We did school today, and then Ted and I took a long nap to be ready for tonight!!! I’m so excited! We’re trying to figure out a way that Ted can have a desk for work instead of setting his laptop up on the bed.

We’d given Max permission to bring his Legos outside while we napped, so he did; we knew that Madison might come over to play. Wouldn’t you know that as soon as we woke up Madison and her parents came by!! Why, when I’d gone out of my way to meet them last week do they show up unannounced today when I’ve just gotten up from my nap and still have my pj’s on? I threw on some clothes and didn’t really do anything with my hair and went outside to meet them. I told Ted he didn’t have to come, but they stayed so long that he eventually did. And then we had such a great visit! They’re full-timers too, but about to leave the park for 2 weeks before coming back. I’m excited to get to know them. Too bad the first impression I left included bed head!

We talked and talked and talked, and finally I asked if it was time for me to go make supper and Ted said that it was 5pm; we had to leave in 45 minutes!! I wasn’t going to tell them that we were leaving the boys alone, but Ted told Martin we were going to see Elton John, so I said to Shakira that I would have Max text them if he needed anything. Heh. Desperate much? She was super agreeable, and even said that they could go over to watch a movie or something, but I really thought they would be fine on their own, it’s just nice to have a backup. When they left and the boys were bringing their toys inside Ted took a shower and I washed my hair. I’m so excited!!

The food at the event was really good: Merlot braised beef short ribs, herb roasted Ashley farms chicken breast and tomatoes, pasta primavera with roasted carrots and kale, spinach salad with bleu cheese, cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette, a carving station with Niman ranch pork loin, bleu cheese wedge salad, sautéed fall veggies, and 2 other things I can’t remember. There were also two large platters with assorted desserts; our favorites were the brownies. We ate all we wanted, but I assumed that during the intermission I would go back at least for more desserts.

I noticed that the time for the start of the show had come and gone, but I wasn’t concerned. A guy had come out and done some sound checks; we were just enjoying the night. And then…someone announced that due to an ear infection Elton wouldn’t be playing tonight!!!! I sat there gape-mouthed. I really hoped that it was just a joke, but do they make those kinds of jokes at concerts? And then they turned the lights on! And people started leaving! I was dumbfounded and soooooooo disappointed. Poo.

Ah, so young and naive!
Sad reality: they turned on the lights and everyone’s going home!

We waited a little while to let the crowd thin and then we went home. I told Max what had happened and he was sorry for us; I think he realized what a let-down this was! By 9:44 we were in bed and watching TV.

Ted came to bed as I was getting up. Ugh. I guess jetlag will win this time. We snuggled with the boys a bit and then left him to sleep while we did school. We ate pinto beans for lunch and then I took a nap so I’d be ready for girls’ night!

When I got up the boys went to the playground for a bit while I deboned the rotisserie chicken and got ready to go. It was supposed to be getting cooler after I got to WDW so I fretted a bit about what jacket to wear, and ended up just carrying my thin black hoodie in. Of course not long after I got there I saw the overwhelming gray skies that said I should’ve brought in my rain jacket! Too late!

I heard some awesome music and had a few extra minutes so I checked it out…I didn’t see the name of the band but they were belting out Christian Christmas music and it was amazing! They were dancing and singing so enthusiastically, I was bummed I came in on the tail end.

It was time for the meet-up then, so I headed to Soarin and met Heather. We used our fast passes for a ride, and then started wandering around the park to see what new foods there were for the Festival of the Holidays. Our first stop was France where we each got bouchee a la reine traditionnelle: turkey and mushrooms in a veloute cream sauce served in a light puff pastry. Yum! It was pretty tricky to try to cut that pastry with the plastic fork, so we both ended up picking up our pastry with our hands.

Next Heather bought a black and white cookie, but it didn’t tempt me. We kept walking and chatting and having a good time, and then Heather said she’d gotten the pasta at Italy and it was great, so we both got one of those. I want to try the mac and cheese in Germany like Mom and Jo have raved over, but that’s here all the time so I figured I’d try this one out first. Cavatappi ai quattro formaggi: baked four cheese pasta with a parmesan crumble and truffle essence. It was good, but not amazing. I liked that the cheese was strong, and definitely sopped up all the sauce I could. We walked in the German stores and looked at what was for sale there, and saw a super tall guy behind the counter.

At Morocco I bought some Sfenj: warm beignets with cream, cinnamon sugar, toasted almonds and chocolate sauce. They were very good, but like most things chocolate they could have tripled the chocolate they put on there and I almost would have been satisfied with the amount. My last purchase of the evening was the Black Forest roulade with cherry whipped cream. I thought it was pretty good but Heather raved over it.

We went to Mexico then and window shopped and rode the ride. Heather told me they’ve just renewed their annual passes and gave me some info on what passes to look for. We watched a craftswoman make a glass snowman then, and when we walked out it was starting to drizzle. After a little bit the rain picked up and we were caught out in the open. We huddled under a big cart umbrella for a while and talked to the cast member there about the new rides coming. Then we hot-footed it to the nearby store so I could get our new magnets. When the rain died down we shopped at Mouse Gear for a while and then decided to go home. As we were passing Spaceship Earth I noticed that the wait time was 5 minutes so we rode that ride. I showed her the two hidden Mickey’s (scrolls and stained glass) but she didn’t seem impressed by either of them.

What’s going on with my hair in the future??!!

We walked out to our cars talking all the way. We had such a good night! I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did!

At home Ted and Max were playing online so I got into bed and worked on my blog a bit before hitting the hay.

Church was good this morning; and there was no sign of Fishy. I brought us a snack because we needed to go grocery shopping right after. The boys went to the toy aisle while I got what we needed. For lunch we had some rotisserie chicken, goat cheese and roasted bell pepper sandwich, and cabbage salad with ranch dressing. I was napish while Max vacuumed and folded the clothes.

When I woke up I put pintos on to cook while the boys were outside, and then I left them to their own devices and got Ted from the airport! We went out to a steak place he found, La Boucherie. It’s a new place and it showed; there were more servers than customers, and there were only 6 reviews on Yelp. Ted wanted the bone in ribeye, but had to settle for the regular ribeye because they were out. I had the steak frites which was a 6oz sirloin. My steak was pretty tough, but Ted’s was good. We also ordered 3 desserts: floating island (I liked it, but the creme anglaise was thinner than I expected), chocolate mousse (which was so much lighter in color in real life than the picture, I was extremely disappointed, and told the server so. He said others had mentioned it as well. Well great for them but where’s my chocolate??), and Ted’s pick was the profiteroles au chocolat.

On the way home we stopped at WinnDixie for cokes and snacks. At home Ted went right to bed, but then ended up staying awake to watch the Amazing Race finale with me. He got out of bed not long after I went to sleep.

Jack slept all night, so that’s good. I worked hard on my blog, and then at 11:15 sent the boys to the playground. Around that time I remembered we were supposed to play Magic today. I really don’t enjoy that game, but Max does, and it’s important to me that he knows I care about him and about things that are important to him.

While they were gone I watched Steel Magnolias and blogged. When the boys came back we had quesadillas and the last of the fresh salsa for lunch. Then I shared a banana pudding with Max although I’d told him earlier there wasn’t enough. I’m such a good Mom!

The boys played outside while I blogged through April, then they came inside for electronics while I blogged some more and talked to Ted about the cruise. Later Max pumped up our bike tires and I fixed our supper: pizza for the boys and cheese ball for me. At 6:15 I started setting up Magic and sent Jack to shower. Max kinda didn’t want to play Magic, he wanted more electronics time; but I wanted to spend time with him, and he’s had enough electronics time this weekend. Maybe partly he didn’t want to play because I made him let me have the blue guy…I think he’s the most powerful. And then I beat Max’s pants off! Woot!

Jack woke me up at 2am to go to the bathroom. He knocked on the door, opened it right up and said he had to go. He hardly ever goes in the middle of the night (as far as I know); but when he does he usually doesn’t wake me up. He seemed stressed so I thought he was having trouble, but he didn’t seem to need my help so I wonder if he was having a bad dream? He asked for some stuff, to go play or something else you don’t do at 2am, I don’t really remember the specifics of what he asked for, but I told him it was time to go back to sleep. He wanted to sleep in my bed but I led him back to his bed, got him a fleece blanket, and he went right back to sleep.

It took me a while to go back to sleep, and then I awoke with my alarm at 7:50. I played a bit, and then worked on my blog. When the boys had been up a while I made Jack’s fried egg for his sandwich, and told Max to make his own breakfast. We prayed and I stood at the counter and had some cheese ball. That’s pretty good stuff!

The boys watched TV while I worked, and after a while I had banana pudding. That’s wonderful stuff, though it doesn’t look so great after it’s been at a potluck! The boys went out to the playground while I washed all the dishes and took a break from blogging. They came in for more TV and electronics and banana pudding when a kid started cussing at the playground.

After a while Max said his friend’s parents want to meet him. She’s leaving tomorrow so we debated just blowing her off, but I needed to go to the office, and I figured since she has his phone number to text they might continue talking after she leaves, so I got dressed to go outside. She said her parents would be back in 2 hours, and then in 10 minutes…getting info second hand from Max is not an easy thing! Max went to the playground while Jack and I went to the office, and I got us some clubs and balls for Putt Putt while we waited. The guy helping me was named Jared, and he said his little 4yo brother had DS! We chatted a bit; he’s a nice guy.

Madison’s parents weren’t around when we got back outside, so the boys and I played Putt Putt for a while. She was at the playground with her little brother, so Max pointed her out to me. The boys moved over to the playground after a bit, but Madison had gone home. We finally got tired of waiting so we went back to the bus and I made pizza. Then Madison texted that she was at the playground so Max went back to play while Jack showered and pizza baked. Turns out the info was incorrect and they’re going to be here another week.

I called Max back when it was time to eat, and we watched TV with supper: a show about tiny houses and some Indiana Jones. We played Uno after, and then I cut Max’s play night short because he forgot to turn the vent fan on after his shower for the however-many-eth time. I played a bit then went back to working on my blog.

It’s 9:15 and Jack just came out of his bed sounding scared! He kept asking to sleep in my bed. I’m not sure if it was all a ploy, but it seemed real enough. I hugged him and snuggled him a bit, and then sent him back into his bed. I used the flashlight to get him set up with his pillow and blanket, gave him another hug and kiss, and then turned out the light.