Ellsworth AFB

9 June Friday

We packed and left around 9am!! That’s pretty early for us. We headed straight to Grand Prismatic Spring, but of course we made ‘just a few’ stops along the way. We saw a big herd of bison including several calves, and I bought a cloth map of the park for fun that we ended up using for navigation our whole time here. Grand Prismatic Spring was awesome, but of course not as dramatic as the photos show. You don’t get as high above the spring, so you don’t get the full color effect; but that’s not to say it wasn’t beautiful! The colors were amazing. And what really surprised me was that the colors infiltrated the steam that rose, too! As we walked along the boardwalk Jack tried to hold the hand of a Chinese tourist. He’s always better-dealing…even when it comes to his family! Later on in the day at a gift shop there was some jewelry in the colors of the GPS…they were beautiful. That was so smart of whoever thought of making that and selling it there.

The two priorities I had for Yellowstone were GPS and Old Faithful. We sat for 45 mins before Old Faithful erupted. I didn’t expect all the sputtering as it worked itself up to erupt. Afterwards we listened to a talk by a park ranger about the geyser. He showed us a map of the underground part of Old Faithful; I was surprised at how far down the narrowness went. I guess I thought it was a big pool not too far underground with a small spout, but there is a narrow shaft of at least 70′ straight down. If I remember correctly at the narrowest point the shaft is 4″ in diameter. Another interesting fact is that there’s someone in the office facing the geyser who times it. If the total eruption is less than four minutes, the next eruption happens in about 40-60 minutes. If the eruption is four minutes or longer, the next eruption will be 75-100 minutes. I wonder how long it took them to figure that out?

We stopped along a river at a picnic table for lunch. I’d made a big sandwich for all of us on french bread, but without the mayo/horseradish/mustard, which I put on at the picnic. By the time we were halfway through eating we were all freezing! We packed up what was left and finished lunch in the truck.

We also stopped along the way back home to see a waterfall and saw a wedding party there for pictures. Right about then it started drizzling.

We made it home and I cooked pasta from Italy (I’d picked it up at Giuseppe’s sub shop a few days ago) and lemon artichoke pesto (from one of the creameries we visited). We finished off the birthday cake tonight :-(

10 June Saturday

It rained off and on all night, but fortunately we stayed dry. We slept till 7:30 when Jack woke me up.

Hip-o-pop-a-mus is what Jack said the bison were yesterday, and what animal he wants to see today.

What can I saw about Yellowstone? It’s so huge, there’s so much to see. We drove and drove, and listened to the audio tour Tj found for us. We stopped at mud pits and waterfalls and all kinds of other beautiful scenery. There’s too much to ever see it all.

I brought sandwiches again like yesterday. We made it home around 6pm, had leftover Chinese for supper, then the boys went out to play with Bridger and Fisher, our neighbors for the day. After a while Max asked if they could go to the game room so we sent him off with my change purse so he could play games, and Jack came inside to shower.

11 June Sunday

We got up late and packed up and moved out. We were straddling the checkout time and the check-in time, and we made it to the next campground on the dot of check-in! It was an hour and 40-minute drive through the park to get from one park campground to the other. The first two thirds of the trip were fairly easy and pretty to look at, though through the country we’d seen for the last two days. The last third of the trip was a little bit of white knuckling and sheer drop offs with construction and rural roads. If this doesn’t strengthen our relationship with God I don’t know what will!

We partially set up the bus and then headed out for pizza. I was kind of wanting to go crazy and get the pizza that had sauerkraut on it based off of Yelp reviews, but TJ wasn’t feeling it. He picked out a hamburger with jalapeno and banana peppers for half of our pizza, and the other half was supreme. They both looked good to me but I was so disappointed when I ate the first type of pizza. It wasn’t bad, but it did not interest me at all either. But when I picked up that supreme; Heaven! It was really great. The four of us wiped out a large pizza and an order of cheese sticks.

We hadn’t planned on going in the park at all today, but we had driven through some really beautiful, massive rocks about 20 minutes from the northern entrance. We knew we were going back there to look around and perhaps climb, but we didn’t think to put on our climbing boots or anything. We only stayed in the park about two hours, we looked there and then we went to Mammoth Hot Springs to see the travertine steps. TJ and I were both feeling an ice cream urge come over us so we headed back out of the park and all had one scoop of ice cream at a nearby place, and those were mammoth scoops! We looked around there a little bit longer and then went home. I assumed we would go straight into watching something for church, but there were kids near our site when we got there. The boys ended up playing with the kids and I chatted with the moms for a while. I said then we were going to watch church, but the neighbor boys were at our site again, so we ended up not having the kids come inside for showers until about 9 p.m.! I made us some popcorn and then we watched a video about the creation of the eye for church.

12 June Monday

We went into Yellowstone for our last day today. We just had two things we wanted to see, Slaugh Road for the wildlife, and Tower Falls. We went to Tower Falls first, and stopped at a thing or two along the way, including seeing a bear cub and then across the same street an owl in a nest high in a tree.

We went out for lunch in the park. I got the Philly cheesesteak which was awesome, but not like an actual Philly cheesesteak. The meat was so wonderful, kind of like a roast beef or a little bit of a Reuben taste TJ said because of the dark bread. TJ had the buffalo burger. Of course we split both of those entrees halfway. At first the burger was a little bland, but with a little salt on there the patty had such a good flavor. There was just a little bit of char and that made it excellent. Max got hot wings which didn’t have any sauce on them, the lady said the seasoning was in the breading. Jack had a burger and fries. All in all I was pleased with our lunch there.

After lunch we headed off to Slaugh Road to see some wildlife. We did see a wolf cub, lots of deer, several buffalo, and some prairie dogs. We started out on a hike, but decided it was too overgrown and we were a little bit worried about bears. I think if it had just been Tj and me we might have chanced it, but it just seemed so risky with the boys. We headed back out and stopped once more to climb a little hill near the truck. We’ve had such a wonderful time in Yellowstone, and seen so much of God’s beauty here.

We went straight to ice cream once out of the park even though it started raining half an hour or so before we left. It really did look like snow, and snow had been called for today. Despite the forecast it was the hottest it had been for us in Yellowstone. We all wore long sleeves and then wished we had had short sleeves. At the ice cream shop TJ got a gunslinger which is espresso and ice cream, I got a malt and the boys got a shake to share. We went shopping at a little souvenir store and saw lots of fun things, but nothing we bought. I saw some more wood bowls, but their sides and bottoms were too thick. Not like I need a delicate wooden bowl, but I didn’t want a big clunky one either, especially in the bus.

We headed back to the bus then and it was such a light drizzle that we decided to put the bikes in the back of the truck just in case everything was soaked by the next morning. During supper we watched two episodes of Lost while Jack stayed in the back and watched Milo and Otis.

13 June Tuesday

Yellowstone RV park site was pretty slanted, we used four blocks on one side and two blocks on the other. Every site was gravel. There was plenty of space for every camper, and our site backed to the river which was beautiful. We saw several rafts floating down the river during our time there.

While I was doing my three minute deal on the truck I was talking on the walkie talkie to Jack. I asked him for his favorite color and he said black. No surprise. I asked him what his favorite food was and he said mashed tatoes and chicken! When Tj got back in he asked him and Jack said french fries and chicken. We don’t generally ask him favorite things because it doesn’t seem to compute with him, but he’s been having a favorite demonstration on Gemini so I thought I’d go for it. I’m so glad I did :-)

When I saw what date it was today I told Max that it was my Pawpaw’s birthday. He said well we should send him a birthday card. I said we can’t and pointed up to Heaven, and then when he still didn’t get it I said he’s in Heaven now. You should have seen the shocked look on his face! I couldn’t understand why he was surprised, he hasn’t met either of my Pawpaws, so I said both of my Pawpaws are dead. He said Oh! I thought you said MY Pawpaw was dead! Boy did we have a good relief laugh after that.

Out of the blue today Jack said how bout music?

The stop we made tonight was just a halfway point to Devil’s Tower, so we didn’t get everything in the bus perfect. We just did a quick set up. We dozed a bit after the longer than usual drive, and then went out to eat.

The host at the campground suggested Wyoming’s Rib and Chop House and gave us a free appetizer coupon. We did eat there and the food was really good. The appetizer was fried green tomatoes with blue cheese, lump crab meat and a balsamic reduction. It was awesome! It was not any flavors I would have put together, but it was such a unique and interesting taste. I could have eaten the whole thing! TJ got a buffalo steak which was under salted but perfectly cooked. I got the ribs and they were one step down from awesome. They were really good. I ate every one of them. I also got the baked potato which was okay and the salad with thousand island dressing which was out of this world. Basically it was a great meal even though we found out later it was a chain restaurant.

There was paper on each table and the hostess wrote her name upside down and backwards, but so that we could read it. She left the colors and after a bit Tj drew Kilroy. When the (young and immature) waitress returned she said oh, I know Kilroy, he’s super old! The other funny thing is she didn’t even catch herself after she called us super old!

After supper we ran down the street to check out the gas station for the bus tomorrow morning, and stopped in at Albertsons to pick up some Cokes. We went back to the bus, put the boys to bed, and settled in for a little TV time.

14 June Wednesday

Peter D’s RV park was nice. We were able to pretty much level without any blocks. The whole thing was gravel, but there was lots of nice grass between each site. Kids were out playing, and the host was super friendly.

We woke up, packed up and left. We made it to Devil’s Tower KOA where it’s all gravel, but super level. There was plenty of length for the truck and the bus to park together, and a good enough amount of space side to side. There were plenty of amenities, and it is right at the entrance to Devil’s Tower, so that was cool.

We partially set up, packed some ice water and headed out to Devil’s Tower. It was pretty steep, but all on blacktop trails so pretty easy as well. Max did the Junior Ranger program here again, and there was so much information to fill out. At the end we sat right outside the visitor center for about half an hour while he finished doing all the puzzles and paperwork they wanted for it. He’s still a little nervous about going up to adults by himself, and doesn’t seem to have a good feel for when he can go right up to a counter and when he needs to hang at the very back of the line. A family of 5 kids was going to get their Junior Ranger patches, and since there was a big pledge they all had to repeat I told Max to just put his paper on the table at the same time. The pledge was really cute about not stepping on ants, not picking the plants, and not doing something else because that would be rude. TJ bought a shirt in the gift shop, but I didn’t see anything that I really wanted.

On the way back to our bus we were planning for the boys to go swimming, but when we got to the bus big drops of rain were starting to fall. Max hurried and put everything in the truck: the trampoline, the bikes, the skateboard etc. I started thawing out enchiladas for dinner, and then the rain stopped and the sun came out so brightly! I wanted the boys to go swimming but they both said they wanted to go to the playground so that’s what they did. TJ and I snoozed and read for a while, and then we got ready to go watch the movie. Being at the base of Devil’s Tower they play Close Encounters of the Third Kind every night. TJ popped popcorn while I fixed drinks and gathered snacks. We brought over a picnic blanket and two chairs and got there right as the movie was starting. About 20 minutes in TJ ran back to the bus to get us some blankets to cover up with because it was starting to get chilly. Jack fell asleep on my lap about halfway through the movie, which is always sweet. After the movie was over TJ carried him back to the bus while Max and I brought the rest of the stuff. Jack was ready to go to bed but he did go to the bathroom first. Twice lately he has pooped his britches! It does seem like his stomach was a little sick, so we haven’t busted him. But this has got to stop!

I got all ready for bed, had my ear plugs and eye mask on and was almost asleep when TJ says you have got to come outside and see the stars. They were beautiful! We could see the Milky Way even with the lights around. I think in these next few weeks while we’re at Ellsworth we’re going to have to make a point to drive out into the dark countryside and see the Milky Way now that it’s summer.

15 June Thursday

Not much to say about today. We drove to Ellsworth AFB and set up. Tj saw there was a Marco’s here, so that’s what we had for supper! It was just as good as I’d remembered. He also saw that we have a half off coupon from them that expires next week. Guess we should have them again!

16 June Friday

Today was a work day. The repairman came early to fix Max’s bed, but that ended up being a bust, sadly. Now Tj’s working on getting us an appointment at Thor.

After he left the boys played outside while we did chores around the house. Tj flushed the tanks and the water heater and hooked the half-bike on. There’s free laundry here and the washers are giant! So all of our comforters got washed. Lovely.

17 June Saturday

Today I cut Tj’s hair, and then took him to the airport. I need to cut my hair, but whatever.

18 June Sunday

I couldn’t find my way off the base this morning on the way to church. Just another adventure! I thought Google would take me there but it brought me to a third closed gate, and I’d left the map in the bus. When I finally gave up and went back to the bus to get the map I made sure to leave it in the truck! Turns out I drove right past the second gate but missed it. Oh well. We missed Sunday School but made it to church.

19 June Monday

One of the reasons I chose this church was because it had VBS for kids Max’s age. After service yesterday I asked if there were usually any kids in VBS his age and they said there would be, so I signed them up!

I stayed with Jack all morning, figuring it would be more mature than just leaving him and hoping for the best. He did really well! He stood in line for about 10 minutes while waiting for his class to go in, and I never even had to tell him to get back in line. I corrected him a few times during the day, but no more than you’d correct a typical kid. Looks like I’m gonna have some free time! Woot!

I figured I deserved a break after VBS so we went to Philly Ted’s. I ordered us half size of three sandwiches: the Bear, the Viking and the Steeler, and some chili cheese fries. All three sandwiches were awesome, but the fries were the best for me.

Then we went to Goodwill and Max hit the jackpot! He finally found a white shirt and red tie. He’s over the moon about his Odd Squad uniform. It really does look right, especially with his gold Junior Ranger badge from Devil’s Tower.

In the afternoon Jack and I rode our bike. He doesn’t like it, but I’m hoping it’ll grow on him. He also rode 4 laps around the dumpster on his own bike.

I wanted to take the boys to see the Milky Way again…it’s best seen in the summer according to the internet. I found out when last light was, checked the weather and the moon timing, and we headed out tonight. Of course, last light doesn’t mean last light, and when we got out there and I was talking to Tj on the phone he looked up even more info for me and said we’d probably have to wait another hour for the best time. The boys will be beat tomorrow as it is. So this night’s a bust. Maybe next time.

20 June Tuesday

While the boys were at VBS I went to a thrift store and bought a wooden sword and some books for Max. While I was waiting to go into the first store a woman came to my truck window. I was on the phone with Mom, but could see that she had the shakes. I put up my hand to tell her to wait, and she went away after a minute.

We’ve ridden the half bike every day so far, but it’s too hot today!

Our Marco’s coupon expires tomorrow, so we used it today for supper. YUM!

21 June Wednesday

Today was water day at VBS.

While on my own I bought some gifts for Jack’s teachers; chocolate covered cherries, cute little chalkboards and chalk. I really appreciate this free time! I finished World War Z today.

22 June Thursday

Today while on break I got the oil changed and worked on my blog. I found a corkboard for Max’s Legos at a thrift store. After buying that a
woman stood by my truck till I walked outside and asked for a ride to the Post Office.

After VBS we went to Arby’s for lunch. The billboard announcing their pork belly sandwich had been taunting me all week! Sadly, it wasn’t worth it. I gave half of it to Jack and mostly ate the smothered fries I also ordered.

After our nap I started crocheting a washcloth.

Today Jack rode 5 laps around the dumpster! He still fusses, but I make him do it, and up the number of laps each time.

23 June Friday

Last night after the boys were asleep I went to the living room/their bedroom for some reason. When I opened the door J was awake and commenting on the wind…it’s so windy here, almost every day. I went over to him to hug him and put him back to bed, and tripped over Max! I found out the this morning that he doesn’t remember any of it, so fortunately there was no permanent damage, but I was kinda scarred from stepping on his face! He said there was a moth fluttering around near him while he was reading before bed, but he couldn’t get it to go out the window, so he moved to sleep on the floor by Jack. Ugh.

I made rolls using a 30-minute roll recipe…they were awesome! I cooked up some sausage and that on a roll was wonderful for supper.

This base does Revillee at 7:30am, the Star Spangled Banner at 5pm, and Taps at 10pm. It’s so cute to see the boys facing the music with their hands over their hearts.

24 June Saturday

Hermit day! I only got out of my pj’s to see if the office was open to pick up our package, and only then because Tj asked me to. It wasn’t. In the afternoon I made cinnamon rolls using the roll recipe, and they were awesome!! I brought 4 over to our neighbor so I wouldn’t be too tempted. Heh.

After we’d been in the bed an hour or so Max came to get me and said there’s an incident. The moth is back! I told him I was sorry, but he had to kill it. He didn’t fight me, but he didn’t want to do it at all. He was so mad at the moth for always landing in a tight space between two cabinets. If only it would land on the floor or plain wall he could kill it easier! Poor kid, we struggled with this for at least half an hour before he got it. He’s so freaked out by moths it’s sad to see, but I won’t be doing him any favors if I kill it.

We’re having the same situation as at the last place. We’ve been here for a week with no moths, and then in these last two nights I’ve killed about 3 moths. I hope they’re not breeding in here, but the last time this happened the weather got hot the next day and we didn’t see anymore after we started running the a/c. The last time we had this the moths were black and these are brown, and it’s been about 3 weeks since the black moths so I know it’s not the same moths.

25 June Sunday

After church today we went to the hardware store for a bit of pipe to fix the half bike. Here’s hoping!

26 June Monday

Jack is humming The Star Spangled Banner! So sweet!

We decided to go to Reptile Gardens today. I read some good things about the shows there, so I was excited to go. I had to just stop at the office and get a package first. Of course when I got there they didn’t have our package. They sent me to The Postal Service Center, but they didn’t know where that was, they just had a phone number. We went to ITT next to see what kind of tickets they had and I asked them where the Postal Service Center was and they didn’t even know the base had one! ITT didn’t have what I wanted but they did have a really discounted price for Disney, and a great price for Watiki, the local indoor water park. We went back out to the truck and I called The Postal Service Center to see where they were and then drove over there. They didn’t have our package but sent me to BITC. That place was way out in the boonies, there were 3 deer sleeping in the shadow of a nearby building. But they had our package! By this time It was basically time for lunch. I was on the phone with TJ and he said I should just go get some lunch and then go to the Reptile Gardens, so that’s what we did. We went to Pacific Rim Cafe and had Vietnamese egg rolls, spring rolls, and half a bhan mi sandwich. It was all good, but it didn’t bowl me over that’s for sure.

After lunch we headed Reptile Gardens. I had seen online that there was military discount so I asked about it; I didn’t really calculate the price but had somewhat of an idea of it when we went in. I was completely surprised when she said it was $50 for the three of us, but then she said the crocodile show is starting right away so we just went straight to the crocodile show. It was awesome! The guy who led it was really a natural speaker, he had some funny corny jokes. It surprised me how often he just prodded those alligators to get them to move. It was a 30 minute show, and he talked about alligators and crocodiles facts, where they live, etc. Then at the end he brought out a bucket of chicken scraps and got the gators and crocodiles to catch them in their mouth. Some were eager, but most were lazy. I could have watched that show a few times, that’s for sure. It was pretty interesting.

After we watched it we went to the playground for a little bit, where I pulled out my receipt and checked my math. She definitely overcharged us somehow, so after about 15 minutes we went back to the entrance and talked to her about it. She was very kind and tried to figure out exactly what she did, and after a minute or two she refunded me what was due. The awesome thing about this place is even though it’s pretty expensive in general if you’re visiting you can get a free pass for the entirety of your stay. But TJ told me later that if you live here one ticket purchase entitles you to a month-long entry pass. So that’s cool too. I think we’ll probably go back when we’re close to it several times just to look around. After that we went into the dome area and saw massive pythons and other snakes, sadly they were roaches there too. Jack and I split off from Max and we went upstairs. We got behind a couple while we were looking at all the snakes and we each chatted about nothing much. When we got around to the flattened penny machine they were making one and then offered to buy Jack one. That was so nice of them. I said something about being nice isn’t just a Southern thing, and they said no, it’s also a small town thing.

We went back to the playground for a bit, walked around and saw the tortoises, saw a bunch of turtles, and then watched the bird and the snake show (those were two separate shows, but how cool would a bird and snake show be?) The bird show was fine, there was a vulture that was actually kind of pretty.

But the snake show was really good. Almost as good as the crocodile show. There was a good mix of facts and interesting stuff, the different types of snakes, the different types of venomous snakes etc. The guy rolled out this dresser of locked cabinets full of snakes. And would explain each one as he took it out. It was funny because when he started talking about the venomous snakes he said I’m going to use this metal pole instead of my hands to get the snakes out so that I can keep their heads away from my body as much as possible. Well then that snake started slithering up that pole to get as close to him as possible. He laid the pole down for a little while and then when the snake started going toward the other again he picked it up again, and the same thing happened. So he laid it down again and grabbed another pole. He kept talking throughout the whole show, it was just very enjoyable.

We went back to the playground one more time and then looked through the gift shop for a bit before heading home. I saw a bunch of bowls from Turkey just like the one I already have. I know it’s crazy but I am considering buying another one. They tied it in by saying some of the animals in the exhibits are from these countries and then had souvenirs from several different countries. We’ll see if my common sense or my lust for Beautiful Things wins out.

On the way home Max reminded me that we were out of milk so we stopped at the grocery store for a little bit. There went my plans for making pizza for supper. It only takes me about an hour, but there are other things I can make quicker, and we didn’t get home till about 7:30. We had quesadillas and watched Star Trek with supper and then got in the bed pretty late. We all talked to TJ for a bit too so that pushed our bedtime off even later.

27 June Tuesday

We went to Jump Craze today. I thought I’d looked at the website thoroughly, but after I’d plugged in the address into the truck’s gps I saw it opens at noon! Doh! Guess I’d better check better next time. We all piled out of the truck and back into the bus. After a bit I sent the boys outside while I made pb&j graham crackers for lunch.

Jump Craze was fun, and pretty empty. Max got upset at the boys playing dodge ball but calmed himself down and went right back to playing. I don’t even know the particulars, but I’m glad he worked it out by himself. Jack roamed all over, and attached himself to a teen girl for a while. I made sure he wasn’t annoying her with his constant ‘tag, you’re it’ business. After a while he was trying it with a teenage boy but Max quickly came over and told me Jack shouldn’t be playing with that boy…that he’d used the middle finger a couple of times. I’d been watching the boy while Jack was with him and everything seemed alright. I asked the boy if Jack was annoying him and he said no so I let it be. Jack left off playing with him, but went back another couple of times, and each time Max was right next to me saying the same thing. He’s so protective of Jack, when he’s not picking on him.

I used the rest of the peanut butter for lunch so we stopped at WM for a few more groceries on the way home. We came in and quickly changed into swimsuits and headed to the pool. It’s been warm today, but it’s always so windy so it’s hardly been hot enough to really make you want to swim. The boys only got to swim about 30 minutes before lightening was sighted and we had to get out of the pool. While we were there, though, I chatted with the only other mom there, and Max played with her kids. Fun!

After that we checked out the youth center. I thought it would be a place for Max to hang out with other kids inside while I took Jack out to the back to play on the playground. Nope. It’s basically after school care, even in the summer. I can pay for them to keep the boys, and they’re even having a lock-in! I talked to Tj and he’s all for Max going to that.

I made buffalo chicken pizza for supper, without the chicken! Max asked about it while at the store but I forgot to get chicken. I did have bacon so I put that on there, but it was a waste. You couldn’t really taste the bacon. I seeded and diced a tomato to put on half of the pizza…Max didn’t even know it was there, and it didn’t register on my pallette either.

28 June Wednesday

Black light golf at Putz and Glow.

Since we passed right by Reptile Gardens to get to Putz and Glow we stopped in at RG again so Jack could play on the playground and in the sandbox.

29 June Thursday

PJ day! It rained off and on all day which was nice. We skipped breakfast and then I made ham and cheese scones for lunch. I’m always disappointed in flavored scones…these were good, but much better when I put a slice of ham in there! I guess I just need to stick to biscuits.

We all worked after lunch. Max had a letter to Greyson to finish up. G’s grandmother asked if they could be pen pals; I said yes, but Max is loathing it. I told him he had to write at least 3 letters…after that we’ll evaluate. I finally changed our address with Uncle Jerry and Aunt Vicki, finished up putting insulation around the bus, and finally ordered Jack’s ID bracelet.

For supper I made a new recipe: sausage and sun dried tomato pasta. It was fine, but again, a little bland.

30 June Friday

We hit up the office for free doughnuts. Man, I’m gonna miss that when we leave here! Then we went home and made ice cream from a recipe off of FB. Shake cream in a mason jar with a little sugar/vanilla/salt and leave in the freezer for 3 hours. Then it was time for the base picnic. It was close enough that we walked there. Jack was ecstatic about the jumpy castles, of course. Max had a lot of fun with the bubble soccer…I didn’t know what that was, but I guess it was the body size bubbles you get in and run around into other people with. Paintball was available but Max didn’t want to do it because he’s heard it hurts. When we first walked by the paintball area there were just adults playing, but later there was a kids time. By the time I saw that it was about time to go. Lunch was provided…pulled pork or hot dog, cole slaw/beans/chips, and Cokes or water to drink. There was a mock jail where you told on your friend, then someone went and put real handcuffs on them and walked them to the jail cell set up right in the middle of activities. There was a judge who told everyone what your crimes were, and I don’t know if you had to pay to get out or pay to put your friends in, or of the whole thing was free. I”m sure it was fun for everyone here who knows other people they could send to jail…it went on the whole time we were there which was 10:30-1:40pm. We would’ve stayed another 20 minutes to then end but Jack threw up! Fortunately not in the jumpy castle! I made sure he waited a long time after eating to go back and jump and he was fine. Then we went to get a bottle of water and he drank a good third of that. He played bubble soccer a bit and had the rest of his water. 5 or 10 minutes after that he threw up…I guess I should’ve slowed his water consumption down. It seemed funny to me that he didn’t throw up while being active, it was after 2-3 minutes of standing still. Of course as we were walking home he was asking to jump again.

We came home and showered him, then he watched Milo and Otis while I dozed. Max and I put together the water rocket we’ve had forever, but it didn’t work. I guess we’ll have to wait to ask Tj if he can figure out where we went wrong.

I’m planning on cooking bacon and eggs to go with the rest of the scones for supper, and then our homemade ice cream for dessert!

I just stepped outside to see if we should go hunt down the Milky Way and it’s perfectly clear! But the moon’s already out. Bummer.

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