Jack slept through reveille this morning! I guess that boy’s tired! Our power was off, too, for just over an hour. We had a lot of rain during the night so I guess that had something to do with it. And it looks like our neighbor’s awning is down! I really don’t think that they put it that way, but he just went to work and left it so maybe it’s supposed to be like that.

Today was another fussy day for Jack. This boy needs a nap, but I’m hoping to get my hair cut today. During school I chatted with Tiffany; I’m looking forward to spending time with her and her kiddos.

The consignment shop here on base is closed for the time being, and I’m not allowed in the Airman’s Attic. Oh well. I was looking forward to some on-base thrifting before my haircut! I did get to talk toTed though, so that was good. After we hung up I drove right over to the beauty shop on base and proceeded to get the worst haircut in my life!

When I walked in I told the girl I wanted my bangs to be trimmed to right below my eyebrows, I put my finger right there so there would be no doubt about what I wanted. I also said I wanted hair to be over the tops of my ears, and to use the clippers with a number 6 guard in the back. Then I showed her a picture of how I had it cut the last time, and left that photo open the whole time she was cutting. The first thing she did was trim my bangs; they seemed a little short but she trimmed them right across, so what could I do then? I sat in the chair and hoped and prayed that she was doing good job, and kept reminding myself that this was all an adventure. What I could see her cutting seemed to be fine, except for the bangs. After she’d been cutting for a while I realized she was muttering under her breath, just really talking to herself. She stopped for a while and then she started again, and then at one point she laughed out loud!

I had asked her to cut the the back short because I have cowlicks back there that go crazy when it gets longer. When she took the cape off she asked if I wanted the back any shorter because she could do that. I looked at myself in the mirror and told her I didn’t want any part of my hair any shorter. I said I’d asked her to cut my bangs to below my eyebrows and there they were halfway up my forehead! She said that she was sorry, but she didn’t realize how much of a curl my hair had. She cut my hair dry! That’s the best way to see what kind of curl there is! She said she was sorry once more and that I’d only have to pay $10 for the haircut since she messed it up. I gave it to her and she tried to give me her business card for next time but I left it there. I went out to the truck and called Mom and we laughed so hard! I was describing what she had done and then in the middle of a sentence I realized that she had cut my left side with a quarter of an inch of hair hanging over the top of my ear, but no hair over the top of my right ear! I’m sure it was super funny for Mom to hear me realize that. Papa was in the background yelling for me to go get my money back. I don’t think he was very serious, but I decided there was no harm in trying. I walked back in and she wasn’t at the front desk. I hoped nobody else was getting their hair cut, and wondered how far along she would have to be in the cut before I shouldn’t warn them to run away! She was by herself in the back getting ready to hang up a sign that she was closing the shop for a few minutes. I told her I wanted my money back because on further inspection I saw that she didn’t cut the two sides of my head the same length. She didn’t seem surprised or worried, she just said okay and headed to the front to get my change. She started entering info into the computer and asked for my email address. I told her I didn’t have one. A little bit later she asked for my address, and I told her I didn’t have one here. After about 10 more minutes she finally figured out how to open the cash drawer and gave me my money back. As soon as it was in my hand I asked her if there was anyone else that cut hair in the shop, she said there were only the barbers next door. Then I asked to speak to her manager and she said she was the manager! I asked if there was absolutely no one else who ever cut hair in that office and she said there wasn’t, and why did I ask? I told her I wanted somebody to trim my hair up and she offered to do it!!! I thanked her and said no, and she said I could go next door and pay the barbers to straighten my hair out.

While on the phone with Mom I asked when she was coming and said maybe she could straighten my hair out. She said the thing she asked me to pray for the other day may be the cause of her not being able to come here. Ugh. Guess that’s the way it goes! She told me that Jo had gotten a really bad haircut today too! I called her on the way home and we laughed and laughed.

At home Max still had some school to do, and I called Jennifer to ask for her help a little bit. We had another great long chat; I really need to make that a weekly thing! After I got off the phone Max made a D in Bible and really lost his cool. We worked on that a bit and then it was time for them to go to the playground while I made pizza for supper.

I have to say, I think this was the best pizza I’d ever made! I put parmesan and mozzarella on the base and cooked it, then cut up prosciutto on top, and topped that with arugula. For some bites I drizzled our great oil on top, but that wasn’t even necessary. It was awesome! Woot!

I’d texted Tiffany about my hair and she says she cuts hair! So she offered to come out to the playground to salvage my head. I made up some pizza dough as a thank-you and we headed out after supper. Making new friends in new places is so awesome, but this really took the cake! I don’t hate my hair, but I don’t think this is a good look for me, and it’s not at all what I asked for. Oh well, I guess in about 3 weeks it’ll be all over. I’ll just pretend like I have confidence about it, cause what else can I do?

This morning while snuggling Jack said, “Octopus is in a tunnel.” I asked him where he saw that octopus and he said, “Ooooohhhh, that’s in TV”! I asked him if he saw an octopus on TV and he said, “In Odd Squad in the water.” I think we just had a conversation!

Max finished school at 1:30! That kid!

After school and lunch we lazed around a bit, Jack played outside, I read and Max played legos. Then I cut their hair and sent them to the playground to play all that cut hair away. They came back and showered and ate and we headed to church.

I wasn’t sure how the kids do church here, and instead of investigating before we left I just assumed we’d all sit together. I was wrong. Heh. Tiffany was in the entry and helped me find Jack’s place. And Max is a youth, so he’s supposed to help teach the younger kids, so he went in the same classroom! He was looking pretty nervous about that, and looking back I think he thought he might be asked to just get up and teach! I know they’d never do that so I didn’t think to reassure him; I just asked if he wanted to go in there or come sit with me and he opted to go with Jack. After church when I went to get them Max was leading a hangman game. Heh.

For myself I decided to stop being such a chicken and just ask to sit with Tiffany. Of course she works in childcare Wednesday nights! So I found the only lone woman and asked if I could sit next to her. As luck would have it I spent so long (just a minute or 2) talking to Tiffany and getting her number that there was no time to introduce myself to this new chick; but honestly, she didn’t seem too interested anyway. No biggie. Maybe I’ll try to move around more instead of always sitting in the same place.

Tiffany asked where we were staying and when I told her on the base she said she lives here too! She said when Nick told her what we did that she was excited; she’d love to do that! She said that if we were sticking around she’s sure we’d be fast friends! Woot! She said we’d have to meet at the playground sometimes. I’m so excited to already have a friend here.

She brought cupcakes for after church for Nick’s birthday so the boys both had one. I brushed my teeth before church in an effort to not come home and munch the night away, so I skipped the cupcake. Talking to Max on the way home he said he liked this church even though he was the only kid his age there tonight.

We videoed with Ted a bit before going to bed. Jack was excited to show him his toothbrush that’s just like Max’s. I finished reading my Reacher and went to bed without watching any TV tonight…I was tired. Must be the lack of chocolate tonight!

I’ve been smelling the black a bit lately. I want to get a handle on this before the parents come, so I decided to flush it from the inside. I set a timer for 1:40 for the bucket to fill up in the shower, and every time it went off I dumped it into the toilet. Only 2 or 3 buckets in and it was full! No wonder it was smelling! I went ahead and filled it with clean water and flushed it again. It’s supposed to rain most of this week so I don’t want to be caught having to empty it when it’s pouring.

I texted with Foots this morning and made a plan to meet up Saturday. I also texted Alan a quick hello because his last G-Lab photo popped up on my photo program this morning.

This last week I’ve written to a few of our missionaries. With Jenny going to Turkey it’s really hit me how lonesome that life can be. I know they’ve made lives for themselves over there, but especially with her just starting out…I don’t want any of them feeling forgotten by us over here.

Max finished school by 12:15 today! Woot! That boy is knocking it out of the park! He’s still got all A’s too. Only 6 more days to go! I’m so excited!

Jack offered to ask the blessing at lunch and he said, “Thank you for this not fussing day. Woooooot!” Only, this has been a very fussy day. We had a Mean Pig plate for lunch and then he was fussing so much I made him take a nap.

I realized with the ‘maybe leak’ that he’s the culprit, not our mid toilet. He’s not being careful and is getting pee on the outside of the toilet, and it pools at the base. That can’t be good. So now I’m checking on him every toilet trip. Ugh.

Max dumped his legos out so I had to take a picture of so many legos, so little floor space! I found out that Odd Squad plays at 4:30 here, so I turned that on for Jack. And later when Jack and I went on a walk we found a painted rock. Someone did an awesome job with this bird!

Today is the first day of our last full week of school. We’ll see how 8 units a day goes.

Well, he finished by 1pm! We had lunch, and then I left for Home Depot and grocery shopping.

This morning I told Max no Legos or Minecraft after 5pm. At 5 they both went to the playground for an hour while I made shrimp poboys for supper. Then after supper we did the usual showers/medicine/vacuum and play games with all the in-between time. We’ve been doing this for several nights now, and every night Max wants us to hurry so he can get a few more minutes of reading or Legos in. Ugh. I hate making stupid rules, but sometimes they make the evening go smoother.

Even though I told him that at the beginning of school, and then told him when I left for shopping, he still asked for extra Lego time when it was time for family playing time. Heh. Despite the question we had a good time playing a couple of hands of Boathouse Rummy. It reminded both of us of the times in Cabot when we played Boathouse Rummy Gin Rummy Boathouse. We would make up our own rules from a combination of those games, deal out 20 or so cards…we had so much fun!

I slept through reveille this morning! For some crazy reason I awoke at 2 or 5 or something, and had trouble going back to sleep. Then Jack woke me up coming in bed with me, and a little later my alarm went off at 7:20. I asked Max if they skipped revielle this morning and he said no. I’m surprised I could sleep through that…it’s pretty loud.

Today I planned on going to a church right outside the base gate. We got there 15 minutes early so we’d all have time to find our classes, but there was only 1 car in the parking lot…strange! We sat there for 10 minutes and then I looked up the other church I’d been debating/praying about; it was only 4 minutes away, and their classes started in 20 minutes! Awesome! When we left the first church at the time their class should start there had been no more activity in the parking lot. The second church, Doorway Baptist, had people coming and going. Of course their sign said they started classes 15 minutes prior to what their website said, but we were here so we went in; the website was correct.

Jack’s class was right at the entry, and it sounds like the husband and wife know something about special needs. Max’s class was empty when we got there, and then we met a boy from his class on our way to my class. He was hesitant to go to his class, so we walked to my class and then back to his class and his teacher was there by then. I reminded him that while he was meeting these people for the first time in his class I was doing the same in mine. As outgoing as I am, and as he can be, it’s still a little nerve wracking to face a class full of people who know each other. My class was good, though. We talked about the church in Corinth, which had been one of the last sermons I’d heard in Kissimmee, so it was nice to already have context for the lesson.

When class was over I saw Max coming to get me, so then we went and got Jack; we all attend second service together. Max said there was only that one boy in his class besides himself! Huh. Oh well. The sermon was a good one, about prayer. Sometimes prayer seems so simple, but even the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, on more than 1 occasion this pastor said. He also preached about Eccl 5, no matter what our circumstances we can have God’s joy.

I’d planned on taking the boys to the grocery store on the way home for just a few things, but then I remembered how annoying it is with them, so we just went home. I’d roasted some broccoli for a sandwich last night, so today I only had to heat it. The boys had leftovers from the bbq place and a grilled cheese sandwich. My nap afterward was cut short by the short one…that’s no good Mother’s Day present! Punk!

There’s really not much else to say about this day. We played skip bo, memory and uno before bed and hardly anyone got their feelings hurt.