June 2017

31 May Wednesday

There’s a different kind of static here. In AZ my skirts stuck to me, but here my hair flies out at any given chance. I didn’t notice it there but I never had trouble with my hair until here.

By the time we got ready to go today it was so close to lunch that I decided we’d have lunch first. I made a new recipe of chicken in the cast iron skillet with asparagus and a creamy gravy. It turned out pretty good. I’ll probably do it again with broccoli instead of asparagus. Max thinks that would be less detestable :-)

After lunch we got all ready to go and headed over to the old Idaho State Penitentiary. That was an interesting place to visit, the garden there was really pretty. I wonder how it looked when it was a prison. I took a lot of pictures of the boys behind bars, and we read a lot about different criminals and why they were there. We got to see the room where people were hung, and then go downstairs and see the bottom part of that room. Strange. We also saw a whole little room dedicated to jailhouse tattoos, how to get them, and how it’s illegal in every state for you to get them in jail! After that we went next door to a geologic museum. Honestly I went there because it said there was a gift shop :-) The gift shop at the prison left much to be desired. This gift shop wasn’t much better, but the lady at the desk gave Jack two little free plastic things. She really took a shine to him.

After that there was only about an hour till church so I found a playground at a Chick-fil-A and we settled in. After the boys had been in the play place for a few minutes a lady leaned out from another booth and said your older son is an awesome big brother. She said a couple more things to me which really made me smile. At first I didn’t know she was talking to me so it took a little bit for me to figure out what she was talking about. Max and Jack were playing and her two kids were in there as well, and I think Max was playing with all of them. This trip has really helped Max open up, and he wasn’t that shy before honestly. After a little while I checked to see what time church was and it was actually a half hour later than I expected. When that lady and her kids got ready to go they left and then came back after a little bit and asked if we could exchange numbers and get together again sometime. I told them that we were only going to be here another week and she seemed really disappointed, which surprised me. Then she asked if we could friend each other on Facebook and that surprised me more. It seems funny, I’ve almost gotten more new Facebook friends since starting this trip than ever before.

We dropped​ Max off at church and headed to Whole Foods. Jack and I split a piece of pizza and a salad there. We shopped around a little bit, and then headed over to Trader Joes. Last time I was there I had seen some steak and stout pies that I meant to get, so I picked them up this time. I also got another package of candied orange slices, those were so good.

When I got back to the church to pick Max up he was waiting for me outside, I guess they got let out a little early tonight. Last week Max got a $5 gift card for being new, and this week they gave him a Hershey’s bar with almonds for it being his last time to be there! That kid’s really made out at this church!

1 June Thursday

Today was a complete pj day. It was rainy and wonderful to stay inside. Last night after church we stopped at Shopko and Max spent his $5 for the month on two 2 liters of Dr. Pepper and a small Toblerone. He gave Jack a small cup of Dr. Pepper, and he drank all but another small cup of Dr. Pepper today. He kept saying that it was such a great day, and we really needed to have a day where we didn’t do anything at all. But then when I was fixing supper at 7 he said after supper I think I need to get outside, I think getting some exercise would make my belly feel better. I think not exercising has made my belly feel bad today. I said well maybe it was that two liters of Dr. Pepper, you think? He smiled and agreed. He and Jack didn’t do anything all day, and I hardly did anything, but I did make enchilada fixings, and a new Asian soup.

I forgot to blog this, but the other day when we changed the oil in the bus, as Max was getting ready to go outside to play I saw a huge moth flying around in the bus. I’m not scared of moths at all really, though I probably shouldn’t say that now, so I don’t think of Max as being scared of them. I told him before he left he needed to kill that moth. Well that was a crazy ordeal. In the end he never did kill it, but he sure did spend a lot of energy yelling and screaming about it. He was completely freaked out! TJ and I didn’t have time to deal with it because we were trying to take care of the oil change. At one point we went back in the bus to get something and saw that Jack was crying, he was so worried about Max. TJ immediately took over with Max and I grabbed Jack’s Crocs and we headed out to the playground. He’s such a sweet boy. When anybody near him is upset he gets upset. And Max was crying, a lot. Jack and I played at the playground for a bit, and then we checked out the gym nearby. There was a doctor’s scale there, and I really hope it’s accurate, but my weight was so low even with all my clothes on that I could hardly believe it. I think I have lost a little weight recently, but not that much.

Max got back his 3Ds today. It’s the first electronic since the incident.

Now it’s bedtime and I just caught Max’s moth. I think it’s what flew between me and my phone last night, and I took that as a sign it was time to turn the light off :-) But I put the boys to bed about 10 minutes ago, flossed my teeth, and was in the middle of brushing my teeth when there was a huge thump from the front. Jack had fallen out of bed. He seemed really shaken up so I guess he was already asleep. So we hugged, I fixed​ his bed, put him back to bed, and finished brushing my teeth. Then the moth was up by the light over the sink. I guess God has given Max a reprieve on that one :-)

2 June Friday

I killed two more moths! They’re huge and black…unlike any I’d ever seen before. Hopefully this isn’t just the beginning!

I didn’t want us to eat out twice today, so I got us up and out of the house pretty early. We brought some granola bars and water and headed out around 9 a.m. Our first stop was Malad Gorge. It was recommended to us by fellow campers last week. It took us about an hour and a half to get there, but since Max got his 3DS back last night he didn’t mind the drive at all.

When we pulled up to the gate shack I talked to the lady there for a good while about what we should see and do. She said she wasn’t from Idaho which I thought was funny since she was working at an Idaho State Park. There were six stops around Malad Gorge, but we didn’t go to all of them. One was just showing us the plant life they’re trying to reintroduce to the area, we skipped that one. The Gorge was beautiful though, with a really nice waterfall we walked over at the first stop. I don’t like going to these things as much without TJ, Max gets right out to the edge which I don’t mind so much, but it does make me a little nervous. Jack is at the point now where he wants to go right out to the edge too, which I mind a great deal. I won’t let him go within about two or three feet of the edge without holding my hand.

When we finished all the stops we headed to lunch at Ziggy’s. I got mixed up with the restaurant I saw closer to Twin Falls that I’m going to try to get TJ to take us to next week. Ziggy’s was a little gas station, but since it’s one of not many restaurants in the area it had pretty good reviews. The fried catfish was great, but the chicken fried steak was just so-so. It was pretty thin and a little tough. I just ordered those two meals thinking they would be enough for the boys and me, and really thinking that we would finish them. They were huge though, so we took tons of hush puppies and a good many fries home.

We headed down to Balanced Rock, and made several stops along the way. Our first stop was a garage sale where Max bought a water pistol with a holster and a sheriff’s badge, and a three-ring binder. We stopped at another garage sale not too far down the road, but the woman wanted $30 for a croquet set so we didn’t stay long. She had several really nice lawn toys they’d made to sell…that’s not my kind of garage sale! We made a few more stops; the area was beautiful. There was a place with a ton of waterfalls across a river, so I took a few pictures. One of the pull-offs was so beautiful, an overlook of a valley that had so many cloud shadows and so much sunshine, it was awesome! Max climbed all the way down the boulders to see a car wreck at the bottom! Jack wanted to climb down too but there was no way I was letting him do that.

We finally made it to Balanced Rock, and it was a sight to behold. It looked pretty awesome poking up from all the rest of the rocks, like a crooked finger pointing straight into the sky. Max climbed all the way up to it, I climbed nine-tenths of the way, and Jack climbed halfway. When we were about halfway up we heard a huge explosion! When the Japanese people who were already at the site when we got there passed us climbing up to the rock we each confirmed that we didn’t think it was thunder, it was definitely an explosion. When we got home and talked to TJ, he remembered there’s a bombing range nearby, so we figured that must be what it was. It was pretty exciting though!

The last place I wanted to visit was mentioned to us at Malad Gorge this morning by the gate lady. We looked for Billingsley Creek but it was a little difficult to find, so we moved on to Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon Springs. With all our driving around the boys finished off the fries and hush puppies before our last stop. Google showed there were no roads right up to the end point, but she was taking us as close as she could. When the road went from two lanes, to no painted lines, to gravel I figured this was not going to work out well. Fortunately there were two guys working on an irrigator close to the road, so I pulled over and asked them for help. They told me which way to go, so we turned around and headed to the right place. It was basically a little parking lot about big enough for 8 cars. The guys had said you park and then walk out to the water, so that’s what we did. I didn’t think it would be that far out, but in the end I think it was about a mile. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal but it was hot and late and the boys were tired. But boy was it worth it! The water was so clear you could see straight down to the bottom, the whole area was so beautiful! Once again we all sat right on the edge of the cliff and the boys threw lots of rocks down.

We headed back home and it was pretty late, but it’s still so bright around here. I don’t think it gets dark till about 10 p.m. My Pioneer stereo had trouble for a while, but it was a straight shot at 80 miles an hour so I left the phone unplugged for a while and talked to TJ on my headset while Max played his 3DS again and Jack played the iPad. By the time he and I hung up my stereo worked again, thankfully. I filled up with gas, and then when we got on the base I left the boys at the playground while I went home and showered. We were all so dusty and sweaty from the day, I just put all of our clothes right into the washer and washed them. The boys came in and showered while I made loss bread for supper. I let Jack fall asleep in his bed, and then moved him to my bed so that we would all get a great night’s sleep. That boy is heavy! And so awkward to carry. And I don’t get a good night’s sleep while he’s in the bed with me, but I can keep him asleep longer in the morning, so that’s something.

3 June Saturday

We slept late, and ate and then headed out. I have such a long list of errands to run today I wasn’t sure I’d get it all done. The first place we went was the little shopette to buy more vodka. I’m almost out of vanilla, but I think my beans are still good so I refilled that. We’ll see. I was telling Max that even though it’s drill weekend we don’t need to worry about listening to the announcements. I think I spoke too soon though, when we were about 3 car lengths away from the gate some guys ran out from the guard shack and shut the gate on us! I wasn’t sure if they were shutting one lane or both…maybe they would be checking cars on the way out? Nope, once I moved over to the left lane they closed that side too. Of course then people pulled up about even with me in the right lane…and that’s where I wanted to be! We waited and waited, and then I saw a cop truck coming up behind me! I started to pull to the right shoulder, and saw that dude even with me pulling ahead and to the shoulder! Now I didn’t have enough room to let the cop through without going over the line painted for the gate-swing. Oh well. Fortunately there was still enough room to open the gate fully 10 minutes later. What an adventure!

Our next stop was the thrift store on Main Street. This is where I Max and I had seen lots of bikes, and I was hoping to find one for Jack. We didn’t find a bike for him, but we found a half bike (there’s a full seat and handlebars for Jack, but it connects to my bike under my seat)! I’ve been looking for one of these for a while, but online there are more than $100. This one was $25, but I really didn’t think TJ would think it was a justifiable purchase since we’re just about to get J a new bike. I texted him but he was sleeping so I decided to do the mature thing and leave it. I did find a game of dominoes for Jack, I can’t wait to set it up and see how it all works. We moved on to another thrift store then, but found a place to recycle the oil from the bus beforehand.

When we got to the second thrift store Jack and I headed straight for the bikes, and I saw one that I thought was pretty good, but it was $24. That is a good price, but what if the tires were flat, and I didn’t know if we’d have to replace them or the tubes, so it seemed a little expensive for what we were getting. TJ was awake at this point so we talked and he said the same thing. We left the store without buying anything (although Jack did manage to lose the flag Max got at Medieval Times). TJ did think I should buy the half bike, so we headed back to that first thrift store. On the way we stopped at the Lego trade and buy back place, and Max was stoked to find a jet that he could afford. I did let him borrow $6 for me, which is completely against the rules, but I felt like an exception should be made in this case. His jet came with three Minifigs, so he was super excited. Still on our way to the first thrift store again we stopped at Albertsons and got some Cokes. Along the way I kept praying that if the Lord wanted us to have that half bike he would put it there, and if he didn’t that I would be happy with his decision. When we got there it was there! I looked it all over, sent a few photos to TJ, and went inside to pay. I asked the lady if they gave a military discount and she said yes! Even better!

Then we headed to Walmart where I found a bike for Jack. Up until Walmart Jack had not been excited about the bike shopping, but here where we found a green and black bike he started getting excited. As we walked through the store with the bike in the buggy Jack kept playing with the tires and kept saying my bike, and told me several times he wanted to ride his bike. I’m hoping this goes better than the last time we bought him a bike like this. We’re planning on taking the pedals off and letting him just walk around with it for a while to get used to the balance idea. We’ll see how it goes. We got the rest of the ingredients for Jack’s birthday cake and headed home. Halfway home Jack was sitting next to his bike again and said my bike is so cute!

When we got home I sent the boys to the playground and I made buffalo chicken pizza. We ate, showered, vacuumed and cleaned up around here, and are all now in bed.

4 June Sunday

We did our usual for today, all of us went to big church first, had a break with some donuts, and then I dropped the boys off at their Sunday school and I went to the thrift store. One of the stores isn’t open on Sunday, of course it’s the biggest one! I went to the other one though and found a pair shorts, and then headed back to the church. I stopped at Shopko on the way to get some water bottles, and then waited for church to let out. I got the boys and we headed back home for lunch and a nap.

TJ told me his plane was coming in at 6:15, so I knew that leaving at 6 would be get me there in plenty of time. For some reason this time I never even thought about checking FlightAware. About half an hour before we were supposed to leave the wind started going crazy! I was making a new recipe so I have stuff cooked for when TJ’s here, but I left it at one point for Jack and me to go walk around the block just to see the wind. At some point I could feel sand stinging my legs, and you could just see big dust storms all around. I checked and it said it was 4 – 7 miles per hour, but I knew that didn’t include gusts, and I really don’t think that was too accurate. After a while I sent the boys out to play, and then TJ texted me that they were just about arrived!! I was worried that I wouldn’t get to the airport in time, so I ran out to the truck and drove to the playground and the boys hopped in. I had checked on the antenna earlier and it seemed fine, and since I was in a hurry I didn’t check it again. We got to the airport at least five minutes before TJ walked off the airplane to the truck, and he said that the radar now showed 40 mile an hour winds! That’s just crazy! I had worried a tiny bit about him being able to land until I saw a plane take off during our walk. We went back to the bus to lower the antenna and then went out to eat.

Max had been asking to go to A&W restaurant for so long that we finally decided to indulge him. I had decided beforehand I would get a root beer float with chocolate ice cream because the online menu said they had chocolate soft serve, but when we got there they only had root beer soft serve ice cream. So I got a root beer float with root beer ice cream, it was amazing! I also got a tiny chicken sandwich and some fried cheese curds. I’m in love with those things! It poured rain for a couple of minutes while we were there, but had stopped by the time we left. When we got back home I made a fruit salad but TJ was bushed. We got the kids in bed and watched a little bit of TV before hitting the hay.

5 June Monday

It’s Jack’s birthday today! I’m excited to see how the bike thing goes. He had a two-wheel bike with training wheels in Cabot for about three years before I finally gave up; it got really exhausting forcing him to ride this bike that he hated. And a few times he fell over, and when he falls he doesn’t put his leg out or his arm out, he just falls over in a sitting position. I’m hoping with the pedals off he’ll get used to riding it and then we’ll be able to put the pedals on, basically I’m hoping this goes so much better than last time.

When Jack woke up he climbed into the bed with us and TJ showed him all the pictures of ironing boards that people on Facebook had sent him. I don’t know what that kid’s obsession with ironing boards is, but we sure are feeding it.

Max had said last night that he would make Jack’s breakfast as his present to him, so this morning when he tried to back out of it TJ said he had to :-) The boys ate breakfast and then we went outside to try the bike ride, and it was a success! Before we took the pedals off we had him try the bike as-is. He rode a quarter turn of the pedal and declared himself finished, but TJ and I had him keep on riding. Max and TJ walked beside him sometimes. This bike did teeter like other bikes, but either he’s able to hold himself up a little bit or the training wheels are better. Either way he never fell over, thank the Lord! In the end he rode all the way across the parking lot and all the way back to the bus, at one point racing TJ and Max. Hopefully this time it’ll stick! The little the plastic wheels on his trike are starting to flake off, so it’s not long for this world.

I started making Jack’s birthday cake, and when it was finished cooking we decided to go out to eat a cheeseburger for lunch. We looked through Yelp to find a local burger place, but none of them had a really awesome looking burger, so we headed to TGI Fridays. When we ordered I told the guy it was Jack’s birthday and he said he would bring Jack out an ice cream sundae after his meal. Before our food came out though, we were offered a chicken quesadilla that was mistakenly made! It was a really good quesadilla, it set a really great tone for our lunch. We ordered, and the guy brought out the wrong chicken wings for Max! I know that Max said traditional and they brought him boneless, so he left us with those wings and made Max another order of bone-in wings. We told him then not to bring the sundae for Jack’s birthday, we already had enough free food :-) Our lunch was awesome.

We had several errands to run and on the way over to the post office we saw a homeless guy with a sign. A few days ago Max had said he wanted to one day give a homeless man a meal, and now he asked if he could give this guy our leftovers, so we quickly rolled the window down and gave him a whole bunch of french fries and hot wings, both boneless and bone-in.

We hadn’t yet found a time for Max to spend his Dutch Brothers gift card that church gave him, so we made a point to do that today. We got back to the bus super late, about 4:30 I think. We sent the boys out to play while I finished making the frosting and TJ changed the oil in the generator. That took a lot longer than he expected and we ended up eating cake around 7 p.m. or so. Jack is always so excited for the candle blowing part, so we let him blow them out at least 4 times, and even Max got to blow the candles out once :-)

I forgot to measure the boys at Max’s birthday, so here’s their heights today:
Max 4′ 10 1/2”
Jack 4′ 1 3/4″

6 June Tuesday

We’re on our way to the next campground and we just went through a swarm of bugs. I was crocheting a basket, not looking at the windshield, but I heard them! They were so loud…almost like a machine gun. And it was just a uniform pattern of bugs all over the windshield! Crazy. TJ told me later that they were bees!!

We stopped halfway to Crater of the Moon to see Twin Falls. We saw a guy base jump off the bridge there at The Visitor’s Center. Then we went to eat at Emma’s Cafe, a Bosnian restaurant. We just ordered the sampler dish which was 5 different kinds of sausage, some pita like breads that were super fluffy, a couple of hamburger patties, and some cabbage slaw. It was all very good. We ordered baklava for dessert. It was made with sugar water and walnuts, as opposed to the Greek style (?) with honey and pistachios. I also got some lemon Turkish Delight which turned out great, and a chocolate bar with strawberries in it.

Driving again and I just ripped out my basket for the third time. I guess I’ve just been too cocky about crocheting a circle. I thought that if I kept checking it every couple of rounds to see if it was laying flat or not I could correct any mistakes I find, but that has not been the case. I don’t know if I haven’t ripped it out far enough, or if I keep not adding as many stitches as I should add. Either way, I don’t want to have to rip this sucker out again. I guess I’ll get pretty serious about counting my stitches from now on. I started off crocheting this basket so Jack would have a basket of toys to leave out. It’s nice for him to have toys during our drives, and I don’t always remember before we close up the back to get him some toys out. So we’ve gone through a few different bags of toys seat-belted next to him on the couch, but those don’t work very well. Of course as soon as I start crocheting this basket I find a basket I love in a thrift store for three bucks. Oh well, I’m sure I can use the practice. And I’ll find another use for the basket I’m making.

When we went to check in the little place smelled like bacon! It was heavenly. I figured we’d eat supper here tonight, but I forgot about our heavy lunch, and we weren’t hungry enough for a huge meal at supper. Maybe tomorrow.

When we went back outside after checking in TJ asked me when I started up the truck. Doh! I I know now why I had that sinking feeling on our two hour drive from Twin Falls…I forgot to turn the truck off after doing the 3 minute routine! I’m so grateful that it doesn’t look like I messed up anything.

After setting up the boys headed off to play Miniature Golf near the camp’s entrance, TJ started working on our route for tomorrow, and I started cutting insulation to put inside all of our cabinets. When it came time for supper I wasn’t ready to stop so TJ set out cheeses and meats for the boys. We all had some fruit salad I’d made up the day before, and we all ate a piece of birthday cake:-) All the jiggling in the warmth in the back of the bus during our drive made the top layer kind of shift to one side. I just shoved it back on top, icing’d the sides and we were good to go. I don’t think I’m going to make this cake recipe again, it’s a little dry. The icing is heavenly, though. It’s my go-to from now on.

After supper we started getting the boys ready for bed, then we left them to finish up by themselves and TJ and I walked around the campground for a date.

7 June Wednesday

We packed up a picnic lunch and headed off to Craters of the Moon. We saw them a little bit on the drive in yesterday, and it really does look as barren as what you would expect to see on the moon. It really reminded me of Lanzarote that we got to visit with Fran and Teresa many years ago. We went into the visitor center first and Max asked about the Junior Ranger program. I’ve mentioned it to him a time or two before but didn’t feel like making him do it, and this time he was interested himself. I thought it was awesome that this place gives out an actual fabric patch when you complete the little booklet about Craters of the Moon. I asked the guy about where we should picnic and then we were off to drive around and see the place. The little walking paths were kind of funny, just a fairly narrow blacktop path through all of this rubble of lava pieces. They suggested we wear long pants and it was a good plan even though it was pretty hot. I’m sure you could really cut yourself up if you fell on that stuff. We got out at a couple of places, one was a hill called Inferno that was much steeper and higher than it looked from the truck, but boy was it beautiful and peaceful up at the top. It was so high you could see so far out over the surrounding areas. I’m so grateful that we get to see God’s beautiful creation on this crazy long trip. We were about ready for lunch and had seen a couple of spots that would do, and then we found this one long picnic table under a tree with a place for our truck to park so that’s where we went. When a car wasn’t driving by you couldn’t hear anything but birds and bees; the silence was wonderful.

After lunch we packed up and thought we were heading home for the day, and then we saw the sign for the caves. I hadn’t read up on this place at all, and so wasn’t prepared for caves, but since they were right here, why not? We’d been told at the Visitor’s Center that they were trying to ward off a bat disease…but we were cleared to go. TJ decided to take Jack to the bathroom instead of going, but after we’d been gone a bit they decided to come too. I had no idea it was such a long walk to the caves or I might have skipped. It really is such a funny walk, and I was grateful for the paved paths; I’m sure walking on all that lava would have worn us out much more than we already were. The first cave we came to was closed and there were hazard signs all around it. The second cave we skipped because it was so rocky, it looked impossible to get into. But we’d come so far I hated to just give up, so we headed out to the third cave and that’s when we heard Jack calling. Right at the beginning I passed a family and asked was the walk worth it and they said the caves were beautiful, but they were really cold! Maybe we should start planning this stuff better?! The four of us finally got to a cave that was open and not too difficult looking to climb into. These are the most natural caves I’ve ever been to. All the other kinds had nice flat walkways and a guide to take you through it; these you were really out on your own. I’m not complaining, I think it’s pretty cool that they’re like this, I just wish I had thought about it before we got there.

When we were done with the caves we packed up and headed back home. Max wanted to play with Legos outside instead of going to the miniature golf again so that’s what he and Jack did, Tj went back to his work, and I went back to cutting insulation for cabinets. After a little while TJ sent Max to check on the little restaurant’s availability, and they said to come on for supper. It was about 5 when we headed over there, and when we were just in the door we heard them talk about how quickly they run out of ribs! Without even sitting down we went ahead and ordered two plates of ribs and a plate of butterfly shrimp. The ribs were very good, but in the end I think we got charged more than we should have for the meal.

There’s not much more to write about this day, TJ and I changed a windshield wiper, the boys did play Miniature Golf again, we all showered and went to bed.

8 June Thursday

Last night and the night before I slept eight solid hours! It was awesome. TJ is not having as much luck though, sadly. We got up and moving not very quickly, as is our wont. Everything was going fine. We pulled into the second gas station that we had picked out and pulled in behind a Humvee. Then we saw that one older gentleman was gassing up that and a van. We had to wait a good while; these last few gas stations people are a lot more likely to just leave their vehicle by the pump and go in the store for quite a while. Max and I went in the store to tool around a bit and then went back out when Tj started gassing up. We headed down the road after that and the minute Tj turned on his wipers to wash the windshield off he let out an exclamation! I looked over and asked him if the windshield wiper was still on the bus or if it had fallen off, and he wasn’t sure! We found a place to pull over and before we got out I asked if he wanted me to run back and get it, he said no. When we got out to the front the wiper was there, just all the way on the other side. It had done a 180 and got stuck over there. We tried a few things and it just was crazy. It seems like we just needed to tighten up the whole wiper assembly. I don’t think that we messed it up yesterday, I guess it was just bound to happen after a while. I guess it’s needs to be another line on the checklist of things to check every once in awhile.

We were going to get to Yellowstone too early to check in, so we looked for a place to pull over. We searched and searched and couldn’t find anything like what we wanted. We finally decided on going to Walmart, and then it was tough to find a parking place, that parking lot was full! We found a spot and I was going to go in and get groceries and then we would eat lunch in the parking lot and then head back to Yellowstone. After a while though there were some Walmart workers milling around and Tj felt a little antsy so we decided just to snack on the road and head on out to Yellowstone.

We checked in, parked and set up. I heated up our Chinese food for lunch, and after a piece of birthday cake we went walking around town. I bought a shirt with a sugar skull moose head and Yellowstone written on it. Tj and I saw a beautiful string of carved fish, but when I asked the shop owner if they were just for decoration or were supposed to be a wind chime he laughed and made a face to the other customer like what a stupid question! I was embarrassed and said in an annoyed tone sorry for insulting you…he said I didn’t insult him…I was so angry at his rude manner that I left. He was trying to tell me where he had another string of fish to look at, but like I’m gonna shop there when he treats me like that.