Epcot, 2nd day

8 January Monday

Today was a hard school day…just stupid little things getting to all of us. We finished school around 1pm, ate a leisurely lunch, and headed to Epcot. I wanted to fix the screen door…put magnets on it so it stays open…but think I should wait to get Tj’s opinion on it.

We walked straight to our first fast pass (Tj told me his sign-in to the Disney page so I set those up Saturday night). We rode Journey into Imagination. Max didn’t want to play in the exit area this time, we spent a good while there the other day. He wanted to head right over to the Test Track, so we did, stopping just for a few minutes at the jumping water again.

You pass under a car screaming by at Test Track and that scared Jack. He was hyperventilating a good bit. I calmed him down a couple of times before we got onto the ride. Max really liked making his own car and seeing how it performed; I see us going to this ride several more times before we leave. Jack did ok on the ride, but didn’t want to go on it again. I think I’ll make him, though. He held on to me really tightly, but I think it’ll be easier for him now that he knows what to expect.

Our last fast pass wasn’t due for about an hour so we went to taste all the Cokes again, and then to Innoventions and looked around a bit. I’m always awed at really powerful microscopes, and we got to see a few things there with one. Amazing. We also saw a bit on carbon and how in the future there will probably be wrist wraps that will have Google Maps, etc.

We headed to Spaceship Earth and sailed on through with our fast passes. 3/4 of the way through the ride our little car TV stopped working! When we got off the ride the lady asked us if we wanted to ride it again since it was broken, so we did. We played a few games at the exit again, and then made our way home.

I made quesadillas for supper in my new skillet, and it works like a dream! The cheese that melted out didn’t stick to it like it did to my old pan Papa sanded for me. When I (gently) scraped up the cheese in the old pan it pulled up some of the black! That doesn’t bode well! But in the new pot it just came right up with no problem. Oh well. Gonna have to test the old one with a drop of egg soon.

After supper I sent Jack to shower while I scrubbed the blue speckled enamel of my new pot. When he still hadn’t turned on the water I went to check on him and found out that the water wasn’t working! I went outside to check it and all seemed fine. I asked our new neighbors (Bill and Lucy) and theirs was fine, and then turned to a trickle as I was talking to them. I guess it’s park-wide. I walked over to the bath house to see if there was water there, and there wasn’t. I talked to a guy there and he said he works for Disney, 4 hours a day. He does the personal tours Tj had just read about! It was a pleasant chat. I walked back and chatted with Bill and Lucy about the situation, and then about our lives. I went home and found out that the water was now back on! I opened the window and yelled to Bill and Lucy that it was back on…hope I don’t annoy them! They seemed sweet.

Some things from other days that I’ve forgotten to mention:

The second time we went to Disney I pulled up to a right-hand parking booth without realizing that it’s for cars with people in the right-hand side. Dummy! I just gave the cards to Jack and all was fine. Heh.

I practiced the ukulele again for the first time in a couple of weeks and boy is my left index sore! I’m skipping tonight to give my finger a break, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem to get back into a habit of practicing it.

Yesterday was the 2nd full week of my low-carb diet. I just bought a scale Saturday so I’m not really sure if I’m losing any weight. Some big changes of this diet/lifestyle are that I’ve cut out cokes…though I will have one every now and again. In those 2 weeks I had 1. I also stopped eating chocolate, though this wasn’t a priority for me. I just kept not eating it and everything was fine…I had my first piece last night. I don’t think I’ll have any tonight. I’m enjoying whipped cream with roasted almonds. That doesn’t mean at all that I like them as much as chocolate. No way.

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