March 2017

18 March Saturday

I told Max to get the jet pack for our trip over to Vegas, and later saw that he had put it by my purse. When we went to leave TJ asked why it was in its regular place. Jack is so “helpful” he put it back where it goes.

Jack read a sign on our drive that said “Do Not Enter” and he said “Do yes enter.” Antonym!

We didn’t really have a plan for the Hoover Dam, we just wanted to see it. It was just as well that they weren’t having tours this day. We walked all along the dam and it was really impressive. The color of the water was beautiful, too. The bridge we’d driven over on our way to Vegas the other day was fun to see from the ground. At some point we saw someone there filling up their bottled with water and pouring it out and the wind was blowing up the curve of the dam and blew the water up into the air!

When we were finished walking we got ice cream and started looking for a restaurant. Fried chicken sounded good to me, so Tj picked out the Chicken Shack because it had such good reviews. For some reason I was just thinking of a piece of fried chicken and not hot wings, so I was a little thrown off when we got there and were ordering. Their buffalo chicken wings were awesome, their fries were out of this world, and the potato salad was really good too. I got my half of the wings with chili lime sauce, and they were okay, but not at all what anybody wanted.

By the time we were finished with lunch we had enough time to drive back to Vegas, find the parking garage, find the zipline place and not much more time than that. I didn’t want to stand in line for however long and then ride a zipline with something holding me face down without making a bathroom stop, so we looked around for a public restroom. There aren’t that many of those around this place. I ended up going into a casino, but I almost always make Jack go when I go and Tj wasn’t sure if we could take Jack into the casino. I went to the bathroom and then we all walked back to the zipline place and left TJ and Jack. The information about the zip lines said that we had to be there at 4 but we might wait as long as an hour before our turn came. In the end we waited an hour and a half, but boy was it worth it! I would ride that again in a heartbeat, it was so much fun!

I hope I haven’t ruined our scale by bringing it on the bus, but we don’t have a place to store it that’s easy to reach and where it can lay flat. It seems to not be measuring correctly, so now I’ve taken the batteries out and just put it in storage under the dinette seat. When TJ bought the tickets the line we wanted to go on said you had to weigh a minimum of 80 pounds. We were pretty sure that’s how much Max weighed, but it’s been a long time since we weighed him. When we got to the zipline wait line TJ saw that there was an outdoor scale at a restaurant nearby. They claim something like if you weigh over 300 pounds to give you your meal for free, but in any case there was a scale right there! We told Max to get on it and checked his weight :-) I don’t know what we were going to do at that point, it’s not like we could leave him and Jack out there by themselves while TJ and I rode the zipline if Max was underweight! The scale said he would be fine so we went and got in line. When we got inside the structure there was a woman weighing everyone separately. Max passed that test, but the lady told me that she made a note to add 40 pounds to his weight so that he wouldn’t get stuck out on the zipline. In a way I wanted him to get stuck because how awesome would that be?! Ziplines always go so quickly I don’t ever get to see as much as I would like to see when I’m on them. So the waiting begin; we got suited up and I chatted with TJ on text, and after a while I looked up some memes on the phone to pass the time. When it was finally our turn I really wasn’t nervous at all. What a fun ride! And Max did get stuck! So I and the other two women who went on the zipline at the same time had to lay there on the tables while a guy hooked himself up to a harness and then hand-over-hand pulled himself out to where Max was and drug Max back. What an experience!

When we got down and found TJ I realized that Max had gotten stuck right over him and Jack! It was so cool; TJ said all the people were yelling for Max and so excited for him. I couldn’t tell that because we landed right over a band playing such loud music! What an awesome experience. I was so thirsty so we started heading back to the truck and stopped at a shop to buy something to drink. We passed several of the same people we had seen earlier…I was so surprised by the amount of nudity that was allowed out in public! I know this is Vegas, and I knew it wasn’t a place for kids, but I didn’t realize the level of nudity that was allowed. She was a rather large woman wearing only pasties on top sitting in a wheelchair with a sign next to her that said retired stripper and a bucket for collecting money. There were lots of scantily clad men and women that were just walking around trying to get you to take your picture with them so then you would pay them. We headed back to the truck and on the way I saw some street performers that looked like something our family could enjoy. There were three guys and it looked like they were getting ready to start dancing, so I asked TJ to stop for a minute. The music cranked up and then the biggest guy proceeded to turn his arm around so that he dislocated his shoulder! All of us were so horrified! But Tj and I were also laughing our heads off! After that I was pretty much done with Vegas. We went back to the truck and got back to the bus at 6:45 p.m.

19 March Sunday

We slept late, and it was wonderful. For the second night in a row we told Jack to come into our bed when he woke up. We all need more sleep, and I think if he gets more sleep in the morning it will do him best. Somehow naps don’t materialize, and neither does going to bed early. We didn’t rush around doing anything, and I left around 10:30 or 11 to go check out the Goodwills. I found a beaded bracelet at the first store that I think I can use to make a bracelet like the one I lost, and it was only $3. I had my eye on a bag of beads from Amazon but that was $15, so if this works it will be great. I got back home around 3 p.m. We sent the kids out to play at the playground that’s within sight of our windows, and wasted time for another hour. It was lovely just relaxing.

At 4:30 I started making smothered potatoes. They came out tasting like Monmon’s I think, but they don’t look like hers. I think I have the fire up too high and stir them too much because they’re more broken up than hers. But they are awesome! TJ cooked our steaks on our little grill and they were awesome. We ate supper and then watched the Hooper sermon from November. That’s the last thing I think we’ll watch from FBC. Oh, I just remembered we’re not planning on staying a month at many places in the future, so maybe we’ll go ahead and watch the rest of those sermons. I think we have three or four from FBC that we haven’t seen. Otherwise we have a creation DVD set I bought. We’ll just have to see.

20 March Monday

It’s 11 o’clock and we’ve been on the road for half an hour or more. While Tj fueled up at the base I headed to the wrong gas station! We got down the road and had to drive 360° around to get onto the interstate. Three-quarters of the way through that turn the freezer door opened and all the ice fell out onto the floor. Poop.

21 March Tuesday

School, including writing Austin a thank-you card for the books he leant Max. Lunch.
Then we drove out to the Pacific Ocean and put our toes in. Driving here is more frustrating than in Tucson…I’m gonna miss that place for this reason!

I made taco nachos for supper again, and this time I used Laura’s recipe for white cheese dip to pour on top. Oh were they good! After we got the boys in bed TJ and I had a Walking Dead marathon and then Tj scheduled Uber for the morning since he’ll be leaving for the airport at 5:15am.

22 March Wednesday

I was making pb & j sandwiches and Jack was watching me. Finally he slowly and deliberately said, “I want jelly in my mouth, please Mom.” I got that boy some jelly! We’re still pushing the full sentences…and it seems like we’ll be pushing them for a few more years before they take hold full time. We’re also working hard on the on/in/over/under stuff. He’ll do it all one day, it just takes time!

In other news, I’m pretty sure Jack lost a receipt of a watch I wanted to return. He asked me if he could play with it and I said no. Now a few hours later I can’t find it at all. He put his flag down the back of the dinette seating today, and it’s unreachable now. Tj says it’s a favorite place of his, so that may be where the receipt is. I’m also pretty sure I brought 4 steak knives on the bus and now we only have 3…Jack!!!

I decreed that everyone was taking a nap today. Attitudes are still not in the right place. When we got up from our nap Max said that there were two bees in our bus, but he was so calm while he said it. In the past any sight of bees or wasps nearby has sent him into a frenzy, but this entire time he was calm. I was able to open the window and they both flew out, thank the Lord. I like bees, but I don’t want them in a confined space with me!

23 March Thursday

We had a nice relaxing school day today. I texted with TJ off and on during school. When we first started traveling and TJ was brand new flying for FedEx it seemed that the next nine months or so of his time there would be spent mostly sitting reserve in Memphis. Since he had so much time on his hands I sent him a couple of soup recipes and he made two batches. He filled up his crash pad freezer with soup, and then he got called out to fly! Now the last couple of times he’s been there he hasn’t even looked for flights but they book him to fly. It cracks me up, but I’m sure it’s not very funny to his pad mates! He had a few things to do this time at the beginning of this reserve trip. He figured with as tired as he was he would take a few days to relax and get that work done, and then he would start looking for a flight. Also, FBC has been having trouble with a computer he put together so they asked him if they could drive it out to where he was and would he work on it for them. He was happy to do so and he had nothing on his horizon, then before he knew it he got called out on a flight! I know he feels bad that he can’t work on the computer now, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

After school today Jack and I hit up 2 Goodwills, but it’s just not the same here. The first Goodwill I had to park on the street, and when I went to pay the meter, which I have only ever done a couple of times in my life, there was a sign saying it was broken. Then I wasn’t sure if it was OK for me to park there. I went into the store and asked another customer since the clerk wasn’t available, and she said it was fine. Jack asked to go to the bathroom while we were there but I saw a sign saying no public restrooms. Ugh. The next store did have some parking off the street, but we had to park pretty far away. I asked about a restroom, and as the guy was showing us to it I saw another sign saying no public restrooms. Huh. Guess I’ll do more research before going to other Goodwills.

In other news I found my bracelet!! It was in the bag I keep in the back of the truck. I’m so excited! Now to figure out how to solve my clasp problem.

24 March Friday

We were looking at cat and dog pictures and talking about them, and Jack said “That dog is make a supper.” He”s still trying out articles and verb forms. I really think one day he’ll speak correctly, but he’s almost 10 now and still very rarely uses a full sentence, not to mention saying it completely correctly.

The Lord gave me some verses this morning about traffic here in San Diego…”I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about. Arise, O Lord; save me, O my God:”
Psalms 3:6‭-‬7a. And then it goes on to talk about God breaking their teeth, which is what I really want to do.

We left the bus at 9:45 to go see the USS Midway, and arrived around 10:20. It was impressive. More than 4,000 people can live on it at once, but such cramped spaces! Of course it’s just about how we’re living now :-) I let Max lead us around. Again, I’d have gone in an orderly manner and read every plaque, but I knew that wouldn’t go over well with either kid, so I mostly followed. We never made it to the video showing, but we saw so much! The docents gave such interesting talks, too, about landing a plane on the ship and working the anchor. I loved the 1:48 scale model made of plexiglass…it was fascinating! I also enjoyed seeing how the ship had changed over the years…it had started smaller and they added more and more to it. We got the free headsets but I hardly listened to any of the info. Max did, though, he went through the junior sailor program they did and earned his wings after. I think he enjoyed hearing the audiofiles, but think he felt a little too old for the wings. Topside there were two ceremonies being performed. There was a plane up there with both of its wings folded up over its body, and a plane on the other deck whose wheels folded into its body. Planes are awesome!

The night before Max had asked a couple of times if there were any flight simulators onboard. I’d read some about them, but didn’t elaborate to him. There were about 6 different flight decks he and Jack got to sit in and flip all the switches, and there were 2 paying rides. The first one was just a ride, but the second one was interactive!! The only problem was you had to have 2 riders. I would never leave Jack by himself, but Max and I were both really worried that Jack would freak out on the ride. Some of the simulators were going really crazy! Max would be the one flying it, but if Jack started freaking out what could he do? We looked for a bit but couldn’t find anyone else looking for a lone rider. I saw someone promising, but then she offered to keep Jack so Max and I could ride together. Max asked me worriedly if I’d ever let anyone else keep Jack like that…he’s such a worrier sometimes! We decided to wait a bit and come back later, and about this time Jack started fussing and asking to ride that ride! That doesn’t always mean what it’s supposed to mean…and what would we do if he started freaking out when the guy started strapping him in?? We came back half an hour later and when we got close to the ride Jack again started saying he wanted to ‘ride the blue one’. Now it took some convincing to get Max to go. I don’t know how much of it was fear of Jack and how much was fear of going all the way around in that thing! Either way I almost forced him to go. We paid our $16 and got in line and Jack never wavered. He smiled so big when he was putting on his seatbelt! I videoed the footage of what was going on inside the enclosed simulator, and Jack had a good time the whole time. Max wanted to do it again but I said no. We had such a good time there!

We left at 2pm. I’d found Valentine’s Mexican Food which had good ratings on Yelp, and was around the corner from the Donut shop. Awesome! Now to make it there and see what parking was like! I drove around the block and found a space, and then parallel parked all by myself! Woot! I did brush the curb, but I did a good job if I do say so myself. We passed the doughnut shop on the way to the restaurant and it was closed until 5pm!! What the heck??!! Lunch was good though, and the salsa bar had some great salsa.

After that we headed to the beach…we got there about 4pm and stayed till 6:15. As Max was playing he said I’m just waiting for some unsuspecting pedestrian to pedestrianize by. Heh.

Afterwards we went to Walmart for another bike helmet for Max…he needs an adult size. We picked up a frozen pizza and were still eating supper at 9pm. And I wonder why we’re so tired! Though I must say I think we’re finally catching up.

In other news, the last couple of times that we parked the bus we’ve been able to estimate the number of support blocks we needed under the tires to get our bus pretty well level. We have an auto leveler on the bus, but it doesn’t seem to work well. Tj has tried to calibrate it a couple of times and that hasn’t fixed the problem.

25 March Saturday
We did school today since we had our field trip yesterday. We only have 24 days of school left, and I’m hoping we can keep it at that. We started at 10am and I figured Max would take all day. I let him do 2 units and then play 15 minutes of Minecraft and continue that cycle till he was finished. He actually finished at 2pm, even though we took about an hour for lunch. Not bad!

After school we all walked down/rode our bikes to the entrance of the park where there’s a bigger playground. Of course the first day we go somebody rented it out and there’s a bouncy castle and all kinds of cake and stuff. Oh well. Jack didn’t fuss too much when I told him the bouncy castle wasn’t for us

Jack is now calling another woman Mommy. Traitor!

We’ve just seen the second wedding here at the campground!

26 March Sunday

5:14am I just woke up hearing creaking on Max’s ladder. I looked down the hall, but it’s dark so I couldn’t see anything. I shone my flashlight and I see Jack’s little head peeping over the rope and Max’s curtain. I made him come down, go potty, get in my bed and he’s yawning as big as his whole head. Hopefully we’ll both go back to sleep now.

Now, 5 minutes later, the dehumidifier beeped about 20 times to let me know it was full! Once would’ve been enough! I got up to empty that, and now hopefully back to sleep!

I’m reading my book and Jack just said Mom, get out of bed you old lazybones!

I made pancakes for the boys’ breakfast. Now we’ve just watched What’s In the Bible for church…I love that show! Looks like we may not get out of our pj’s today!! Success!

16 March Thursday

We pulled out at 10:20 and the mileage is 8888.

After we’d been on the road a while a little white car passed us and just hung out in front of us in the passing lane. A semi came up behind them somewhat quickly, and then gave a really long honk at them, but they never budged! I don’t understand at all why people just stay in that lane! And then blocking in someone else to boot!

TJ had looked at our route for the day and saw that there was an In-N-Out Burger about halfway to our stop. There was also a gas station and he looked at it briefly, but thought that we would probably just go straight to Las Vegas. When we got closer two our mid-way stop we decided to get gas first, because it’s exit was before the restaurant, and then we’d go stop and eat lunch. Our drive was short enough that this would be a good break. We never stop for food when we’re driving, I always make us something on the road. This seemed like a good change to our routine. While we were driving I checked out the In-N-Out and decided we had a few options for parking either in the parking lot or in a nearby parking lot. TJ had already looked at the Pilot and saw that there was an RV lane so he felt we were set. We turned off the highway, turned right onto the side street and turned right into the Pilot. Tj needed to take an immediate left to go into the RV lane, but I was thrown off because there were two gas pumps there and a UPS truck was parked by one. The other lane looked too narrow and the curve too tight for us to make it. I said to TJ I don’t think you’ll fit in there, and so he just pulled in straight. Then we were kind of stuck. There was no drive completely around the building so now we would have to just make our way around the pumps and back out. Before I could figure out what I thought we should do TJ turned left to go through the regular pumps and make a u-turn back around the opposite way into the RV pump area. He made it almost all the way, and then realized that he couldn’t cut hard enough. He ended up backing us up a couple of feet three different times and then we were in the RV lane just fine. When we got out there were two guys in the lot next to the gas station that clapped and told him what a great job he did and that they had had money riding on us. We were both still a little shaken up and were just glad that everything worked out. We went back to check on the truck and he had rubbed the front bumper with the bike tires, but other than that we were completely fine! I was so impressed with his maneuvering today. He sure manages to get us out of some very tight spots.

I later asked him if there was anything he wanted me to do differently in the future. He said he shouldn’t have listened to me when I said he couldn’t fit in the RV lane, but he should have listened to me when I said he couldn’t fit through the regular pumps! Ugh! When we head into a situation I’ll try to help, but when I see he’s committed to a plan of action I just sit back and be quiet. I guess these are just things we have to go through as new-ish campers.

We checked in at the campsite at 3:15.

17 March Friday

TJ got us a Groupon for the Bodies exhibit so that’s where we headed today. Finding the parking garage was a feat! But I only had to drive around the block one extra time for us to figure out where it was. It was amazing to see all these once live people reduced to muscle and tendon and bone. It is amazing to think about what we take for granted, every time you move your hand or your leg or your back or twist your arm around opening the door, it’s crazy to think how many different muscles and tendons and joints and ligaments you’re actually moving! As usual I could have stayed there a lot longer and read every sign about every different display, but nobody else in my family feels the same way about any museum. :-)

Nothing was really calling to me for lunch, but it was time for us to eat. I didn’t want to just get some little something here, there were so many awesome sounding places, but then we run into that problem everywhere we go. I’m sure we shouldn’t eat out so much, but if this is the only time we do this trip we want to take full advantage of it! There are so many awesome things in the world to eat, and I sure am doing my share to try them all. We ended up deciding to go to Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR restaurant. We walked over there and only waited in line for about 10 minutes. I’d read a couple of reviews and already knew pretty much what I wanted. TJ added an appetizer and we were set. The ahi tuna sliders we’re okay, but TJ enjoyed them. The gooey fries were the star of the show! Fries with lots of vintage white cheddar, smoked gouda and toscano salami with an over easy egg on top; if I had known I would have made that my meal so I didn’t have to share with anybody! We bought two burgers as well to split among the four of us and I thought they were good, but nothing touched those fries.

When Max heard we were coming to Las Vegas he was so excited, it’s the first time he’s shown real excitement about someplace on our trip before we even got there. When I asked him what he was most excited about he said it was the architecture. I don’t even have anything to say to that. He said he was excited to go take a picture in front of the original ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. He wanted to show that to his friends, so that’s what we did next. I didn’t realize it but there’s a little parking spot right next to the sign because everybody wants a picture with that sign! Just like at Devil’s Bridge people were waiting in line for their turn to take a picture. We got a couple of just him and a couple as a family and then headed back to the bus.

On the way into town this morning the architecture was amazing I have to admit. One of the things that caused almost all of us to have heart palpitations was seeing the roller coaster on top of the high-rise. You could see the car go down the angled slope, stop, go back up, and go back down again several times. My head knows that that thing has to be safe for it to be an actual ride here in America, but my heart and my stomach felt like they would both come out my throat if I tried to ride that.

11 March Saturday

After supper last night when we were all getting into bed TJ remembered he needed to go dump. That ended up being a fiasco, and when he was finished and came in for the night he tripped over the fan, it broke, and he fell down. That was the final straw. He left to go buy another fan at Walmart and we were all asleep when he got back. I didn’t know what time he got back so I didn’t wake him up this morning.

We’re all so tired these days. I feel like we don’t plan a lot to do, and each thing is interspersed with a long break of driving, but even so we’re all fairly grumpy. I don’t want this bus trip to be a drudgery. We had 3 places we wanted to see today, but we decided to pick our favorite and only do that. I’m not even looking at the other 2 things I wanted to do. We’ll have to catch them next time…if there is a next time.

Because we were playing it so much by ear I packed lots of little oranges (we need to eat/freeze all our produce before we get to CA) and a bottle of water for each of us in the backpack. It worked out just fine, but a few granola bars and more water than that would have been better. We got to the place around 11:45 and started looking for a parking spot near the hike. The hike out to Devil’s Bridge was 1.8 miles each way and we didn’t want Jack to have to walk much more than that. We cruised the parking lot which only held about 20 cars and then gave up and cruised down the street to park on the side of the road along with a hundred or so other people. We were three quarters of the way to the end when TJ realized the best plan would be to drop us off in the parking lot and then park on the street and come meet us. That way we could make one last bathroom trip with Jack and be ready to go at about the same time that he got back. I made a u-turn, we switched seats and when we got back to the parking lot lo and behold there was a beautiful space under a shady tree! We got out and all went to the bathroom; it was essentially a hole in the ground but it did have a toilet seat over it, so that was nice. At this point I was thinking we needed more nourishment for this hike since we’d already driven an hour and a half to get there. It had been at least that long since the boys had eaten, and Tj and I had only had a cranberry orange scone apiece. I found a few almonds I always keep in my purse for just such an emergency and we headed out.

The first part of the hike was kind of annoying because it was open to four-wheel-drive vehicles, so every so often we have to move to one side of the road or the other as they noisily pass us. The whole walk was just dust, it was so sandy that I could feel it in my toes. Since the heel came off my hiking boots yesterday I was just wearing my tennis shoes, and there’s a big mesh part on top. When I got home my toes were orange from all of that orange dust. The first half was easy though, it was for the most part fairly flat, broken up here and there by big boulders and one time a small crevasse in the middle of the road. When we got to the halfway point though, that’s where it got a little trickier. Sometimes we walked over lots of hand-sized pebbles and other times we walked on step-like rocks. All in all it wasn’t hard, it just was long. Right at the end there were two very steep places and at the first one someone let their dog loose. I didn’t realize it at first but that’s what it was pushing up against my calves while I was helping Jack up. He’s got pretty good balance, but he’s still a 9 year old kid with Down Syndrome who doesn’t understand how careful he needs to be. I finally just told him to turn around and sit down while we waited for the dog to push past us. I was so annoyed those people had let their dog off the leash, and then there was a person ahead of us at the top of the cliff and a person behind us, both calling the dog! Honestly I would have kicked the dog if I thought I wouldn’t have lost my balance. Of course the whole time I’m remembering Max blacking out after the whole Don and Dar dog incident just a month ago.

So we finally got to the top with no more trouble and it was a beautiful sight. There were beautiful sites all along the walk, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a natural bridge in person, much less been able to walk out on it. We decided Max and I would go stand on the bridge and TJ would take a picture, and then we’d come back and TJ would go wait in line for his picture, and we wouldn’t bring Jack out there. Everyone else there wanted their picture on the bridge, and they were all in a line, taking their turns. Nice. When we were the second to first people in line a girl ran out to the girl ahead of us and said okay, here’s the plan, you take your picture by yourself, then we’ll switch out, I’ll take my picture by myself, then the girl over there is going to run around and somebody’ll take our picture all together as a group, then we run back and I take the camera and I’ll take her picture by herself. That’s boloney! I was frustrated, but there wasn’t really much I could do. It really does amaze me that some people have no regard for other people in the world. So that’s what they did, they took four times as long as anybody else out there took. There was a guy at the tail end of the line by this time who yelled a few times “Switch out, time for somebody else to take a picture”, but these girls didn’t seem to mind at all. I, of course being the bossy mom that I am, took the time to explain to Max why we don’t do this to other people and how unfair it is when you’re on the receiving end of it. We finally got our pictures and headed back up.

When I was walking back to TJ I was standing on a steepish stair-like ledge and passing by this dog that Max had just passed by and the stupid thing jumped out at me and growled and barked at me! I don’t know what I did today to make dogs angry but I know what they did to make me angry! When we got back to Tj he asked about taking Jack out there. I thought it would be fine, but I think Max was pretty tired, I could see he was getting emotional and he said not to bring Jack out there. The bridge really was pretty wide and I didn’t think there was any real risk with TJ holding Jack’s hand, so they headed out there.

After we had all the pictures we wanted, ate all the oranges and drank all but one water we headed back out. TJ told Max he could go ahead, but to stop every once in awhile to give us time to catch up. We walked back down without any problems with Jack, thankfully. We went out on a secondary ledge we had seen but had decided to forgo on the way up. I was surprised but not alarmed that Max didn’t wait there for us. We started walking down and this first part was so slow because it was the rockiest. After a while TJ said walk at your own pace ahead of us, you’ll probably run into Max pretty quickly. I have a lot of faith in Max, he seems pretty level headed in these types of situations. There have been more of these situations since we’ve been on this trip…I really believe I can trust him to make good decisions, but he’s not the only one I have to think about. An adult can overpower him, or he could have an accident, or he could just get lost. I don’t want to hover, he needs to learn independence, but how far to push/let him push is the answer. When we were in AR I knew our Wal-mart and felt comfortable with letting him go to another part of the store without me, but when we’re in a new town I don’t always like the feel of the grocery stores. And campgrounds are the same way. I do a lot of praying these days! I wasn’t really worried about him walking ahead to the truck, but then I couldn’t stop thinking about him either.

I ended up going three quarters of the way back to the truck before I found him! And halfway to him I realized I was the only one with any water or car keys, and Jack probably needed more water than any of us, his face was a little red and ours wasn’t. Anyway, I finally found Max and we sat on the side of the road waiting till TJ and Jack caught up. Max tried to hitch a ride at one point when a jeep full of girls drove by. I told them that I had already told him he couldn’t hitchhike because who knew what kind of lunatics were in their vehicle! They all laughed and one of them said oh we’re really nice, I’m a teacher, and we talked back and forth for a minute or so before they drove on.

When we got back to the truck and had our fill of water we started looking for a place to eat. We left the park around 4 and headed to a Mexican place that was okay, but nothing special. I ordered the queso fundido, but I need to stop ordering that. I got hooked on it because one of the first restaurants I ate it at put chorizo in it, but not a lot of them do that. This restaurant’s version was just cheese dip. Nothing special, and I wouldn’t have ordered it if I’d known that’s what it was. TJ got the best dish, carne asada. The guacamole that came as a side was awesome by itself, and even better when all of the stuff was rolled up into a fajita. Max’s order looked awesome too and was huge! We had decided he and Jack would split, we’re trying to lesson our cost at restaurants since we eat out so much more now, and normally we don’t need to order that much food because we don’t have a whole lot of room for leftovers in the bus anyway. So we only ordered 3 dishes. Max’s was a breakfast quesadilla. It must have been stuffed with about 6 scrambled eggs! There was also bacon and a lot of cheese in there. I’m really going to have to make that one day, it was pretty good. After that we found a parking space near some shops and I shopped a little bit but didn’t see anything I had to have. We needed to go to Walmart to return the fan TJ bought because it wasn’t noisy enough, although we’ve also decided to have Max start using his Bible-phone as a noise machine at night. We need more of a sound buffer for him because of what we want to watch on TV at night. We returned the fan and bought a few groceries and TJ had a hankering for some ice cream so we bought that too. I got a chance to use my new ice cream scoop that I got at Goodwill at the same time as I bought all of our other utensils. We all showered when we got in because all of our clothing was so full of dust. I washed all the clothes the boys and I wore after everybody was done with showers. TJ and I watched a couple of episodes of Chuck before I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

12 March Sunday

We were supposed to get up leisurely this morning, but my phone changed time zones even though Arizona doesn’t. Nobody else’s phone changed, so who knows what’s up with that. That means my alarm woke me at 6:30 instead of 7:30. Ugh! We laid in bed for a few hours and that was lovely. The boys were fairly quiet as well. I made lunch from a hummus mix that I’ve had for a little while, pickles, olives, and cheese and crackers. When everything was laid out TJ said he felt sick so he ended up not eating lunch with us. After that we watched the creationist video for church since we didn’t have access to the last few FBC downloads available. When that was over it was noon and we needed to get serious about leaving because check-out was at one. We packed everything up while the boys played on the tiny little playground here, and drove through the gate at 12:57. Perfect timing! Now we’re on our way to Williams and on to see the Grand Canyon. I’m so excited to see this! This is our first of the top three spots we picked for this bus trip.

13 March Monday

We got to the Grand Canyon at 11. But the trip there was a pain…for some reason the heat was on in the truck, full blast! No matter what we did we couldn’t get it to go off/lower the temp/lessen the force of air blowing. Ugh.

The Canyon was beautiful. We hiked along the rim from the Visitor’s Center to the place where the food was. Food…always a great motivator for us! We did some climbing out onto ledges. At one point when Jack was with Tj standing right at the edge (he’s had no fear of heights since the museum we went to in San Antonio with Robin and Dave) Jack said, “Fly!” Talk about make your heart stop! Tj told him he couldn’t fly, he was a boy, and Jack said, “Bird” and started flapping his arms like wings. He does this a lot and it’s always been so cute…till he’s standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon!!! We were doubly sure to firmly hold his hand after that!

Tj told us we were halfway to the restaurant area, and then when we got to the actual halfway point it was a little discouraging! But we made it. The first place we went to said they closed at 2 and if we weren’t already on the list they wouldn’t take us. There was a place about a 10 minute walk that closed at 3 and another past that that closed at 4. We got to the first one around 2:15 and had a 10 minute wait for a table. Tj got the winner dish with a steak sandwich. The steak was tough, but the flavor was wonderful! I got tacos that were fine, but I’d never order them again. The slaw on top was too much for the amount of chicken. But the fries that came with the boys’ mac and cheese were the best I’d ever eaten!

After we got back home we all changed into our swimsuits and headed over to the hot tub/swimming pool.

14 March Tuesday

We hemmed and hawed about what to do today, and if we were going back to the Grand Canyon today, or if we were ever going back. It was really beautiful and awesome and awe inspiring, but after walking a mile or two along the rim the view was the same as where we started…it’s just that vast! I did love seeing the bridge far in the distance that spanned the river at the bottom, but we’re so tired; I think more emotionally tired than physically tired. I know I’m repeating myself, but we really are just tired to the bone around here. In the end we decided to do nothing today.

And that nothing included the boys going to the playground across the street, TJ watching numerous youtube videos to see if he could fix the truck’s A/C, him scheduling an appointment and then taking the truck to the shop and being told they couldn’t fix it but confirming what the problem was, Tj ordering the part we needed to be sent to our next stop, me scoring us a tour inside someone’s camper to see if we want to buy that one, me making 3 meals and cleaning up from all of them, me doing laundry and various other housekeeping things I do every day, us going on a family bike ride, Tj and me going on a ‘date’ to the grocery store. You know, nothing.

Later this day we realized Max actually got sunburned at the GC! The back of my neck felt warm when we got back yesterday, but really, if I didn’t sunburn how could he??!! There was no denying, though, under his eyes was a little swollen. Bad parents!

15 March Wednesday

We’re still trying to take it easy a little bit. Monday was a real doozy! We got up, got ready and headed out to the Grand Canyon again. We were both unsure how to make the decision whether to go again or not, but really, who knows when we’ll be back? We also debated long and hard about whether to get a helicopter ride over the canyon. I thought the helicopters went down through the canyon and that really made it important to me. I think that is something that we would all remember forever. But it was so expensive! TJ did a little research and thought that the helicopters don’t go down in the canyon, they only fly over it. As much fun as that would be, it made it easier for me to agree that we should skip it. Pros of the ride: it’s a 30 to 45-minute helicopter ride, but the con was it was almost $300 per person!

Anyway, we packed some granola bars and water bottles and headed out again. Tj showed me how to manually adjust the a/c lever up inside the console of the truck so we didn’t have to drive with Hell-like conditions the whole way there.

I wanted to be able to walk down into the canyon. I knew we wouldn’t be able to go very far down, but I wanted to go as far as we could. So we drove the hour out there, and another half an hour or so getting to the right place and looking for a parking spot. Again, for Jack’s sake we wanted to park kinda close so we wouldn’t end up carrying him out of the GC. We circled around a little bit and TJ used his parking spot finder magic and found us a place not too far from the start of the trail. We started hiking sometime around noon and got to the lower tunnel at 12:45. The hike down was as easy as it could get…except for the parts that weren’t. There were about 3 or 4 places where the trail was still in shadow and the path was pure mud. This wasn’t such a big deal except for the fact that apparently my tennis shoes have zero traction left! I couldn’t step on the mud at all or I slipped like crazy! So down was super easy, but going back up was deceptively hard! The slope seemed so gradual when we were going down, but it was just continuous going back up. My legs felt fine, but my lungs were working really hard!

The only other thing that we wanted to see was tower that TJ read about on another part of the Grand Canyon’s rim. We piled into the truck and figured we’d quickly see that and then have lunch. After we’d driven 10 or so minutes we saw a sign saying that it was a 25-mile drive away, and the speed limit was 25 miles an hour! We debated back and forth whether it was worth it, neither of us had strong feelings about that and it was getting on to lunch time. Neither of us could tell how serious the other one was about wanting to see it or not caring, and in the end we went ahead and drove there. It was a neat place to see, and another whole side of the Grand Canyon. We looked around for a little while and then decided to check out their snack shop for lunch. He and I ended up getting sandwiches there that were pretty good, and the boys split a pizza. We also shared two pieces of pre-made pie between the four of us. The Oreo pie was a clear winner over the Hershey’s pie.

4 March Saturday

I wanted to lay around and just stay home today, but I needed to get my passport taken care of. We don’t have plans to go into Mexico, but if we wanted to things would be easier if we all had current passports. TJ got me all fixed up with the paperwork, so Jack and I headed out around 10 or 10:30 to get my photo taken and mail it off. We did that and hit one Goodwill, and then went to Serial Grillers for the second time. We just got a large Bone Crusher pizza and fries. I brought freezy packs because I knew the pizza would sit in the truck all day while Jack and I shopped at as many Goodwill’s as we could fit in. We had a good time.

TJ recently got Max a GroupMe account and this was the first time we really put it to the test. I texted Max a few times after I left and he didn’t respond. Finally TJ texted me, he’d just gotten into Japan I think. I asked him if he could get Max’s attention or if I needed to just go home. Finally Max realized what was going on and texted me back, so all is well. I think it’s now fixed so it alerts Max when I’m texting. During all that I found some awesome cutlery for the bus! Now we have many forks that we can use, not just a set I like and a set and a half I don’t like :-) I don’t think I’ve logged about it yet, but sadly I think Jack threw away one of Monmon’s forks. Somehow I ended up with just one of her set here on the bus and the rest was a cheap set I bought at Walmart just for camping. Several months ago when we first started and were using a lot of paper plates and sometimes plastic forks I think Jack dumped it in the garbage can along with his plate! Oh well, I guess that’s how it goes. :-(

5 March Sunday

This was our last Sunday at this church. We’ve made some really good friends here, the ladies I’ve enjoyed talking to are Amy, the preacher’s wife, Karen, the children’s coordinator, and Sarah, a fellow camper while she waits for her house to be built. Max has made a few friends too, and Jack loves the playground that is between the two buildings. He gets to play on it between every church service.

Sunday night was the final race. The first Sunday we were here they handed out blocks of wood to all the kids for a pinewood derby. Neither Max nor Jack won; Jack had a blast, and Max kept his temper pretty well, I think.

I am definitely going to miss the drive to church. It’s super short, but I’m always amazed at the view. When we cross the road the valley opens up and you can see mountains in the distance and hills all in the valley. The other Sunday it was raining far off and the rainbows were tremendous!

7 March Tuesday

My alarm went off at 4:50 a.m. but TJ told me to check FlightAware to see if he was on time, and their flight had been delayed a few hours. It’s really hard to figure out what’s going on at that time of the morning, but I finally realized I needed to set my alarm for 6:30. I got Jack up then and we went to pick TJ up. This is the third time I’ve gone to this airport to pick him up, and the first time that we didn’t go out to eat at Jerry Bob’s restaurant. TJ look whipped! We stopped at the cheapest gas station around to fill up the truck, and TJ asked me to get him a snack. We drove straight home and he went straight to bed. The boys and I did school and then I woke TJ up at 12:30. He took a shower and then we headed to Serial Grillers for an extra large Bone Crusher Pizza. For the first time it wasn’t 100% awesome, and I think that’s because the Philly cheese steak we also got was. It’s listed as Gormogon Ribeye Cheesesteak: double order of ribeye, grilled onions, cherry peppers, sweet peppers, bacon, 6 slices white American cheese, and topped with fries and rings. I’m a sucker for anything with with french fries on it, and there was something tangy/vinegary…maybe the cherry peppers? Or the cheese? Either way it was AWESOME!!

After lunch we went to Trader Joe’s and shopped around just for fun. I could tell TJ was feeling jet lagged again, but we had to get some groceries before we went home. We stopped at Fry’s and got stuff for burgers and just generally stocked up. By the time we left I think he was feeling better. When we were three quarters of the way home I realized I lost my bracelet. I bought a seed bead bracelet at the Salvation Army store in Tucson last Saturday. It had ugly birds on it but I took those off and then restrung it to the length I wanted. After a few days I decided I’d rather wear it as a bracelet because I love wearing my airplane necklace so I restrung it again to the right length. I was still trying to decide what to do about the clasp because it didn’t hold well and it was kind of prickly. I wasn’t sure if I was going to try to file off the rough parts or just change it out or just tie it on my wrist permanently. Now I don’t have to worry about it since it’s gone :-(

8 March Wednesday

I got out of the bed at 8 and we did our school as usual. For the last few days Jack has written his numbers in order without a fight, what a blessing! He can be so hard-headed and it’s frustrating when I know he can do the work, he just chooses not to. His numbers are being formed a little more clearly, they’re easier to read a little bit now. He’s still sloppy when he’s in a hurry, just like all of us.

We bought hamburger stuff yesterday so TJ chopped up the sirloin and made us awesome burgers for lunch and we watched Lost while eating it. TJ and I walked to the office to tell them our meter number. On the way there he told me that he thought our meter wasn’t running! It should be moving all the time since we’re using at least some electricity all the time, but the numbers weren’t moving at all. He took a picture of the meter number to show the lady, and I’m curious to see what they have to say about it.

When we got in the office it was Bob’s wife Barb who needed the number. She said Bob had already checked our meter and told us the number. Tj said that’s exactly what the number on his photo was. Then she said we hadn’t used any electricity at all in a week!!! That can’t be right! Tj told her he thought our meter must be broken, it wasn’t moving, etc. She smiled and just said that they read the meter and that was that, we had no charge for the week! We’d been there earlier that day to find out the procedure for paying for our last weeks worth of electricity, and she’d seemed harried and said it had been a tough day. When we walked there this time I brought some of Monmon’s dream pie we had in the freezer as a treat for her. I’m sure that didn’t hurt our situation at all :-) It’s always nice to make friends with your neighbors!

We packed up all of the outside stuff tonight so tomorrow we can just pack up the inside and go. We moved the hammock to the horizontal skinny part under the bus because it was too heavy for the cabinet it had been in. We ate our leftover Bonecrusher Pizza and salad for supper, and then left the boys to get ready for bed while TJ and I went to the hot tub. It was okay temperature, but it’s a public hot tub so it wasn’t as hot as we would have it :-)

9 March Thursday

We got out of the bed at 8 and slowly started packing up. We said we wanted to leave by 9:30, but then we didn’t work really hard at it. We sent the boys off to play by the barn while we finished packing up and hooked the truck up to the bus. As we were getting that all taken care of Mr. Bob came by with a little note of thanks for Monmon’s dream pie, and I think he was tearing up when he said how much he enjoyed having the boys and us here at the park. That was so sweet. We’ve seen him around the park a bit and always stopped to talk but I didn’t think that we had made that much of an impression.

Bus mileage as we left 8480.

We pulled out at 10:20 a.m. As we were coming up to the exit we could see that the Sunstar in front of us had one of their storage compartment doors swinging open, so I ran up to them looking like a fool waving my arms around and finally got their attention…after they stoped for the stop sign. Hopefully we’ve got all of our stuff taken care of!

We headed down the road and everything seemed to be fine, and all of a sudden TJ was worried that he’d left our surge protector. I had walked around behind the bus as he pulled away and felt sure I would have seen it on the ground, it is pretty big, but when you have something worth $300 what probably happened isn’t good enough and it kept preying at him. I don’t think he’s over the jetlag yet and that didn’t help. I told him we’d come to a good pull off in a couple of miles but he took the first exit and I went back and opened the cabinet and there it was, thank the Lord! We got back out on the road, had a little sugar for breakfast, and I think we’re okay now :-)

Well it’s 11:22 and TJ just got flipped off by an ambulance driver because he wouldn’t slow down to let her in from the merge lane! I was taught you speed up if you’re the one merging, I guess she learned a different way :-)

We just passed some dude probably doing 55 on a motorcycle; he’s not wearing a helmet, and he’s a wooly booger. His hair is going back and his beard is flying forward. It just looks so funny, like a big ole Amish beard whipping straight out in front of him!

We arrived around 5pm.

10 March Friday

We left the house around 9:30 and headed out to Meteor Crater. This was a fun place to visit…but we had so much to do today that we didn’t want to take the guided tour. They wouldn’t let you walk around the rim of the crater if you didn’t, but to take the tour you had to commit to at least an hour…they locked the door behind the group and there was no going back early. So we looked all over the museum, and then walked outside as much as we could. It’s pretty impressive!

We planned to head to our next stop, Grand Falls, and eat lunch near there before seeing it. But Google took us a different way than it said last night. We ended up in an area with nothing to eat so we went to see the falls. Google said it would take more than 30 minutes to get to the falls…so we just blindly followed along. After a while we came to a dirt road and then we remembered we’d read that in the comments last night. After more and more driving on the dirt road we realized we were in for a long trek. All in all I think it was 45 minutes on an absolutely nothing but dirt road! After we’d driven at least 30 minutes Google told me to turn left, but that dirt looked surprisingly like mud…and it made me nervous. I stopped the truck and Tj and I switched places. It had been wet before, but now it was dry. And super bumpy. We finally made it to the falls, and it was so cool…for miles and miles and 45 minutes we’d had super flat ground all around us, and mountains far off in the distance, and then all of a sudden there was a waterfall carved into the earth! We could see people and cars and a pavilion or two across these huge falls, but we were on the ‘wrong’ side, and there was only one other car here! Awesome! We all climbed down a bit and just enjoyed the falls. The water was rushing so forcefully, you could hear the power! It was impossible to hear anything else. It was beautiful, but also super muddy…the water was as brown as the dirt around it. What a sight. When we were through climbing and looking, we had another 45 minute drive to get back to civilization!

We drove to our next stop and had lunch at a hole in the wall called Darrel’s Rootbeer Stand in Winslow Arizona. There was no seating inside so we ate at one of the 3 picnic tables outside. I got chili cheese fries…those are always so bad and so good at the same time.

After lunch we took our photos on the corner in Winslow Arizona, and then the heel of my boot fell off completely! Fortunately I had my tennies in the truck. We headed back toward the highway because we saw a Walmart there (we figured we’d buy shoe goo to repair my shoe), but couldn’t find it the second time around and there was no internet connection so we couldn’t search for it either. We filled up at a gas station and were right by the interstate so we just headed on down to our last stop of the day, Walnut Canyon. They were closing in 45 minutes and locking the gate so we couldn’t even walk around the park while they weren’t there. We walked a couple of the trails pretty quickly and saw some of the ruins. They were kind of cool but I’d much rather have seen them up close. Tomorrow we have some other ruins planned so hopefully that will pan out. We were 10 minutes away from Walmart so we stopped before heading home.

The scenery is beautiful here, lots of open flat land with very low trees, and then in the distance far and near you can see where the ground has been pushed up. When we were closer to the waterfall the shrubs were a lot closer to the ground and there were so many plateaus you could see a ways off. The ground there that had been pushed up was just red, red earth and on the top plates of rock that just looked shattered. It’s so beautiful in a way that’s completely different from anything I grew up with or lived in before.

We’re heading home now; it’s 6 o’clock, and we are all beat. We’re starting to bite each other’s heads off so we need to get to bed soon :-) I’ll probably make us a salad when we get home, have the boys shower and then we’ll all just rest before we go to sleep.

21 February Tuesday

After lunch we headed to Tombstone. We saw the good guys standing in the street waiting for the showdown. It took us a while to figure out where to get our tickets, but we finally did and got to the gunfight right before it started. It really wasn’t my thing, but Tj and Max enjoyed it. At the first gunshot Jack jumped and yelped, but once we knew what to expect he did fine. I more enjoyed seeing the full-sized mannequins placed in the position the gunfighters were reported to have been in the corral. There were other exhibitions we looked at, and then we did a little shopping. We also stopped by to get our paper, The Tombstone Epitaph, that came with our ticket purchase. Reading the first-hand reports of the day makes it hard to determine if the ‘good guys’ behaved very good in this instance.

I think this is where we ended up getting gelato, and bringing home those little blue cups. On the way out of town we stopped by Boothill to see some memorable graves.

22 February Wednesday

Since we planned on going to the museum tomorrow, we took the day off to celebrate my birthday!! I was lazy all day! I read a whole book! Tj made blueberry muffins from his new Alton Brown book and Monmon’s dream pie.

23 February Thursday

Today we headed to the Pima Air & Space Museum and the boneyard. There was such a long line when we got there, even though Tj made sure we were there when the doors opened. We got the second shift of tour busses for the boneyard, so we spent our time touring the museum. I do enjoy looking at planes. There were a few training flight decks the boys got to climb in. Tj taught us more stuff about aviation. This was fun. Then we lined up for our boneyard tour and that was just so amazing! To see all those planes out in the desert, wrapped up, and many of them propped up on wooden saw horses. Wow. Our guide also pointed out a coyote out in the field, heh.

We had lunch at the museum, and Tj had a massive sandwich…a burger with buns made of grilled cheese sandwiches! I had a hot dog wrapped in bacon. It wasn’t quite as exciting as it should have been. But it tasted better than a plain old hot dog!

24 February Friday

Got out of bed at 8, did school. Then we went to tour the Titan Missile Museum. I was amazed and awed at the size of the springs there…the whole underground base was supported by springs, and they were massive! We learned about the guy who didn’t want to go all the way back to get a wrench (I think), so he used one he had that wasn’t a perfect fit, then it slipped from his hand, and ended up causing an explosion which killed him and wounded his mate. I think that was in Arkansas. The wrench he dropped caused the two types of fuel (?) to mix…and they’re never supposed to touch each other until the missile is ready to launch.

25 February Saturday

Today I went Goodwilling in Sierra Vista with Jack. I bought a glass bead necklace, a pizza stone, more yarn to make another basket, a pizza scraper, and another book for Jack. A great day!

27 February Monday

We went to Saguaro National Park East (I’m pretty sure it was east, not west). The desert is a beautiful place, and I’m glad we get to spend so much time here, but I rather enjoy the beauty of green green green trees and grass.

Afterwards we met up with Don and Dar for one last get-together. I’d told Tj so much about the awesome burger I had so we went back to Thursty’s and got one. I realized while waiting for our food (and this second time here we waited quite a bit!) that my eyes were dry probably because I needed to stop taking my flonase. When we first got to Tucson my nose was horrible…bleeding and so super dry. I stopped flonase a day or two, but then I sneezed all day! I’ve been taking it since then, but starting tomorrow I’m going to stop flonase and see how that works for me.

1 March Wednesday

We took TJ to the airport this morning. After school Jack and I took our usual walk around the park and then decided to go into the rec room to see what was up. Jack started playing with the cue ball on the pool table they have there. After we’d been there 5 or so minutes a lady came in from the laundromat in the other room and just watched him play. After a bit she went and got her husband and they asked me if it would be okay if they paid for Jack to play a game of pool. When I said that would be fine the wife told the husband he needed to teach Jack how to play :-) The lady went back in to check on their laundry and the man started teaching Jack how to play, and then he told me that they had a grandson, and made a significant face so I knew that he had a grandson with Down Syndrome. It just makes me chuckle, I think older people are still a little shy about Down Syndrome. There’s not near as much stigma as there used to be, and younger people don’t hesitate to ask me or talk about Jack, but this guy didn’t really want to say the words, so I did. He was sweet though; they both were. He taught Jack how to handle the cue stick and just had a little fun with him. Come to find out it didn’t take any money to play, you just had to push the coin slide all the way in for all the balls to release. I see us doing this a lot in the future :-) The guy was nice enough, but kept emphasizing how well each of his children were doing and how many well-known people they knew and were friendly with. Apparently he has a daughter who knows somebody high up in Disneyland so they get in there for free. His son knows somebody well place in the racing industry in Florida so they get to ride in the truck around the racetrack before the race starts. And they have a son who works in Dubai so you know how much money he makes. And also Fed Ex isn’t a great company for anybody except for pilots. I just smiled and nodded and tried to be more polite on the outside than I was on the inside.

2 March Thursday

Teaching/Mothering Jack is hard. Last night it was about peeing in his pants. Today at school it was this: he had a word bank and 12 sentences. These are all words he knows. One sentence was “A dime is this many pennies.” Ok, he’s not gonna know that, though he knows a dime from a penny. I told him to look in the first column: tent, ten, bell. Which word is a number? He guesses tent, and then bell. Really?? Is he playing me, or does he really not know? I ask him a few more questions, then finally ask him if ten is a number, and he says no. Fine. I tell him it is a number and tell him to write it in the blank. Another sentence is “Baby birds stay in it.” and he automatically says “Cage!”!!!! We’ve read all the words in the word bank out loud, but he says cage, not nest. Ok. Heh. So he knows birds stay in a cage (when’s the last time he saw a bird in a cage??), but can’t remember that ten is a number (we practice numbers at least every school day)? From day to day and sometimes moment to moment I can’t tell what’s playing me vs. what’s lack of knowledge. Sigh.

Well he just used his big toe to push his glasses back into place, so I guess that tells me something.

I went to pay our electrical bill today. I was gearing myself up for a big bill. I thought we were doing pretty good…I’ve probably turned on the a/c 4 times this month…but then I remembered all the loads of laundry I’ve washed and dried!! Oh well, it’s time to pay the piper. I went in and asked how much it was and she said 1546. I thought, over a thousand!!!!!! She said well, that’s kind of low, huh? And I said a thousand is low??!! She clarified $15.46!!! HA!! $15 for a whole month’s worth of electricity?? That’s awesome! I wonder if she got the number wrong? Their credit card machine wasn’t working so I’ll go back and pay later.

3 March Friday

Max just asked Jack if he was asleep, and Jack said yes!

Sometime during our time here we saw a little family of roadrunners run across the street in the park.

The other day Jack had an actual conversation with someone outside of our family! We were walking to the garbage and he saw a man washing his truck and Jack said how’s it going? The man says it’s going good, how are you? Jack said I’m good. An actual exchange between two people of more than two words each! That was exciting :-)