Boise, Idaho

25 May Thursday

Today we went to the discovery museum, and I really think it was the best discovery museum I’ve ever been to! Usually half or a third of the experiments don’t work, but I only remember 1 or 2 here being out of order, and they had signs announcing that they were out of order.

When we pulled up we saw 3 school busses!!!! Why aren’t these kids in school?! I was trying to plan all the really public attractions for before school finished for the year, but my plan backfired! Fortunately after we’d been there an hour or so all the kids left, and then it was so dead! We were one of only about 5 total families after that. Fun!

When I went to pay I was told I got in free since I was Jack’s helper. Nice. And we could get the military discount. But then two different women had trouble getting the computer to comply, so they finally just let me in for the price of 1 kid! Woot!

The first, and maybe the best part of the museum was the bubble bar. I could’ve played with that forever! There was a wooden bar rigged up to a pulley system that when raised made a sheet of bubble film you could blow on. I think the bubble itself was about 3′ square! It was so awesome. I also liked the smoke track they had to test aerodynamics, the big spring that helped you understand frequencies, the sand-vibrating thing that looked like quicksand, the pendulum with the pen attached so you made spirograph drawings, the pvc tubing that Jack played with a lot…and the list goes on and on!

We stayed there till about 3pm, and then headed to lunch. I found Uncle Guiseppies Diner that looked good; and it was. I bought a 12″ and a 6″ sandwich; one had balsamic vinegar and a variety of meats and cheeses on it, and the other had smoked Gouda, honey mustard, etc. The first was the best. I also bought some pepperoni and pasta to take home. After eating our sandwiches I bought us 2 cannoli for dessert. I’m sure I’ll make a lot of Italians angry for this, but they’re just not my thing. I think it’s like eating whipped cream…it’s kinda bland. The cream inside the ‘cookie’ wasn’t sweet enough for my taste. Ah, well, you can’t win them all!

There was a Burger King in the same parking lot that had a pretty big play place. I figured Jack was about ready for some running around, that kid loves his play places! We stayed there for a while and then went to 3 thrift stores and bought Jack a sports jacket and Upwards shirt, me a lounge chair and 2 pair of shoes, Max jeans, church pants, and a LS button up shirt. What a haul!

26 May Friday

Today we stayed home all day. I think I’ll always be a homebody. I love staying home!

Before bed Max mixed up the dough for a pan pizza.

Max has been complaining that his throat hurts, but it looks normal to me. Also Jack has red spots all over his back and chest. They’re not bright enough for me to even attempt to take a picture, but they’re there.

27 May Saturday

We were going to stay home all day, but Max is itching to complete his Odd Squad outfit and still needs a white button up and a red tie, so we went thrifting again. I bought a few books and another cooler bag, but Max didn’t get to buy anything. He saw a cool extender/grabber arm that he really wanted though.

When we got home Max put the pizza together. I had him preheat the oven on a lower temp because we’re on our last third of propane still. He got it all ready and put it in and I set the timer. It’s been so long since I cooked a deep dish that I couldn’t remember how accurate my timing was in the recipe. After more than 40 minutes, though, I knew something was wrong! I’d forgotten to raise the temp! Doh! Fortunately the pizza cooked just fine and tasted great! The bus was fairly warm after that. I think tomorrow we’re going to have to run the a/c. I didn’t do it this time, but when I made cookies a week or so ago I kept an eye on the inside temperature and was surprised to see that it only went up by 2 degrees even though the oven was on for at least an hour. That was with all the doors and windows open. Wonder how much the temp changes with the a/c on?

28 May Sunday

We went to church and all sat together for the first service. Of course then the guy said the sermon was PG-13!! I decided to chance it since Max and I have read the whole KJV through once…that’s an education I tell you! The sermon talked about the time that Judah (I think) was under siege and two women connived to eat their children because they were starving. Yeah, not a topic every kid is ready to hear, but it was a good sermon.

After first service and a doughnut break I walked the boys over to their building and was anticipating my dual thrift store shopping trip! When I got to Jack’s class, though, there were no teachers. I waited for a bit and talked to a pretty snotty kid who was also waiting. He was pretty incensed that Jack was playing with a stuffed animal he found and didn’t like the fact that he was getting his germs all over it. He said NO ONE in that class played with stuffed animals anymore. I told him no one but Jack! And then I prayed for kindness. The teacher came in and I told her about Jack. She said she was the only teacher there that hour, but she didn’t expect any more kids than the two that were there because it was Memorial weekend. Great. About 15 minutes later there were a total of 12 kids!!! Guess shopping’s out! We helped the kids make a marble maze by glueing straws down to cardstock. After a bit it was time for group time so we lined the kids up and walked them upstairs. It was funny how much like G-lab that classroom was! I enjoyed the songs and the little lesson on Revelation that was given. After a few more things the kids trooped back downstairs for more memory verse work and to wait for their parents.

Since I worked I felt like a little treat, and I still have a hankering for fried chicken. I quickly looked up a place that Yelp said was open and we headed there. I called Tj on the way cause he’d just landed in Memphis. He said he’s coming home tonight!!! Awesome!

Then we pulled into the restaurant and it was closed! Bummer. We headed back home to the beans and rice I had planned, and I figured we might go out to eat for supper.

The white beans I thawed on the counter during church turned out to be white bean soup. Doh! Guess that rice will just go into the freezer now.

After lunch we all took a nap. I can tell the boys are tired…it’s light here until 9:30 or 10pm and I feel bad sending the boys to bed with it so light, but I need to change that. The boys slept well, but I slept in between them so that Max would actually go to sleep, so I slept poorly. When I awoke I realized that Max’s snotty sounding nose wasn’t just allergies like I’ve been thinking…I think he has a cold, and I’m pretty sure I have it now, and of course TJ’s coming home now and will probably get it!!

After napping we headed out to pick up Tj, and then found a BBQ place that was pretty good. The ribs were fine, but the pulled pork and brisket had a really smoky flavor. Tj spied a Cold Stone Creamery in the same strip mall so we headed there next. Then we went to the grocery store for hamburger stuff for tomorrow.

29 May Monday

Today we changed the oil in the bus! I’d never done that before, but Tj made it happen. He’d watched YouTube videos and had ordered everything we needed. I was just the extra set of hands, and the nagger that tried to keep most of the oil off the concrete. It took us a lot longer than the guy on the video needed, but I’m sure the next time will go faster. With less oil on our hands/clothes/etc.

After that we had a lunch of cheese and crackers, and then the boys watched a movie while Tj and I relaxed a bit.

Then we sent the boys outside to play and Tj made cheese stuffed burgers. I cooked bacon (to a crisp, sadly, though it was still pretty good), and then toasted the buns in butter and that bacon grease. Yum. We watched Lost while we ate. We also thawed and ate some of the Dream Pie filling I made back in February, I think.

30 May Tuesday

Jack and I took Tj to the airport this morning at 6am. I haven’t been up at this time in months!

After lounging a bit, and dozing, and Jack doing Gemiini and playing on the ipad a while, we finally got moving about 10:30am. While the boys ate breakfast I planned our day.

First we went to Town Square Mall, because Max really likes going to malls. Though he hardly has any money to spend. But he just came up with a plan that maybe he should just blow 2 of his dollars every month. I talked to Tj about it and we decided blowing $5 every month was more reasonable. He ended up not buying anything at the mall, and I used our $10 Starbucks gift card from Nicole to buy a fruit tea that Max wanted, a slice of lemon bread, a cookies and cream cake pop and a cherry oatmeal bar. We ate some of our snack, and then Jack played at the little playground in the Mall for a bit.

We left there around 3pm and headed to the Post office to pick up Tj’s new watch battery. Then we went to the nearby Freak Alley Gallery which Max also picked out as something he wanted to see here in Boise. After that was lunch at Off Broadway Deli, where we’d tried to go Sunday. I told her that Yelp listed them as open on Sundays and she said she knew but didn’t know why they said that. I bought 2 fried wings, 2 legs, a breast, 1/2 lb of french fries, 2 small drinks and a medium drink for me and it came to $14!! I was so surprised…that’s a great price! And the chicken was awesome! Nice and salty. The fries were really good too.

Afterwards we went to Home Depot to get some stuff to hopefully clean up the oil off the concrete under the bus. Then we went to Fred Meyer for groceries. I shopped as quickly as I could so Max could get back in time to watch Odd Squad.

After Odd Squad I sent the boys to the playground and I read my phone outside in my new chair. They played for half an hour or so, but then Max said it was so hot (it got to 94 today), so they came and played on the vacant pad next to us. They filled up buckets of water and squirted each other and the sidewalk. After a bit Max says to Jack do you want to see some magic? Jack says yes. Max says close your eyes and count to 20. Then Max pours a bucket of water on Jack. Jack continues counting…after he catches his breath from that ice cold water!

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