A drizzly morning and sunny afternoon

I forgot last night, Jack said yesterday at Disney, Mooooom, I need a restaurant. It hadn’t even been 2 hours since lunch!

It was supposed to pour today so it was a good day to stay home. It didn’t pour. Guess I need to get used to this weather. We did school with a few windows opened, and then we kept opening more and more, and finally the door. I’ll be using the a/c tonight and probably all day tomorrow!

We all rode our bikes today for a break from school, Jack is just about too fast on his bike for me to walk with him!

Sometimes at school I’m so excited for how much he’s learning, but other times I’m amazed at how much he just doesn’t know. It’s hard to tell sometimes when he’s just being ornery and when he has no idea what I’m doing. Today he had a sheet with 3 yellow things, a banana, a lemon and something else. Then he was supposed to draw something yellow in the empty space. I asked him what was in the sky that was yellow and he said up! I asked him about the sky a couple more times and got about the same response. I figured something more tangible would be better, so I asked him what was on the table that was yellow and he said brown. I told him he wasn’t listening to me, so I asked him again slowly, and he said brown again. I asked him a few different ways, but he never understood, or he never listened to what I was saying enough to understand. I could feel myself getting so frustrated. I’m asking him a simple question, if he listened he would know. So I calmed down and told him I love him. Relief and happiness lit up his face.

After school and lunch I solidified my meal plan and grocery list, found a couple of thrift stores and Jack and I hit the road. Max stayed behind to finish up his last school unit. Both thrift stores were a bust so we headed to Aldi and then to Walmart. I texted Max that his new Lego had arrived so he ran to the office to get it. He’d finished up his school and folding/putting away the clothes like I’d told him to.

In the truck on the way home Jack said Mom, Daddy take Jack to playground.

Once home I manipulated everything to fit in the fridge and freezer. That’s a feat! Then I made pizza for the boys and a pizza with a tortilla crust for me. We watched MASH during supper as we often do. Max said just this week that he’s not gonna watch Lost anymore. I can’t say that I blame him, there are too many times he has to cover his eyes until we tell him it’s ok to watch. I’m glad he’s come to this decision himself!

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