Yesterday at the museum Ted found us tickets to Solo at the dine in theater!!!! What an awesome husband!! We left around 10am. I got the same brisket loaded fries as last time. The fries and their toppings were great, but most of the brisket this time was more fat than meat. All 3 of the boys got hamburgers and were pleased with their meals, and we were the only ones in the theater, so that was cool, too.

There was a Goodwill just across the street from the theater, but I was on such a high from the movie I forgot to go there. Bummer. The movie was great though! It was so much fun to get so many back stories; the Kessel run, Han winning the Millennium Falcon, meeting Lando and Chewbacca and so much more! It was great!

We went to Home Depot to see if they had a replacement for the shower door roller, but they didn’t. They did have the drawer piece we needed, and when we got home Ted and I worked on that. I made roast beef sliders for supper that turned out great. We’d planned to leave the boys as I drove Ted to work, but the electricity went out twice this afternoon with a huge storm, and we didn’t think it wise to leave them if the a/c was out for that time. It went out just before we left, and it was still out when we came back home. There were a couple of guys standing around at the office when we got home so I rolled down my window and asked about the status. They said the electric company said it would come back on sometime between 11-2am! In the bus I opened a couple of windows, but it was still raining, so I wasn’t sure how that would go. No sooner did we get those windows opened then the electricity came back on! We prayed pretty hard that it would stay on all night since I didn’t want to have to get up in the night to turn the generator on or off!

Ted was up some in the night, so he slept until 11. We got ready and left at noon for the Naked Onion…I’d been drooling about a bon mi for days! Sadly when we plugged the address into Google it said it’s not open on Mondays!!!!! Boo!! So Ted scrounged around and found Lunch and Supper for our restaurant. He had a buffalo chicken sandwich which was OK, Max had a wedge salad that I don’t think he enjoyed, Jack had bacon mac and cheese which was good, and my loaded pork skins were very good, but didn’t make a good meal. Oh well.

From there we went to the children’s museum. I figured since we have free entry it would be the perfect place for us today…if Ted gets too tired we can go home early without wasting our money. While the boys played at the scarf wall I looked up a Lego camp that was advertised at the front…I think Max will get to go to it! After playing inside for a couple of hours we went to the outdoor water play. I chatted with a woman named Adrian there.¬†She was laughing at Jack fussing at taking off his shirt, and we just had a good conversation the whole time we were there.

Max got 4 of these beach balls to ‘float’ in the fountains, but I wasn’t that quick with my camera.

Before we left she recommended Bev’s homemade ice cream to us, so we headed over there next; this heat is crazy! I had a root beer float that was wonderful. I think this will be my ice cream of choice wherever we go, as long as they offer it with chocolate! We went into a couple of stores near the ice cream shop, and Jack found a cat in a bookstore that he got to pet a bit.

From there we headed to Lowes to see what they had. Ted’s thinking of setting us up with a macerator pump he’s heard about from another full-timer on FB. Lowes doesn’t have the pump, so we need to find a Harbor Freight; I think that’s where the guy bought his stuff. We went to the nearby WM for a few groceries, and then headed home.

As I was putting up the groceries and heating up supper Max and Ted put the new wipers on my truck, and the new air filter on the bus. I wasn’t that hungry, so I just heated the egg roll bowls I’d made for the boys, and then we all had strawberries and Nutella for dessert. In between all that poor ole Ted also had to fix the shower door.

When we finally got into bed we read for a little while, and then turned the lights off at 9:45!!! We were whipped!

With as much as I blog it always amazes me when I forget to blog something funny that Jack says. The other day I noticed some scratches on his arm and when I asked him what happened he said an animal scratched him!! He’d been playing out in the back, in the greenery, so I immediately got nervous. When I asked him what animal did that he said a mosquito!!! Ha!

Max has had several dreams about finishing school these days, poor sap! He keeps dreaming that he has to do his finals again.

I met a new friend today at church; I hope we get to visit more during our time here. Nettie is her name. We chatted while the boys played on the playground after church.

Ted’s flight was delayed about 45 minutes tonight. He’s so jet lagged from all of his travel this time I know he’s just ready to get home. As we sat in the parking lot waiting for him I talked to Jo for a good while. We’d brought stuff to do, too, so the wait wasn’t a big deal.

We looked at several places for supper, but ended up going to Four Brothers again. Of course since I talked up the volcano fries so much they were only OK. But the philly cheese steak Ted got to split with me was awesome! Max had a hamburger that was wonderful, too.

I’m planning on cooking today. My list to cook is egg rolls in a bowl, cole slaw with the leftover cabbage, and pizza dough for the up coming week. Before I started cooking I had a hankering for popcorn balls, but when I checked my recipe I don’t have any Karo syrup. Oh well, I guess it’s for the best. Heh. I put it on my list.

The boys ate breakfast and then we read the Bible. Max played on his computer a bit while Jack did Gemiini, and then Jack and I played play dough. After lunch I sent the boys off to the water slide (they inflate it here every Fri-Sun) while I cooked up a storm.

I considered making Mom’s egg roll recipe and just not rolling and frying it, but then figured I’d try the new recipe I found. It’s good, but I added a lot more ginger, garlic and soy sauce. I’m interested to see how it tastes after it sits for a while and melds.

At one point today I told Jack he was a cutie patootie, and he said I’m not patootie, I’m a boy!

I finished up all the recipes and cleaned my bathroom. The boys played outside in the yard for a bit, and even watched Odd Squad there. They went back out to the water slide while I made supper. When they got back and Jack was getting ready to shower I asked him do you need to go to the bathroom? He said Um, maybe yes ma’am. Heh, His sporadic use of maybe these days cracks me up.

We watched the ending of Close Encounters while eating supper. Max said the movie was kinda cool, and I asked him if it was because we got to see it firsthand and he said yes. I’m so thankful we’re getting to do so much! We’re so blessed. I hope that boy remembers this time as fun his whole life.

After supper Max and I played 3 hands of BGRB (boathouse gin rummy boathouse) while Jack played with the photo booth app on his iPad. He did Gemiini again while Max showered, and then it was time for them to turn off the lights.

I finally turned off the TV and put my phone down at 1am. I was still sound asleep at 6:30 when Jack came in. I got him back to sleep for another hour. Winner!

When he woke up and we were snuggling he asked me, “When I finish eating my breakfast can I go to Disney World in November?” Heh, that sweet boy just doesn’t get how time works!

When I was making lunch I had Max clean up the toys Jack had pulled out. When Jack finished up in the bathroom he pulled the toys back out of the toy basket and put them back in. He didn’t want Max to be the one cleaning up! He really wants to be a helper, and he gets annoyed or angry every night if I send him straight to the shower and have Max clean off the table. That crazy kid is going to be the death of me!

We lazed around most all morning, but I did send the boys out to the playground before lunch, and Max had to clean their bathroom. I left after lunch for some thrifting. I went to 5 thrift stores and found nothing!!! That’s not right! I did talk to Ted for an hour, though, as I sat in the parking lot of one of the stores. Heh. I got groceries on the way home, and while there got a text from Max that he wasn’t feeling well. I asked if he wanted me to call him and he said no, it wasn’t too serious. I wondered if he was just preparing me for his inability to not take Jack to the playground when I got home. Heh. I talked to Ted for 20 minutes on the way home, and the text I saw he sent me while I was driving was this: “Im not good at walking right now. so tired I tink it’s allergy” LOL. I asked Ted to text him while I was driving and his text to Ted was much milder. When I got home Max was in bed and still kind of ‘shaky’, but when I told him he had to go to the playground he rallied slightly. I think he’ll live, but it’s a close one!

As soon as the boys were out of the house I got down to business making supper, and then the water shut off! I saw Trina outside so asked her if she had water and she doesn’t. There’s a leak at the back of the property that sometimes gives them fits, and now is that time. I went back in and just put the groceries up while watching The Office on TV, and just when I gave up on doing anything more productive the water came back on. Heh. So I cut up the cabbage I bought for a recipe, and then it was time for the boys to come back home. We had pizza and salad, then showers and hit the hay.