I love askamanager.org. Alison has such a great understanding of how to treat people and situations. The other day she wrote:

Don’t think of this as confrontation. Think of this more as “oops, we just need to fix this”…that’s the tone you want, because being very matter-of-fact often bewitches other people into responding in kind.

We were using the ‘What’ cards Jo gave us in school, so I asked Jack what does a chicken give us? He confidently answered hot chocolate!!! Heh.

We went to Smoky Bones for lunch today and I was not disappointed. Their ribs aren’t as good as TJ Ribs obviously, but they’re good on their own. Ted had an awesome looking burger with an egg on top, and the boys split a huge burger with pulled pork, bacon and a fried onion. I brought home my baked potato and broccoli for lunch tomorrow. We had Abracadabra for dessert. While we were at a stoplight on the way home we watched a semi make a u-turn! He was coming from the right and backed up once; I couldn’t believe that even with 3 lanes to turn into he could make it, but he did!

We all napped back at home, then Ted started the washing machine cleaning cycle. He showered and got ready to go and Jack and I drove him to the gate to meet his Uber. I called Jo and talked to her while Jack went to the playground, then I walked Jack back to the bus. I walked back to the truck and sat in it talking to Jo, and when we hung up I drove back to the bus. I didn’t want to turn the truck on and have it automatically switch my call over to it.

We had steak quesadillas for supper with some of that awesome fresh salsa…I’m gonna have to buy that more often! The boys ate the last of the mini moon pies we got from Cracker Barrel and we all had Nutella bananas for dessert. I guess I’m just too old to enjoy moon pies anymore. They’ll just have to be good in my memory (because they don’t taste good at all to me now!).

While I wiped out the washer Jack tied this shoe! All by himself!

In bed I meal planned, made a shopping list, and then went through photos till it was time for bed. My plan (for now) is to clean up all the photos from our life on the road, and then clean up my blog and insert photos going as far back as the beginning of this trip. That should make making photo books of this trip easier to put together. If I want to do more with my photos or blog after that I can, but that’s not my goal for now.

Jack and I watched VeggieTales Lord of the Beans for church this morning while Ted and Max went to church. LotB wasn’t as much church as I thought, but it sure made me want to see Lord of the Rings!

I also finished up my blog finally! It feels good to have that all caught up from Boston now. I did several things around the house as well, and cooked some potatoes for Ted to make us fries tonight.

Ted texted me when they got in the truck and I started lunch: griddle sandwiches. We also had a banana with nutella for dessert.

After lunch we told Jack to take a nap in his bed; Ted doesn’t want to get sick since he doesn’t have a lot of sick time accumulated yet (after the dental fiasco). Jack definitely needed a nap, his eyes are red and his nose has run all day. Ted and I napped in our bed. When I got up I noticed a hole in the curtain on the boys’ bed. When I looked further Jack had gotten Max’s dagger out and stabbed all over!!!! OMW!! He stabbed the bed in 3 place, the mattress, both pillows and several of Max’s books! Looking carefully I don’t think he cut through any wires, thankfully. That little son of a gun! He’s always been so destructive! We sent the boys outside to play while I cleaned up what I could and taped Max’s Minecraft book back together.

At the beginning of our nap Ted got me a fast pass to Sorin for Moms’ Night Out in a couple of weeks…I definitely need it now!

Ted fried up all the fries for supper and we had some of them with our favorite mayoketchup recipe (a little more mayo than ketchup, and garlic powder), and some with parmesan and truffle oil. The mayoketchup wins in a direct comparison, but I think if we only set out the parm/oil fries we’d have loved them.

We finished up Avengers with supper, and played Uno while Max showered and played Phase 10 when he finished.

Ted and I watched Reacher when the boys were in bed. We finished the last of the chocolate caramels we got from Aldi…those were awesome!

I saw this quote this morning, but didn’t realize how hard I’d need it today!

Well, Jack popped his balloon today! Ted kept saying how bummed he was, but really, I’m surprised that it lasted this long!

I made us muffulettas for lunch with the Central Grocery olive salad again. This time we made it with Puerto Rican bread which was the best feeling bread I could find, but it really squished down. I wasn’t pleased with the taste; Ted thought it needed more oil, but I wonder if the bread was the problem? At Fam Camp I didn’t have enough olive salad, and here I feel like I put too much on, though I only put a layer on each bread. Obviously I’ll have to play around with it a bit to get it just right. The time I made it in Cabot with the other olive salad it was wonderful the first time, so I also think that could be the biggest problem.

We bought some gorilla glue at WM the other day so after lunch today Ted and I sent the boys outside and we glued the windows. Man, I hope that works!! Ted couldn’t keep his paws off, though; so if the one side window pops off we’ll know why!!

I made the meat for Korean tacos in the instant pot after the windows. When I was reading the recipe I realized that they didn’t put all the ingredients in the ingredient list! They had all the meat ingredients and the tortillas, but didn’t list the other fillings. Ugh. We’ll have this meal another day instead of for supper tonight.

We had leftovers for supper: pizza, sandwiches, zucchini, cranberry dip, and we finished off the chocolate covered crepes from Canada for dessert. The added sugar in the cranberries was good, but it still wasn’t wonderful liked I hoped with cream cheese and crackers. Ted melted some dark chocolate and mixed it with the cranberries and that was pretty good! We polished that off, too. We watched the first half of Avengers with supper.

It seems like Jack is sick now!! I’m finally feeling back to normal (I’m down to using Afrin once a day, if that), and now he gets sick? Poor boy. We’re considering his skipping church tomorrow since his nose is running like crazy and he’s not good at all at keeping it in check.

Max finished school at 11:45! Woot! We had roasted red pepper sandwiches (I love those, and Ted really liked them too!), with broccoli and cheese for lunch. Then I took a nap.

At Animal Kingdom we sent Max to get a DAS for Avatar while the 3 of us headed to UP! It’s the new bird show there. Max got there in plenty of time for us to go in together and get seats. It was a pretty good show, but I’d have liked more birds at a time. They had a condor (HUGE!!), a bald eagle, and a crane they named Frasier. Heh.

When the show was over we all got drinks as we walked to the Lion King. Ted keeps hoping we get picked for the family of the day again. I forgot that there was a fire twirler in the show! The guys on stilts and the acrobatic monkeys were just as good as I remembered, and the lady in the bird costume that swings from a cable in the ceiling was good too. It’s a good show, but I think we’ll enjoy it better if we let a month or two go by before we see it again.

When we got out and were walking to Expedition Everest it was cold! I guess the sun was going down, and we felt it for sure. We kinda waffled on just going home, but we’d already told Jack that we’d go ‘fly the birds’, so we hot footed it over to Everest and rode it…it’s such a good ride too. We hung around in the gift shop for a bit to keep in the warmth, and then headed over to Avatar.

At Avatar we had to sit with a seat separating us which was no biggie. That’s a great ride, too. I forgot how many different smells there are there. We looked around in the gift shop there, and I saw a lady with a super short haircut. It made me wonder if I could carry off that look, or if I’d look too boyish? I’ll have to look up some styles on the internet and see what Ted thinks.

We got home at 7:30 and were eating homemade pizza at 8pm. That’s not too bad for having to make the dough and cook the (frozen) chicken and everything right then. I didn’t rush, just worked constantly. I used jerk seasoning this time on the chicken, and while I like that stuff, it didn’t really work with this pizza.

Here’s my helper getting out some plates for me: