Our first week at Disney!!

1 January Monday

We pulled out at 8:20 this morning! Tj set his alarm for 7am, we didn’t unhook the truck last night, we used no leveling blocks, and only hooked up the water and electricity, not sewer. I think that’s a record!

Tonight as I was cooking supper Jack said what you make?

2 January Tuesday

Max just said Pawpaw thought a guy at Honda looked like Eric Clapton, but I thought he looked like (our old music leader) but with darker hair and worse oral health.

Jack just said Tuesday, Wednesday, bout to be Thursday!

Jack just said I want stop by Chick-fil-A.

Today we headed to Disney! Max finished up his school early, we ate lunch and headed out. Unfortunately we had a few errands to run on the way. Tj wanted me to get a sunpass so we could more easily drive on the toll roads, and after I bought it I had to install it and load it. When we finished that we headed over to Shades of Green to get our annual passes for Disney!! Woot! Then we finally got to go to Disney. We went to the Magic Kingdom and rode a Monorail. Fun! We walked around a bit and just enjoyed our time. It was much colder than I thought it would be, the wind was pretty constant. The boys were more excited by the parades than I expected, so we watched a couple of those. While they were watching a parade I asked a cast member where there were playgounds…I’d been telling Jack all day that we were going to Disney which was a big playground. The cast member said they didn’t really have any! They’ve taken out the Honey I Shrunk the Kids one, even! Oops! I’ve since been mentioning the roller coasters a lot more :-) We headed to Tom Sawyer’s Island because there’s a climbing structure there. When we got on the raft that takes you to the Island the guy said remember, the island closes in 9 minutes!!!! I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. We found the ladder and tunnel and Jack had a blast. We played on the island till we were told to leave. Max wanted to see something in Tomorrowland, and while we walked to it we saw Buzz Lightyear’s ride. The line looked short, but it was deceptive! At first we were both good with waiting in line, then Max wanted to leave and I talked him into staying, but by the end I wanted to leave and he talked me into staying. We rode the ride and had fun, and then we headed home. It was dark by the time we got to the Monorail.

3 January Wednesday

I wanted a stay-at-home day, and today was the day. It was cold an super rainy. Perfect. Pj’s all day, lots of reading after school. One of my favorite kinds of days.

Jack just said I want lime juice in my face. Heh.

4 January Thursday

We finished up school quickly again and headed over to Epcot. We hit the fastpass station right away, but there weren’t many good tickets left. I’m gonna have to get it together! We walked to the Pixar show and saw the jumping water at the entrance. The boys loved the water, so we watched it till it was time to go in. All of us enjoyed the 3 short movies they played, and then we were out again for more jumping water. We stayed there over half an hour just watching the water and this made me realize the best part of being here so long was the fact that we don’t need to rush to do anything. I envision more afternoons watching this jumping water. Max learned the rhythm and was able to catch the water some, and even got shot in the face a couple of time. He was a real showoff, and we all laughed.

I wanted the boys to dry off so I found a nearby bathroom and did the best we could. When we came out Cinderella was there with a short line of folks waiting to take pictures with her. Jack said he wanted to see her! So we stood in line and got his picture. Silly boy!

We went to the Coke room and the boys drank all kinds of Coke till they were ready to pop. We also went to the game room and they played and I played a few games with them. We tried to go on Spaceship Earth but it was down today. Next time. When it was basically dark we walked out to the truck and headed home. Fun times!

On the way home on the right hand side was a Disney souvenir store Max asked to stop at, so we did. We bought nothing, but we’re plotting what we’re gonna get.

5 January Friday

Today we skipped Disney again. I made a meal plan while Jack did school so we needed to hit the grocery store. I planned 3 thrift stores to visit on the way, too. The first thrift store is the only place I bought anything, and that was a folder for Max, 3 serving utensils that were beautiful, and a L.L.Bean 8″ cast iron skillet with blue speckled enamel on the outside, all for $20.

6 January Saturday

I figured Max would want to go to Disney again, but after we’d been lazy for a while he asked about the Goodwill Outlet. They ate breakfast while I planned and talked to Tj on the phone. I finally found a place for lunch; learning a new way of eating takes so much brain-power! We headed straight to Jimmy Hula’s for some burgers. I had one with guac and bacon, and some fried zucchini as a side. The burger had a nice char, and was great. The fries were bitter until I dipped them into the sweetened soy sauce, that was wonderful!

From there we headed to the Outlet and were met with great disappointment! There were no toys at this store, only clothes and shoes. Bummer. I’d envisioned 3 months of hitting this store with Max. Oh well. I bought a pretty tablecloth for the picnic table. We’ll see if we’re more inclined to sit outside with a beautiful piece of fabric out there. There was a regular Goodwill store nearby so we hit that, but it was a bust. Our last stop was the Lego store. After hemming and hawing and saying he wasn’t buying anything, Max bought a house set. That boy’s money still burns a hole in his pocket, but he doesn’t blow too much on candy and cokes anymore.

7 January Sunday

Jack has been saying stuff like what you playing legos Max? Heh. So cute. And he just said Max, try get me.

I realized this morning that Jack hasn’t asked us for help with his buttons in a while! What a big step for him! And for us!

We went to Bible Baptist Church here, and I think it’ll be a good fit. Max liked his class, and there are Wednesday night activities for him. On the way home we stopped by the office and picked up our Disney magic bands! Yay!

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