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26 November Sunday

We stayed home from church today and watched FBC instead. It was nice to have a break. I was in a black place yesterday by the time I got Tj. He makes everything better!

27 November Monday

I finally made Jack ride his bike. I wasn’t sure how it would go around here, there’s blacktop but also pretty steep grades. There are 3 ovular roads that go around the campground. When we started riding I saw that the inner ring is fairly flat and only the outer 2 are steep. We walked his bike to the inner ring, and then he started crying when I made him ride! I couldn’t believe it. I fussed a bit, and we even had to go back to the bus for a minute. In the end though, he rode around the whole inner oval. I told him that if he could ride the whole way without fussing or crying he’d get some ice cream.

After he finished riding I let him play on the playground here. We brought 2 balls for him to roll down the slide. The playground is near a fenced in pond with trees encircling it and several ducks swim there. After he played a while he came to tell me he’d thrown his balls in the pond! He still has no concept of the fact that I can’t fix everything, and that putting his toys in hard to reach places sometimes means he loses them. When we were in NJ he took the 3 balls that came with the new toy Grandmom bought him and put them behind the baseboard under the kitchen cabinets!!!! They rolled back to the back of the cabinets, completely out of reach. Grandmom has a ball thrower for her dogs… basically a long handled cup. She leant it to me and I got those balls out. With the pond situation though, I’ve told Jack we can’t get that ball. Every time he rides his bike by the pond he mentions his ball. Crazy kid.

We went shopping for a few things tonight and then had burgers at Cook Out like in TN. They had just as good a flavor!

Tj bought us some awesomely thick steaks today. He’s gonna dry age them 3 days before cooking them. Yum!

28 November Tuesday

Braxton (or Joseph? Max later clarified it was Braxton.) came by today and asked where Max was. When he found out he wouldn’t be back before Friday he asked if Jack could go to the playground with him. I told him yes, but that Jack didn’t watch for cars so he should take care of him. As they were leaving he asked Jack if he wanted to ride his bike (since Braxton had his) and it was super sweet to see them both riding together!! Jack fell down and Braxton waited for him to get back on. So sweet!

30 December Thursday

Tj cooked our steaks for lunch today. I bought us another chimney starter for him to use. I made baked potatoes and cooked spinach for our sides. These steaks were the thickest he’s ever cooked and they came out great!

After a light school day Tj and I made another chocolate cake with homemade whipped cream, raspberries and black frosting. I made 7-layer salad…we’ll bring these two things to Gran’s tomorrow when we pick up Max.

1 December Friday

We left a little early to drive our next route…Tj got us a place only 20 minutes from Mom! It’s a good route except for the last 4 miles, of course.

Mom and Papa used their new-ish air fryer to fry the turkey. She also had beets, rolls and cauliflower fixed like mashed potatoes.

I brought my hair cutting stuff and after lunch I sat outside and had Mom show Tj how to cut my hair. He did a great job!

We looked in the closet at the stuff we’ve stored at Mom’s. I saw a bucket and wondered aloud if there were legos in there…and there were! Max spent a whole week in that bedroom and never thought to see what was in the bucket!

When Max got there last Friday he and Pawpaw put their heads together and came up with a plan for him to work and earn money…so they went to Wal-Mart the first night (black Friday) and Pawpaw fronted Max the money to buy a huge lego set that night. He played with his legos all week and could’ve had even more!

Around 4pm we loaded Max’s stuff into the truck and headed over to the storage unit to see how our stuff looks. It’s pretty cool seeing it all again. I’m only slightly grossed out by the number of dead roaches at each of the roach traps, but that’s because I refuse to think of it for too long. We dug around a bit and brought home a bean bag, some soap, and a couple of pj’s for Jack. Heh.

I so, so, so miss my wonderful bed. And regular sized kitchen. And, and, and…. But absolutely not enough to want to settle down in a house.

We counted the episodes of Lost we have left and it’s too many to finish before Tj goes back to work. Unless we watch 3 episodes a day. No.

2 December Saturday

I went to some thrift stores today, but didn’t find anything worthwhile. I bought groceries and came home.

3 December Sunday

Church was good. Nap was good. Nothing extraordinary about this day.

In the evening I got ready for school tomorrow and saw that Max has all A’s so far this year!!! We’ve had such a rocky time since CO, I’m thankful he’s been able to get some good work in. He’s even pulled his grade up a little bit.

4 December Monday

We had a good school day today. Tj got his door lock in today and started working on that while I went to the grocery store. Jack rode his bike 3 times around the inner oval without much fussing.

We went to the Georgia Express Diner again for supper. The last time we were here my chopped sirloin was awesome! This time it was overcooked. It still had a great flavor, but it was well done. I didn’t send it back because it tasted so good, and because it took so long for us to get our meal…I think they were having trouble in the kitchen.

5 December Tuesday

I realized I haven’t been taking my Flonase and I’m still doing good, thankfully.

TJ took the boys to get their flu shots today; I stayed behind and gave myself a mani-pedi. I tried to get Jack a flu shot when I got mine last week but GA law says kids have to have a prescription. Fortunately AL doesn’t have that law, and we’re 30 minutes from the border…so off to AL they went!

Jack just said my pants is tricky…he has trouble with the button.

I made pot roast like Mrs Paula tonight, but it didn’t turn out as good as hers. I cooked it in the instant pot for 70 minutes, and even though the meat was falling apart so much that I couldn’t pull it out of the pot, it was tough! TJ cooked it another 20 minutes and declared it perfect. I’ve adjusted my recipe and we’ll try it again! Oh, I also left out the onions!!!!!! Doh. But the celery, carrots and potatoes were awesome.

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