Sometimes it’s hard writing every day when we didn’t do much that day. Like today. We did school. Tj made a new recipe today, french onion chicken. It was good, but he said it tastes nothing like french onion soup. Now I want to make a real french onion soup! I made a couscous salad to go with it with the Israeli couscous I bought ages ago. It was good but not great, but it used up the artichokes that had been taking up room in the fridge.

At church we saw Rich again, hadn’t seen him in ages! He apologized for not following up with us on the fishing trip but of course that was no problem for us. With Tj’s schedule being so whack-a-do it’s hard for us to make plans with other people. He’s had a rough time lately because he had to replace the motor in one of his boats. He asked to plan for us to go out on Good Friday, but Tj doesn’t know his schedule yet. We’ll see!

There were such beautiful, gray skies today! As we did school it rained off and on, and later on the warning system kept going off. We never went to shelter-in-place mode, but we kept an ear out for the warning. Since thunderstorms were expected all afternoon I went to the grocery store before I did school with Jack.

After school I had a nap, and I slept so soundly; it was wonderful! With Tj back home we’re also playing more games, which is nice. I always meant to do that with the boys but I never remembered when we had the time. Today we played gin rummy, uno, and then Tj and I played mancala. That’s a fun game; I’m glad Sam gave it to us.

Tj and I walked again after supper, and we watched some Lost after the boys went to bed.

I forgot to mention that as I waited for time to go downstairs and check out yesterday I watched the fog roll in; it was beautiful! When I woke up I saw the sunrise, so clear and wonderful. As the morning went on I realized that the shadows were disappearing, and when I was ready to leave I saw that buildings were disappearing as the mist rolled in! It was awesome!

It was a nice, dreary day this morning, but it didn’t stay dreary. Jack’s 2nd week of 2nd grade spelling is a doozy! They gave it to us easy last week, and the first 13 words of 16 aren’t bad, but then they threw in services, consumer and producer. I guess I’ll just see how he does before I cut his workload. The reading comprehension is about sound waves, though. We’re going back to 1st grade for that.

I worked on a meal plan and a shopping list, and realized that I had enough food for meals today; I’ll need to shop tomorrow. I made quiche for lunch and boy, is that stuff good! With a half a cup of cream cheese how could it not be? It’s mostly Candy’s recipe from ages ago.

We didn’t do much after school. Almost all our packages came in so we got them and put together Jack’s new trampoline. It went together even faster since it was the second one we got here! Tj and I walked after supper. It was a good day.

Tj and the boys picked me up in time for church this morning. Vacation is over, and I’m happy to see my boys again! I was feeling like a wood-fired pizza for lunch so after church Tj found us a place. It smelled so good inside! There were 2 huge furnaces with fires blazing, and huge jars of nutella on shelves…they also make a nutella calzone I want to try out. Inside it was sooooo cold, probably to compensate for the 2 furnaces, so after a bit at the counter we moved outside where the weather was awesome! Our pizzas were good, but not wonderful. I think I’ll try to make the proscuitto arugula pizza at home. And the calzone wasn’t actually filled with nutella, it was basically bread with a little nutella and berries inside, and more berries and nutella drizzled on top. Maybe I should make that at home, too! I’d use a whole jar of nutella though!

We came home and napped, and then sent the boys to the playground while we set up to plan our summer. Unfortunately our internet isn’t any better than it had been. Tj’s ordered a new jetpack and we’re all praying for that to do the trick! We’ve been using Bill and Lucy’s internet, but we don’t like doing that too long.

It never got any better, and Bill and Lucy were home, so we went to visit them. We ended up staying there over an hour laughing and telling stories. When the boys came home I made supper. When the boys were getting ready for bed Tj and I went out for a walk, then we had 3 Walking Dead’s to watch!!

I’m so lucky to have a vacation! I woke up around 6:45 and just laid in bed reading and reading. Yum. I wasn’t planning on going to breakfast, but I started getting a little hungry so I headed downstairs. I had oatmeal with lots of brown sugar, raisins, craisins, coconut and peanuts. They also had some apple bread pudding; I ate a couple of bites but it wasn’t wonderful so I didn’t finish it.

I took some pastries upstairs for tomorrow’s breakfast and read and read some more. When I was about 30 minutes from the end of my book I headed over to Olive Garden for some fattening pasta. I had my usual, the cheese torteloni with braised beef and mushrooms. The first couple of times I had this it was heavenly, but I’ve obviously grown out of it. This was good, but not wonderful. I had an Italian margarita, also not the best thing ever. But the solitude was! From there I walked to super Target to see what there was. Tj tried to get me to take an Uber several times but I need the exercise and it didn’t look too far; it took me about 15 minutes to walk there. I looked at everything in that store! It was so nice not to have to hurry, and not to worry about being too long and boring to someone else. I bought a new swimsuit and some peanut M&M’s.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped in at Marshalls and tried on a swimsuit coverup, but didn’t get it. I also stopped in at Joann’s, but I was out of there quickly. Right by the hotel was an international grocery store; I can never resist those! Then back to the hotel. There was a guy parking at the pub next door that had a car exactly like Kit’s, right down to the red light running back and forth across the front; that cracked me up!

When I got in my room it was only an hour or so before the evening get together provided by the hotel, so I cooled down, watched some TV and finished the rag I’d been crocheting. The get together was nice; I had a drink, some crackers, and veggies with dip. I didn’t stay long, and then back upstairs. I watched TV, read my book, showered and used my face mask. It was a wonderful, relaxing evening.