church to go to). Way to make us feel old!

We got 3 dinners from Monster Truck, the Peruvian hamburger which came with fries; a fry dish that came with beef and chicken, with ketchup and garlic sauce; and a pepito, which is apparently a Venezuelan sandwich, this one came with chicken and beef, tiny fries and tons of cheese, and more awesome sauces. It was all good, but I wasn’t blown away. We had fun, though, and I look forward to going back and seeing what else is around there!

After church and when the kids were in bed Ted and I headed out to the hot tub. We may be too old to eat supper late, but we were the only ones in the hot tub at 9pm. Heh. The shuffle boards were full and tons of cars were parked there when we came home from church, but by the time the boys changed and got into bed we were alone out there. Nice!

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