The best Disney day yet: Family of the Day!

We had some plans for today after lunch. I got fast passes for Animal Kingdom; today would be our first day there. I have never been a big fan of zoos, but I am becoming more of a fan now as I get older. And then after our 3 fast passes we would got to Willie’s Pinchos finally. Ted did a little research and found that they should have just opened when we got there last time. He checked their hours and they should be open tonight. We watched the DDD segment the other day and now our mouths are watering to eat there!

During recess we re-leveled the bus…the front has settled enough that Ted’s mirrored closet door keeps swinging so that I can’t use it when I’m drying my hair. He also installed a new light switch over the cab. I guess it’s just time for those things to give out; I think this is the 4th one he’s replaced. We finished school and I made whatever for lunch and we headed out to AK.

We went straight to Avatar to see about a medical fast pass, a DAS. We already had fast passes, so I wasn’t sure how this would work, but it worked fine! They told us to come back in about an hour and a half. Woot! We headed off to our first stop which was the Lion King show. When we got there a cast member was standing outside and asked us if we wanted to be the family of the day. Of course we do! We didn’t even know what it meant, just that in Disney that’s gonna be a good thing! She told us to come back in about 15 minutes. When we got back she (Melinda) escorted us to our front row seats. We’d talked a bit before the show and she asked for the boys favorite animals, but I didn’t really know what to say. We meant to watch the movie before we came, but you know how that goes. She also asked if she gave Jack something would Max be jealous since it’s Max’s birthday month. I knew he wouldn’t, thankfully. The show was great! My favorite parts were the guys dancing on stilts(!), the acrobat dressed as a bird that swung from a rope, and the gymnasts on the trapeze and trampoline. But really, it was all good. There was so much going on it was hard to know where to look, and honestly I didn’t care about the ‘storyline’ at all, I just enjoyed the good music and dancing. The monkeys came over and picked stuff out of the boys’ hair and ate it, and at one point Timon came over and hugged Ted. It was all so much fun. They pulled Max and Jack up before the show to help with the hand jive part, and pulled Jack up at the beginning to demonstrate a lion’s roar (that didn’t go over…Jack isn’t nervous about being in front of a crowd, but you have to show him specifically what you want him to do, not just say give me a roar). During the show they pulled the boys up to dance around the whole theater and use noise makers. I think both boys had fun then and during the whole show. Although Jack’s favorite part may have been the dry ice that kept wafting smoke right at our feet; he kicked and blew it almost the whole time.

As soon as the show was over Melinda came to get us and whisked us out the back to meet the cast! They had a certificate that said Family of the Day and had our name on it. Max got a Pumba/Timon plush animal and Jack got a baby Simba wrapped in a blanket. Those were perfect for each boy. Then the cast came out and I got to gush over the stilts guys…they really were amazing! What an awesome day! Melinda gave us extra fast passes, which was so cool. This has been the ultimate Disney day.

From there we headed over to Avatar, that was an amazing show! I really enjoyed it, but if we do it again I’m sure the intro will be boring…it’s so long! I enjoyed the feeling of flying, and the sights were pretty cool, but the most awesome part was when Ted told me to look left…you could see all the other people watching the show! It was so cool seeing all of us on our ‘motorcycles’ moving up and down and around, and looking behind us you could see the floor moving up and down too. That was pretty cool.

Next we headed to Expedition Everest. I hadn’t ridden this ride before, so I got a little nervous. (The last time we were here years ago Ted and Max went on it and the ride got stuck, so they had to walk out. Heh.) But then I asked Ted how it compared to Rockin’ Roller Coaster and he said it was nothing compared to that, and he was right. It was a fun ride, but not nerve inducing. The part going backward wasn’t even a thing! Though I will pay more attention next time, I think we went in a spiral. I did spend some of my time wondering how Jack was doing, but I think he loved it. We’ll have to do it again if we go back.

The last ride of the night was the safari. Ted and I expected it to be like the Jungle Boat Ride in Magic Kingdom with all its fake animals and hijacking, but it had only real animals! I thought Jack would really like it, but I think he was pretty tired by that time. It amazes me how tired I get walking in Disney every day. It’s not hard, but when I get home I sleep well.

We headed out to Willie’s Pinchos next and son of a gun they were closed! Stupid! Ted looked on fb as I headed home and said they announced on fb that morning that they were closed for plumbing repairs. Oh well, they can’t help that I guess. We debated where else we could eat but all of our tempers were a little short so we got gas and headed home. Ted made hamburgers for us (I ate mine as just a patty), and I made potatoes for the boys and me. The boys showered while we were cooking, and then Ted and I headed out to the hot tub when the boys got in bed. It was pretty chilly on our walk over there, but when we came back we were so warm from the hot tub that it was fine. We watched the rest of the old Bladerunner. That is a slow movie! We’re planning on watching the new one and Ted wanted to see this one first, but it put him to sleep last night, and it never got any faster.

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