I finally got a good night’s sleep last night. I’m not sure if it was because I wore a mask, or if that’s like Dumbo’s feather.

Max is back on the ball with his school; yesterday he finished at noon, and today at 11:15! He doesn’t have any projects, and we’ve finally wrapped up all the leftover projects he was working on, so he’s down to just new lessons every day. This is what Jack wrote me during school without any prompting:

I’ve written him little notes like this on his cutting papers, I guess he figured I needed one too. Sweet boy!

Ted, Jack and I walked around the campground to try out Ted’s new insoles; it was cool in the shade but warm in the sun.

When we came in I cooked zucchini with andouille for our side at lunch while Jack continued school. I also made some fantastic grilled sandwiches. Mom gave me some leftover ciabatta and I’ve been making grilled sandwiches with them. After I put them together on the griddle I heat a cast iron pan and set it on top for a homemade panini press. Today I put pepperoni in addition to the usual ham, and that took it over the top! I like these ciabatta from Aldi because they’re not as tough as the usual kind. Those are great for the Pressed Italian Sandwiches I’ve made several times.

After my nap we left for Hollywood Studios around 2pm. Before we left we all changed from shorts to pants…it was cold!

First we went to get a DAS at the Slinky Dog Dash, and then went to watch the Muppets. Next up was Star Tours; we hadn’t seen this version that ended with another ship crashing into the windshield of our ship and the little robot arguing with C-3P0. When we walked out of there Max wanted a picture of himself on the speeder since he’d worn his Jedi robe. He has such a hard time not smirking! It’s also hard to see this picture as real when you notice the squirrel on the bottom left!

While we were taking his picture two girls came up and gave Jack a balloon! I wish I’d had the presence of mind to ask to take their photos with Jack right then! Ted says as we walked by a nearby balloon seller Jack had exclaimed about them, but not asked for one. He thinks the girls heard Jack and decided to get him one. How sweet!

On the way to Slinky Dog Dash we stopped and watched the Army men for a bit, and then stopped again because some Storm Troopers were walking among the crowds. They told Max they were keeping their eye on him, and told me something positive because I had my Storm Trooper Starry Night shirt on. Heh.

Our last ride of the evening was Tower of Terror; it was just as awesome as always! Then we walked back to the truck. We rode the tram in today as usual, but with the construction around here they’re changing up the parking lots and it made more sense to walk to the truck.

We had just enough time before they closed to stop at the office and pick up my meds and a new battery for the jetpack. Ted noticed it was swollen the other day!

At home I made breakfast burritos for supper and they were awesome! Every part tasted so good! The top sirloin steak was great, and the fresh salsa was wonderful! I can’t wait to have that again on chips or something. It doesn’t look like much, but it was wonderful tasting! This is my rendition of what I had at the restaurant in VA when Jack and I met up with Nichole from Turkey.

We watched Thor with supper, and had some of the fresh cranberry and orange dip we made the other night with cream cheese on crackers. This isn’t as great as I’d hoped for…I’ll add a little more sugar and try it again another night.

Tonight I finally put my jeans to soak in a salt and vinegar bath to hopefully stop the dye bleeding onto everything. Jo noticed the night we went out that my fingers were really blue from them!

We did school today; I still feel crummy.

For lunch I made grits and eggs; there weren’t enough grits so I put some bacon from the freezer in the grits, and made toast to go with. Yum!

After my nap Ted and I went to get groceries, and stopped at the office for my order of cinnamon tea.

We didn’t go to church tonight because of me. Ted made fries for supper and we watched the second half of Iron Man 2. It surprised me that Jack really sat and watched this movie!

This is the first time Ted’s cooked the fries in a big pot; all the previous times he’s cooked just a few fries at a time like Alton Brown suggests, but that takes so long! Especially when fries are the main (only) course!

While we did school today Ted went to the dentist to finally get his new implants, and they don’t fit!!! I can’t believe it! Although with all the lying this office has done to us so far I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

I guess only 2 of us are sick; Ted and Jack seem to have missed Max’s cough, thankfully!

After school and lunch I took a nap, and then Ted and I took a walk around the campground.

For supper Ted ordered pizza, and we both walked to office to pick it up.

We watched the first half of Iron Man 2 with the boys, and the last 2 Walking Dead after the boys were in bed.

Well, I think we’re all sick to some degree today; dang Max! After school I took a 2-hour nap while Ted fed the boys. We’ve decided to skip the meal planning for the week and see how we like that.

Max took a little longer to finish his school today, but he still has a really bad sounding cough so it’s not that surprising. Also, we’re wrapping up some loose ends from all the school we did while we were traveling.

Jack drew a picture of an ironing board during school today:

We watched Iron Man as a start to Ted and Max’s Marvel Marathon. It started out as a family movie, but Jack quickly got bored. Ted set him up in the back with his own movie after a while.

I’m not that hungry today, which just proves that I’m actually sick! So Ted fixed chili and fritos for the boys’ supper. By the time I went to bed all I’d had today was a cup of cappuccino, a cup of hot chocolate, popcorn for lunch at 2pm, and an apple with peanut butter at bedtime. Ted and I watched Walking Dead again, and then the Great British Baking Show.

Max stayed home from church today. He did a little laundry, but otherwise played and rested. He “took a nap” when Jack and I did after church and lunch. It was so good to see all our old friends at church! I’m excited they all recognized us! And Ted and I even got visited by the limp handshake dude; I’m sure Max is jealous he missed out! They honored Veterans today, so Ted went to stand in front along with everyone else who’s ever served.

After our nap we headed over to Epcot to pick up our cheese boards! I chatted in the line with a woman whose husband drives a boat in Disney, a part-time job, to support her Disney habit.

We left as soon as we got our boards and headed to Q’kenan for our usual there, and it was just as good as usual. We chatted a bit with a nearby customer about the food and other places to eat, and got home around 8:30. Max went right to bed…even though he hasn’t run a fever today he’s still not feeling himself. Jack slept on the couch again to give Max the bed to himself.