Tj and the boys picked me up in time for church this morning. Vacation is over, and I’m happy to see my boys again! I was feeling like a wood-fired pizza for lunch so after church Tj found us a place. It smelled so good inside! There were 2 huge furnaces with fires blazing, and huge jars of nutella on shelves…they also make a nutella calzone I want to try out. Inside it was sooooo cold, probably to compensate for the 2 furnaces, so after a bit at the counter we moved outside where the weather was awesome! Our pizzas were good, but not wonderful. I think I’ll try to make the proscuitto arugula pizza at home. And the calzone wasn’t actually filled with nutella, it was basically bread with a little nutella and berries inside, and more berries and nutella drizzled on top. Maybe I should make that at home, too! I’d use a whole jar of nutella though!

We came home and napped, and then sent the boys to the playground while we set up to plan our summer. Unfortunately our internet isn’t any better than it had been. Tj’s ordered a new jetpack and we’re all praying for that to do the trick! We’ve been using Bill and Lucy’s internet, but we don’t like doing that too long.

It never got any better, and Bill and Lucy were home, so we went to visit them. We ended up staying there over an hour laughing and telling stories. When the boys came home I made supper. When the boys were getting ready for bed Tj and I went out for a walk, then we had 3 Walking Dead’s to watch!!

I’m so lucky to have a vacation! I woke up around 6:45 and just laid in bed reading and reading. Yum. I wasn’t planning on going to breakfast, but I started getting a little hungry so I headed downstairs. I had oatmeal with lots of brown sugar, raisins, craisins, coconut and peanuts. They also had some apple bread pudding; I ate a couple of bites but it wasn’t wonderful so I didn’t finish it.

I took some pastries upstairs for tomorrow’s breakfast and read and read some more. When I was about 30 minutes from the end of my book I headed over to Olive Garden for some fattening pasta. I had my usual, the cheese torteloni with braised beef and mushrooms. The first couple of times I had this it was heavenly, but I’ve obviously grown out of it. This was good, but not wonderful. I had an Italian margarita, also not the best thing ever. But the solitude was! From there I walked to super Target to see what there was. Tj tried to get me to take an Uber several times but I need the exercise and it didn’t look too far; it took me about 15 minutes to walk there. I looked at everything in that store! It was so nice not to have to hurry, and not to worry about being too long and boring to someone else. I bought a new swimsuit and some peanut M&M’s.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped in at Marshalls and tried on a swimsuit coverup, but didn’t get it. I also stopped in at Joann’s, but I was out of there quickly. Right by the hotel was an international grocery store; I can never resist those! Then back to the hotel. There was a guy parking at the pub next door that had a car exactly like Kit’s, right down to the red light running back and forth across the front; that cracked me up!

When I got in my room it was only an hour or so before the evening get together provided by the hotel, so I cooled down, watched some TV and finished the rag I’d been crocheting. The get together was nice; I had a drink, some crackers, and veggies with dip. I didn’t stay long, and then back upstairs. I watched TV, read my book, showered and used my face mask. It was a wonderful, relaxing evening.

Well, he didn’t sleep through the night! Jet lag is really kicking his butt this time! Oh well, he’ll get over it eventually. When I got up I showered and sadly there’s still a leak. He tightened it and when he showered there was just 1 drop of water at the bottom. I think/hope we’re making progress!

The internet is back to normal today!! Hallelujah! Max has a lot of school to catch up on, but when we looked at it as we were getting ready to leave we realized that most of the units are projects, and they have an end date a week or more out, so he’s caught up now! And we started this week with 2nd grade spelling for Jack which means double the words. I wasn’t sure how this would work out, especially since the accompanying reading comprehension papers are really over his head. This first one was on timelines, what they are and how we use them. We’ll do these a while and then I’ll decide if I need to go back to the 1st grade comprehension papers. Today was his spelling test, so we just went for it to see how he did. He made 100%!!! I’m so happy for him! That’s my boy!

We headed out to lunch at Willie’s, and what do you know, they were open! Tj had the super jibarito that had steak, pastrami and chicken on it. I ordered the loaded fries with beef and bacon (like I had the other day), Jack got the bbq loaded fries, and Max got the chicken pincho. It was all good, but none of it was super great. Next we went to the post office to send back the 2nd pipe that Tj ordered for the shower, and to mail Mom and Grandmom their towels. After lunch we had Abracadabra for dessert. The first and third time I had Almond Joy (coconut milk, almonds, chocolate syrup, coconut flakes, chocolate chips), the 2nd and this time I had Coquito (coconut milk, cinnamon, almonds, nutella). Man, that place is amazing! The boys jumped for a while, and then it was time to take me to the hotel!!! Woot!! Now I’m sitting on my bed catching up with my blog. I’m on my 3rd trashy movie, have painted 20 nails, and have snacked on pringles and chocolate covered cherries. What a life! I have an awesome husband! We are so blessed.

Tj napped this morning until 10:45. He’s woken up both nights from jet lag, so I’ve woken up too. He fixed the shower after that; oh how I hope it works without leaking! But it doesn’t. Try, try again! We ate lunch and then headed out to Epcot. Jack has been asking to go to Epcot for a couple of weeks and I’ve been telling him that Daddy would take him, so he’s ecstatic! We headed to Spaceship Earth first. Even with the fast pass we waited longer than usual; thankfully, though, the park in general seems populated about like usual. Maybe I’m wrong about Spring Break season?

Next we went to Fast Track to get a DAS for it, and then we walked back across Epcot to ride Soren. That’s such a good ride! We hit Club Cool after that for some sweet drinks, then on to Mission Space. We didn’t have a fast pass for this one, so while we waited Tj looked up what that room was we could see up in the corner. It’s an HP waiting room if I remember correctly.

After Mission Space we headed to the Wold Showcase. We hit Mexico first, so Tj got us a couple of margaritas, and the boys got churros and a coke. We walked back across to the other side to get to France; I wanted Tj to see the waiters there. When I asked at the nearby restaurant, though, they said that Serveur Amusant wasn’t there every day. Poop! We checked out the crepes as well, but they didn’t really interest us. From there we stopped at Japan and looked at their cool shops. Some cast members in authentic dress wrote the boys names in Japanese for us; Max’s on a crane and Jack’s on a fan. Next we stopped at America and had peach cobbler, rocky road mousse brownie and a coke zero. These snacks were pretty disappointing, sadly. Next was Italy where we saw Sergio juggle soccer balls. He was similar to Serveur Amusant in that he directed people from the audience with a whistle. At one point he threw 5 balls to different people in the audience for them to throw back to him, and the girl next to Jack caught it and let him have it. When he threw it back he did such a great job! Next we stopped in China for the Circlevision 360, and I bought candy in the shop afterward. I guess I’m not getting that jacket. Some things are just better to look at than to have. We were still a little hungry, and starting to get tired, so we stopped in Canada for the cheese soup. The restaurant was fully booked, but thankfully they directed us to a refreshment stand that sold it as well. I was appalled that the cheese soup was about a cup, and cost $4.50!! We also bought poutine and a cronut. Both of those were excellent! I’ve had poutine before and it’s been fine, but this was wonderful. The cheese curds were large and really good. Yum. I’d order that again! On our way out Jack asked to go into a shop, and I always like going into shops, so in we went. I thought the other day that I should get Grandmom and Mom some dish towels like the ones I bought and they were here. Then Tj told me how late it was, so we hoofed it out to the truck…it was 8:45 when we got all buckled in! I can’t believe we stayed so late! That means we walked for 6.75 hours! We let the boys skip a shower and we all went straight to bed. Surely Tj will sleep through the night now!

School was sketchy again today, the internet is becoming a pain. Max didn’t get much school done today, and that was compounded by the fact that Tj planned to take him out of school early. So around 10:45 they left and went to test drive a Tesla! They’re also gonna eat out and go drive go-karts.

Since they were gone Jack and I stopped school early. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish, and the first thing was to finish reading the current Reacher. I did that, and also finished the dishcloth I was making for Lucy and tied it up with a little bow. I hope she likes it! For lunch I made us peanut butter and nutella sandwiches on chocolate chip brioche.

When Tj and Max got home Tesla was all I heard about. I think Tj really wants one. Max has been into cars for the last year, and even before that he was asking us to get a new car. Our Pilot is paid off and that’s so nice…there’s no way Max can understand how nice that is at his age.

We sent the boys off to the playground while we talked, then we heard a really loud boom. We walked around a bit to see what had happened and a nearby camper said she saw an explosion come from under a camper the next road over. It wasn’t a tire, and I think if it had been propane we’d have seen only the smoldering remains of a camper. As it was we saw 2 guys working under the camper. I’m glad it worked out for them, but I do still wonder what went on.

When we got back to our bus Bill and Lucy drove up so Tj and I went over to chat with them for a bit. They’re such a nice couple. He talked for just a minute about being a retired cop, and she mentioned how she didn’t like listening to the police scanner, and that they didn’t tell their kids exactly what he did when the kids were little. I can’t imagine that life. After a while Tj had to leave to get Max’s passport picture taken, get some pvc cleaner and some ice cream to eat with the balsamic vinegar he brought me back from Italy. I mentioned to Bill and Lucy that we’ve been having internet trouble and they offered us their password. Hopefully tomorrow Max will be able to finish his school in a timely manner! Don’t I sound like such a grownup?!!

I made us fish tacos for supper; I think I may have finally found a recipe I like! I need to eat it a few more times to be sure, and I think the slaw that goes on it is key. After church we sent the kids to bed and we headed out to the hot tub. Ahhhhh.