Disney with Ted!

Ted came home this morning! Woot! We chatted for a bit till the boys got up, then snuggled with them for just a minute, and then he passed out. The boys and I did our school and then woke him up for lunch.

After lunch we headed over to Disney. I’m loving this fast pass from home business! We rode some of Max’s old favorites: Buzz Lightyear, Philharmagic and Barnstormer.

Max wanted to go to church tonight so we left Disney earlier than usual, stopped at home long enough for me to make pb&j sandwiches for the boys, and hit the road again. Max has his own class, and Jack sat through the song portion of church and then all the kids were called back to a class.

The boys showered and went right to bed when we got home while Ted and I had smorgasbord for supper. We went right to sleep after that, too.


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