Georgia and Momee’s Service

11 November Saturday

We went to eat at a nearby diner last night and the chopped steak was awesome! Pink inside, loosely packed, and tasted wonderful. This won’t be the only time we eat here.

Tonight we ate at another place. Jack and I split the fried chicken…2 chicken breasts. When I pulled the meat away from the bone it was pink inside! I asked the waitress if that was normal and she said she’d check on it for me. They warned me when I ordered that it would be 15 minutes to cook the chicken, so now would I have to wait another 15 minutes? While they discussed I told Tj I was pretty full with the appetizer and sides we’d had, and I’d just ask them to take the chicken off the bill and we’d pay for the rest. They brought the chicken back out, they’d fried it again (!), and said we didn’t have to pay for it. It was kinda dry by now, though. I brought it home to make buffalo chicken pizza with. Everything else there was great, though.

12 November Sunday

First impressions of a place are sometimes tricky. There look to be many full-timers here (read: many of these campers have a lot of junk around them). I know that’s rich to say…I’m sure all the stuff I have outside our camper looks like junk to other people, too. But last night there were campers right next to us who had music going past midnight!! I’m trying not to feel fatalistic after just one night here, but it’s discouraging!

And the water pressure is horrendous! Tj told me when he hooked it up that all he could get was 30 psi. That doesn’t sound too much worse than 50 psi which is our max, and I really can’t say that the kitchen faucet seems too low. But when I washed my hair it was horrible!! Fortunately Tj turned on the water pump and that made things fine. I’ll have to see what the office has to say about the pressure. And maybe the neighbors too.

Tj found us a church today. When we arrived they apologized…they were having a special service to honor their pastor who’d been there 25 years, so their start times were wrong! They’d bound and printed all his sermon outlines and gave a copy to each of the staff. It was pretty awesome. Another thing that stood out was the guy in front of us who had a tie with planets on it. When I complimented him he said his uncle had given it to him on his deathbed. Huh. Ok.

13 November Monday

Max had a pretty tough school day today. As awesome as this lifestyle is it’s hard on his schooling. He does really well overall, but times like this when school has been hit or miss several days or weeks in a row make it tough.

14 November Tuesday

School was better today. The first day back is always hard.

15 November Wednesday

Mom and Papa came to visit and brought lunch today. She said they’d bring pulled pork, so without telling her Tj and I bought cole slaw and fritos. She brought the same things!!! Now we have a lot of cole slaw to eat before we leave Friday!

Jack and I brought Tj to the airport tonight. Before he left he did so many things around here: fixed the shower inner dome, installed the railings for the boys’ bed and cleaned out the shower and kitchen faucet.

16 November Thursday

In school I asked Jack what that bird was and he said sausage! It was an ostrich. Heh.

We had a normal day, and Jo called around 8pm to double check tomorrow. I had to ask her to let me go…my stomach was hurting. The boys and I finished packing and got them into bed…and then I started throwing up!!! Ugh! I texted her that I’d probably be later arriving since I was sick. Finally around 2am I felt a little better, but still didn’t sleep well.

17 November Friday

We ended up leaving around the time I had planned. I thought I would be miserable all day…I was shakey this morning. Fortunately I was fine driving.

We went straight to Momee’s trailer and visited with Mom and Papa, Joelle, Uncle Rex and Aunt Donna. After a bit Aunt Donna went and got her sister’s golf cart and let Max drive around the ‘compound’ a while. He was in heaven!

When it was about time to go I had 2 bites of Papa’s fried fish, and then a banana and a little peanut butter. The only thing I’d had on the way down was 2 bananas and 2 pretzels. Jo and the boys and I headed out to the hotel. Everything was fine for a while, but then my stomach started cramping again! Nothing happened, but I was really miserable for a couple of hours.

18 November Saturday

We went to eat beignets with Kelly and Katie this morning. I didn’t eat anything. I’m gonna lay low again today and hopefully I’ll be back to normal.

Around noon we went to Sam’s and waited for everyone to show up. People there: Mark, Linda, Lainey, Mom, Papa, Uncle Rex, Aunt Donna, Sam, Kelsey, Becki, Peyton, Kelly, Katie, Jo, Me and my boys. Later Ronnie and his 4 kiddos with their 2 spouses and 1 grandbaby came. It was kinda like the good old days. There were lots of stories from Sam and Uncle Rex and Ronnie. Lots of good food…from the jambalaya shop and grocery store and homemade. Max got to drive the golf cart again, and Jack jumped a lot on their trampoline.

Sam told the shakey cheese story again…when he showed up the guy had spaghetti and sauce on his head. He claimed he just asked his wife for the shakey cheese and she unreasonably dumped the spaghetti on his head!!

Uncle Rex told about one of the two taxi drivers who had pulled over to rest. She was just ‘ressen on the highwray’ she told him several times. She hadn’t turned the engine off, and probably didn’t even have the car in park. He cuffed her and put her in the front of his car and waited a few hours for a tow truck. She griped and griped at him for doing this, and when she would slow down or take a breath he would raise his eyebrows at her and she’d start off again! What a punk he was! The divider between the front and the back was heavy and would slam down when he activated it. He told her if she didn’t hush he’d put her in the back. She didn’t hush and didn’t hush and he finally got tired of it. He’d even turned on his CB and let the people at the station hear her go on and on. Finally he’d had enough and told her he was putting her in the back, then he slammed down that divider and boy did she jump!! And then she kept begging him not to make her sit in the back but it was too late. Hahahah.

Another story was the time he pulled a dude over for speeding. His friend got out and was pleading with Uncle Rex to let his friend go with just a warning, it was his birthday, blah blah blah. After the guy talked a while and UR was writing the ticket he looked up at the friend and then slowly reached up and pulled a doobie from the guy’s hair!! The guy’s eyes got as big as saucers, and then he took off running! Lol.

Sam told about this massive dude, wrestler turned preacher, I think, having passed out after church due to health problems. He forcefully said he wasn’t going to the hospital, but his tiny girlfriend walked up to him and fussed at him; he quieted down and went to the hospital.

When Ronnie got there he told stories about how Uncle Rex would lie to get out of spankings, or how one time he and UR were told to go upstairs and wait for Momee to come up and spank them. When she got there and looked sternly at UR he just started snickering…and after a few minutes she let him go, but Ronnie got a spanking!!!!! I can’t imagine my parents just letting us go like that!!

It was so funny to hear about their childhoods and growing up years. They talked a bit about Mom’s old boyfriend, and just lots of other stuff. Fun times. It was a great reunion.

I ate 2 bananas, a pretzel, a bite of strawberry shortcake cake, and when I got back to the hotel an apple and a banana with peanut butter…to see if I was better. It’s looking good!

19 November Sunday

We went to eat beignets again, and I split a dish with Joelle…it’s looking good! Jack only ate half his serving! Crazy kid. Of course I’m worried about other people getting sick and it being my fault, but I didn’t think this was a thing.

We went to Murry’s and bought a bunch of sausage and a few other things to take back, and then we went back to the hotel. The boys got pretty antsy at the Coffee House while we sat, so I told Max he could watch TV as long as he ran in place during the commercials. Jo and I snoozed until it was time to go.

We ran through the drive through for the boys, and headed to church. It was so amazing to see so many people from my past! So many friends, and parents of friends. I couldn’t believe how many people’s names just popped into my head after not thinking of these people for years. It was so wonderful to talk to all of them, but sad not to talk to any of them as much as I wanted.

Ronnie started Momee’s service, and I could hear the shake in his voice. I can’t imagine losing my mom. Even if she was not comfortable and ready to go, it is still sad. Even though she is feeling so much better than she was, and is now doing so much better than me, I’m still sad. But happy at the same time. I’m grateful for the great witness she was, the Christian example she was to all of us.

After the service there was food in the other building, and more visiting. Ally took pictures of the 4 and 6 of us. When it was all over we went back to the trailer. Mom offered to keep the boys so Jo and I met up with her girlfriend Charlotte and had TJ Ribs. Yum! We stopped and bought a strawberry shortcake cake and brought it home to Mom. Sadly it didn’t taste as awesome as that one bite I had yesterday did. Oh well. It’s probably for the best.

20 November Monday

Today Jo and I are driving back home…but I left the @#$!! lights on in the truck and ran the battery down!!! @@##$$!!!!!! Will I ever learn? Probably not. The jump starter didn’t work the first two times I tried it, so I texted Papa to ask him for a jump. Then I read the directions again. The directions printed on the jump starter say the black clamp goes on an unpainted part of the body, but the directions in the manual say red to red and black to black. I remember reading the manual a year ago the last time I used this, but then Jo was iffy about hooking it up that way, and I don’t distinctly remember what I did. I asked Papa if it would be ok, and then tried it a 3rd time while he was on the phone and it started!! Woot!! I have got to get better at this!

We had an uneventful drive, which is exactly what you want. Jo offered to let us stay at her house but I just want to sleep in my own bed and be in my own home, you know? We stopped to check on the bus and I hooked up the water in the last few minutes of daylight. Everything looks fine!

Near her house on the way home was a Wendy’s so I went through the drive through for us there.

21 November Tuesday

I need a break! School today was just another first day back. We need some rhythm in our days. Hopefully it’ll slow down now.

22 November Wednesday

We headed to Jo’s around 10, and I brought chicken and wild rice soup. I also brought my sausage and cut it up and packaged it for freezing while there.

We had a nice, calm time, and when we got in the truck to leave Jack said he forgot his squid in Jo’s house! He’s actually telling me about things before it’s too late! Ok, he did this this time…hopefully it’s a trend.

23 November Thursday

School today was good, Max finished 6 units with all A’s! He didn’t finish all his projects, but what can you do? Mom was supposed to pick him up on her way home but she brought more stuff back from Momee’s than she expected so I’ll bring him to her tomorrow.

24 November Friday

The boys and I met Mom and Papa at lunch. She sent me a link to the place, but Google took me to an insc place!? They need to update the address on their website. When I typed in the address she gave me I chose Atlanta and it said it was an hour away!!! But I was so hungry! And frustrated! Fortunately I was really only a mile away or so.

After lunch we put Max’s stuff in their truck and Jack got his carseat out to go with them too! Poor boy. I told him we would watch Doodlebops when we got home…he was so excited! He put his seat back in and was ready to go. We saw a Chic-fil-a in the same parking lot so we went there first and he played on the playground with several kids.

On our drive back Jack said twice “I’m gonna sit tight.”

We stopped for groceries on the way back and I bought some premade cookie dough. I need a splurge these days.

I made Jack meatballs with french bread for supper. I told him we were having cookies after he finished up. He said you eat cookies, I want fried egg sandwich please. Silly kid. I gave him some cookies after he ate his fried egg sandwich.

Later that night he’d been in the bed for a bit, but then came and told me I spit the food in the bed!! Translation: I threw up. Wow! I’m sorry he felt bad but what a sentence! I checked and it wasn’t anything. I cleaned it up and he went to bed then.

25 November Saturday

Jack was in the other room playing. I heard him singing “My heart is to bring you praise.” I think we’re doing something right, thankfully.

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