I did school with Jack yesterday and today and then we napped both days. He’s still going strong, but I’m sure a nap can only do him good. He did great at school yesterday and today! Max has been making all the meals around here; it’s nice to be able to rely on him.

I’m sick! I’ve laid around in bed all day and felt miserable. I cancelled Jason and later Julie which totally bums me out! I’ve already bought all the ingredients for another carrot cake and was going to make that to take to Jason and Micah’s house tonight. And tomorrow Julie’s and my family were going to Plimouth Plantation together! But they don’t want 2 sickos coming along. Jack has a runny nose, but except for about 5 minutes this afternoon he hasn’t slowed down. I feel like a tank ran me over.

Jack and I took Ted to work tonight and then I stopped for more drugs but didn’t see anything any better for my symptoms than what I already have, so I bought some Sprite.

Well, school with Jack isn’t going so well. He’s miserable and trying to make us miserable. In some ways this life is kinda hard…but not for much longer! We have less than a year left! I’m really going to miss this, but I know being in a house will have its wonderful points. I think today’s tough because he hasn’t had consistent school these last two weeks while we’ve been traveling.

Julie offered to babysit our boys while Ted and I have a date night, so I leapt at the chance. Max keeps Jack fine, but I know he’ll love the time with Julie’s kids.

Ted and I went to Rio Brazilian Steakhouse and had great steak, great caesar salad, and great little red pickled peppers. Then Ted got the churros for dessert and I wish I’d gotten them. The brownie was just ok.

We went to Walmart after supper for groceries and I was surprised to see that they had no plastic bags…there were only paper bags here.

PS. Turns out this was our anniversary date…happy anniversary!

The boys went to the playground while we packed the bus. The drive from one campground to the other is shorter than the time between check-in and check-out, so Ted asked me to find a gas station along the way to kill time. By the time he asked me there wasn’t very much time for me to do a slow check, and I got kinda stressed trying to find a place we could easily fit in and get out of; but I did it! We bought a bag of ice there since I’d forgotten to buy one on our way out of the last place. I also bought a little thing of powdered doughnuts: stress eating!

Just a few more miles down the road was our planned stop at a rest stop. We put 5 new stickers on today! We only have 12 states left to see!!

I made sandwiches for the boys and I had cheeses and meats. While at the stop Julie texted to ask when we’re getting there. I’m glad she’s as excited as I am about meeting up again. While I was making lunch Ted was texting with Jason about when we’ll meet up. It’ll be so good to see our friends again! Also while waiting Ted saw some crackage on the slide out. I’m hoping it’s not too bad, but we need to look into that. We left around 1:30 for our new campground.

We’re not meeting either of our friends today, so after set-up Ted looked around and found us a place to eat. After we ordered Max took Jack to the bathroom and said that the bathroom was so small that when Jack bent over to pull his britches down he turned the hand dryer on. LOL

We went to the Lobster Trap restaurant where I had the Sword Sandwich, a Cajun spiced slab of swordfish with thousand island, crispy onions and lettuce on grilled focaccia. It was good, but better once I took off the top bread. The fries were great! Ted got a lobster roll, and the boys each got a cheeseburger.

PS. Sometime these last few weeks, I’m not sure if it was NY or NJ, we saw some guys stopped on the side of the road measuring the height of their vehicle to see if it would fit under an overpass. We know what that’s like now!

The boys went out to the playground early because it’s supposed to be rainy all day. It started raining as soon as they were ready to go out, but it was such a slight drizzle that we told them to go anyway. When they got back in I put their clothes in the dryer and when they came out we left for the sub museum.

We had a good time at this little museum, but when we went to tour the actual sub the Portuguese people who came up behind us were super pushy. I know every country has different social norms, but it bugs me when someone, not to mention a 8yo kid, physically pushes me to make me move.

The bunks on the sub were extremely tiny…I can’t imagine having that little room between my face and the bunk above me while I slept! I don’t consider myself claustrophobic at all, but I’d have to calm myself down every time I wanted to turn over in this thing I think!

The periscope room in the museum was super fun…there were 3 periscopes we looked through to see around us. I also really liked this frame of 2 subs showing their relative sizes. You can see the 3 periscopes above the roofline on the right in this photo.

Max had fun with this weapon.

We made a quick stop at the nearby Navy base when we were finished with the museum, and then Ted picked us out a place to eat. Montauk House Cafe was a cute little house, but the way the guy sang loudly off-key while he was making our food, and they’d run out of half the stuff, and the way the guys talked made me wonder if we’d taken our kids to their first drug house??!! We’re just following in Grandmom’s footsteps, I guess! Ted and I split the Yard Bird Sandwich (buttermilk fried chicken, jalapeno slaw, tomato, brined pickles and garlic mayo) and the Roasted Pork Tacos (with pickled red onions, cotjia and cilantro). The boys split the South in Your Mouth Sandwich (pulled pork, mustard vinegar bbq sauce, spiced pickles and slaw). The food was good, it was just the atmosphere that was curious. Heh.

Next we found a McDonald’s with a playground halfway home, so we stopped there for Jack. We got home and I took a nap; all this traveling really wipes you out! Ted and Max played computers while I slept, and Jack played by himself. We had insalada caprese with butter bread for supper.

I soaked Jack’s fingers in epsom salts again though they look pretty good. I wonder if it is all the chewing of his nails he does that causes them to get infected?