Jack’s reading comprehension this week is 2 separate stories. The first is about a man biting a peach and the pit. Here’s the second story: This is a boy. He likes to hit. He hit the girl. Now he has to sit. He got mad and had a fit. He does not like to sit. As he was reading the page out loud his whole demeanor changed! It was so clear that he understood the story and he didn’t like it! He just started reading slower and in a lower voice. He didn’t cry, but if there was much more to the story it’s obvious he would have. This boy has such a tender spirit! I asked him a few questions about the boy and what happened and he answered correctly, then in a hopeful-happy voice said, “Be happy, boy!”

I made meatloaf sandwiches on my new griddle and it’s awesome! It fits perfectly on the back 2 burners and I can still use a pan on the front burner. The sweet hot mustard I made the other day is really good, but right when you make it it’s a little bitter because of the mustard. As it sits the mustard mellows, but unfortunately (for me) the sweetness continues to grow. It was super sweet today! Ted still liked it, I think. I liked it, but wanted to cut the sweetness. Oh well. I gave him half my sandwich and had a Cara Cara orange…that’s a sweetness I like.

A quote I read today talked about prioritizing love and kinship over slights and imperfections. That makes so much sense! This was in relation to in-laws and how often there’s trouble between family members, but it applies to every relationship. If you dwell on the negative that’s what you’re prioritizing; forgive and move on to make the relationship better.

Max finished his school super early today so we headed off to Epcot with our fast passes. Ted kept going back and forth about whether he wanted to go or not because rain was forecast, but I though it would just drizzle and move on, so we went. When we were heading for our first fast pass he saw a sign about passholder magnets, and they were giving away car magnets to all the passholders…we got 4!! I’m so excited! I offered 1 to Mom and Jo.


Next up was the Pixar short videos. We haven’t been in so long I was hoping they had changed the videos, but they hadn’t. We saw the black and white Mickey Mouse one where the bad guy kidnaps Minnie Mouse and then they bust through the screen into color. There was also Piper, with the cute little bird learning to feed himself, and Feast, the one with the dog wanting to eat everything. They’re cute, I just wanted different cuteness.

Ted checked on the Lonestar concert, but it was today and we weren’t really feeling it. So we just listened to them on the ride home.

We headed over to France for Serveur Amusant. The guys set up and were doing their routine, I took a picture and sent it to Jo and Mom, and then they cancelled for rain! There was a slight drizzle, but a huge crack of thunder! We headed back to the truck then, Test Track was closed and I didn’t figure they’d reopen that. But we weren’t even really wet by the time we got to the truck! Oh well, at least we’re passholders and not missing out on one of our few days of vacation.

Once we got home from the grocery store Jack had a little more school to do. I found out that there’s nowhere to stick our magnet on the bus, nothing outside is magnetic! We played Skip Bo twice, had beans and rice with pineapple salsa for supper, and sent the boys off to shower. Jack can take his ID bracelet off now by himself! With this new dog-leash making up the bracelet part it keeps wet longer than the silicone did, and messes up his school papers. He doesn’t like to shower with it anymore, so he’s been taking it off every night.


We bought tickets last week for a take-out spaghetti lunch from our church today. This was put on by the teens and the money they raised is to help them pay for camp. It didn’t look like there was much spaghetti in the dishes, but when I put the spaghetti on the plates to heat it up I knew we had more than we needed. We ended up with an extra serving of spaghetti overall; not bad for $8 per person! That also included salad, garlic bread, 2 chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of water. It was a pretty awesome way to make money for them…I’d probably always buy a meal after church to help them out, especially if it always tasted that good.

After my nap with Jack Ted and I worked on our route. Ted’s stressed about the route, and it is a monster to plan since none of our plans are set in stone until the month they occur due to Ted’s ever fluctuating work schedule. We have a general route we’ll try to take, though, and I really hope we can see all 48 States before we settle down next year. Only 23 to go! I think if we get all the eastern states this year then next year we can get the few central northern and the western States we’re missing before heading to GA. We’ll see!

Ted and I made sausage sandwiches for supper, and then we played some Skip Bo and Uno with the boys. I seasoned my new griddle and the boys showered, and while Jack played with his new gemiinipad Ted, Max and I started playing Uno with keeping score. Of course Ted picks this time to keep score, he won both hands!!

Tonight we turned the jetpack off because we’re at our limit for the month; I hope we don’t go over! And Ted and I finally watched the end of Lost!!

Cuddling with Jack in the bed this morning he brought up his birthday again, like he has at least every other day since Max’s birthday. Ted asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said a cake. I asked what kind of cake and he said black! Boy after my own heart! We kept asking what the black was, though we knew it was chocolate, but he didn’t ever get that connection. When we kept asking him he said sprinkles and M&M’s. So, a chocolate cake with sprinkles and M&M’s.

The 3 boys worked on a search and find, then Jack helped me make grits and eggs for their breakfast. I let Jack crack an egg for the first time! I’ve been telling him I’d let him crack an egg when he’s 14, but he still asks at least once a week to crack an egg. Max makes Jack’s fried egg sandwich every morning and it’s such a temptation for Jack, but there’s no way he should crack an egg over the hot skillet on the gas stove. Sometimes he tells me (or other people) that he’s 14 and that really cracks us up, especially when it’s not even in relation to the egg.

When I started to make breakfast I saw that the water was shut off! It’s crazy that it goes off so often, but at least it doesn’t usually stay off too long. I just used bottled water to cook with, and it came back on not long after the boys were finished eating.

The boys were messing around after breakfast and it reminded me of the time that Ally and I were wrestling on the bed and Ally grabbed the framed photo of Uncle Chester and put it in front of her face and yelled, “You wouldn’t hit a dead man, would you?!” and then we both died laughing.

After our Bible reading today Ted and I left to go on a date! Ted’s been wanting to go to a food truck in Orlando since we saw the DDD Willie’s episode, and we finally had a good day to do it. When we got there there were already 2 people waiting for their food. We ordered and sat in the lawn furniture to wait. It sprinkled a little while we were there, but the downpour we anticipated never came. Our food was awesome! We ordered and split the pastrami reuben and a brisket sandwich which both came with cole slaw and a pickle, and an order of latkes. When I was halfway through my first half sandwich the owner (George something) sat out and visited with us! He used to be in IT, but when that went bust he went to a food truck rally and thought that he could do that and his wife encouraged him. He taught himself how to cook while he renovated his second-hand truck. What an awesome story! He was a fun guy to chat with, and the reuben was perfect! Everything else was awesome, too, but I liked the reuben the best. I also had a Cel-ray, a celery drink. It was good; light but tasty.

We went to the nearby Goodwill Boutique after lunch, and I had to laugh; what a step up from my usual Goodwill shopping! Ted found a couple of shirts for himself, and I got a book. We headed to another thrift store, but it was a bust, so we headed home. On the way we stopped at Abracadabra and our favorite girl fixed our ice cream. I told her we were there on a date so she gave us 10% off! She’s such a sweetie! Then we stopped at Salvation Army where I found a set of silk pjs. They fit, but were kind of a pain to get into. All the clothes are half off on Wednesdays, so I may have to stop back in and get them; we’ll see. I did buy another set of measuring spoons, and Ted got a DVD he’s been wanting.

I dropped Ted off at home and then went to another nearby thrift store and talked to Mom on the way. I got lucky here, I found the much sought-after tiny Corelle bowls! 2 each of the tiny ones at $.60 each, and 2 bigger ones $1 each. I also saw a cast iron griddle that I think has been here since the first time I came here. It has just a light layer of rust over the whole thing, but otherwise is pristine. It was marked $25, but that’s about what Amazon was selling them for. I asked the guy at the front if he was firm on the price and he said he’d let me have it for $20. I asked if he would do $15 and he said yes! Whoppee!!

At home the boys went to the playground when Christopher came by to see if they could play. Ted worked on Max’s computer and I made a buffalo chicken pizza and a ricotta/mozz/parmesan pizza. When Ted took the first pizza out of the oven we heard a “pop” and the pizza stone cracked! I cook on it some, but mostly it’s there to regulate the temperature. I think this is the longest the broiler has been on, and I guess that stone just reached its limit. Oh well, it’ll work just as well in 2 pieces as 1.

My cheese pizza was really good, and I dipped the crust in the olive oil Ted brought back from Italy. That stuff is so good! I’ve heard on TV cooking shows how wonderful good olive oil is but I never really believed it. This is what they’re talking about; I love it just dipped onto french bread. It has such a fruity flavor, but not exactly like an olive. It’s so good I’ve asked Ted not to let us run out of it.

Jack slept till about 7am, went to the bathroom and then got in bed with me. He lay quietly for about half an hour till I was ready to give in. Ted woke up not long after; I’m sure he’d have slept a lot later if Jack hadn’t been in our bed. Max got out of bed around 8:30 I guess, and a little bit later we started our day.

I chatted with Cassie H a bit about Net Nanny, and any other options there might be for a monitoring system…it doesn’t look good. Ted asked for a refund of Net Nanny because it seems to restrict everything or nothing, nothing in between.

I also added more pictures to this blog. I didn’t realize how much I missed them, and now that Ted has it so easy to update I love putting them in there!

I’m watching Jack spell push for his spelling test. P, i, h. Slowly. Then he changes the i to a u. Then he spells resource correctly! He got 15 words correct and only misspelled push. Ted and I worked to help him figure out how to spell the sh sound, but he never got it on his own so we finally told him.

I finally cooked tandoori chicken for lunch! I worked a bit on the meal plan so we don’t end up throwing out the pizza dough I mixed up this week. The Tandoori chicken was great; it was hot, but we’ll be having that again for sure. I gave the boys a piece of bread to eat theirs like sandwiches.

Jack and I walked to the office to get our packages, one of which was a replacement for my back windshield wiper. It was crumbling in these last few months, and we finally saw that the wiper blade was making no contact with the glass. Ted quickly changed it out right before we left for Hollywood Studios. We have some fast passes starting at 2:50. We’ll leave around 3:10 to get there right at the last minute for the first ride and right on time for the second ride.

Every time we’ve gone to Disney they’ve directed us to park at the end of a row; no matter how many people have come and gone you never go find the closest parking space, you continue to fill up all the lots for any particular park until it’s full. For the first time ever we parked amongst other cars in a partially full row. I don’t know if it’s because of construction or the fact that it’s race weekend but this is the first time the lots were full and people were even parking on the grass. I heard this morning on the radio that it was race weekend at Disney, so we decided before we left that if the park was packed we’d go home.

It wasn’t very crowded so we headed right to our first Fast Pass, Star Tours. I’ve seen it twice before and the ride has been the same both times; but this time it was different. Instead of footage from the new movie where the ground turns red when you score it, we faced Darth Vader, and one of the Fetts shot at us! Darth Vader put a picture up of Jack as the rebel spy they were stopping our ship for! All of us were more excited than Jack was; he was fussy because Max had been helping him get his seatbelt on. And just because he was fussy that day.

Next we went to get the DAS for Toy Story Mania, and then we stopped at the museum we hadn’t had enough time for last week. While in there looking at Walt Disney’s childhood memorabilia and models of various Disney parks some life-size toy Army men marched by. Right then Ted said something to Jack, and then the Army guy said, “Looking good there, Private Jack”!! Disney is so cool!

Next up was Rockin’ Roller Coaster. While we were in line Jack asked, “Can I ride with me please, Mama?” It’s sweet but crazy that he still has trouble with that at almost 11 years of age. When we were inside waiting in line the coaster stopped twice. We thought the ride was having trouble at first, but I think it was just that someone needed help getting on and off.

Next was Tower of Terror with a fast pass, but then the standby line was so short and quick we rode it again standby. It’s such a fun ride. I think that it’s changed, though. Every other time we’ve ridden it the first fast move you make is going up, but both times today it started off with a fast drop. Fun either way!

Next up was Toy Story. While we were in line, moving slowly forward, a whole family passed us! It seemed like today there were so many people ‘cutting’ in line in almost every ride we went on. After those 5 or 6 people passed us, when we got to the front of the line 4 of them were waiting there at the front, playing and talking on their phones! I don’t know what they had going on, but that was ridiculous.

We came home then and had sandwiches and leftovers for supper.

After the boys got out of bed and were putting up their dishes and making breakfast I got us 4 days of fast passes for the next couple of weeks. Our time here is growing short!

My finger looks better; I found the medicine for it last night and put it on then and this morning. I also soaked my rings in alcohol about 10 minutes last night. I guess I’ll wear my rings on my right hand today and see if anything happens.

Ted finally found us a place in Charleston for a month! He’s been stressing about that for a week or so, so I’m glad he finally found something that works. I’m letting Mom know because they might come and meet us for a bit. We offered to fly her down here for a quick weekend when Ted goes to work soon but it didn’t work out for her.

Ted’s been busy all day. He’s recently put some phones and his old smart watch on eBay, and they’re selling! Today he gave me his watch to box up, and then he weighed it and printed up a label. Then he went to Wal-Mart for groceries, and made Monmons meatloaf for lunch. I always want Lee and Perrins meatloaf, and Ted always wants Monmon’s. I really liked her meatloaf, though, and we’re saving the rest of it for meatloaf sandwiches. Now that I can make that mustard we’re really on a kick. After lunch we had more of the Reece’s candy and it wasn’t waxy…either my taste was off that day or it just tastes better the second day. I don’t like it as much as boiled cookies because these are peanut butter heavy, hardly any chocolate; but overall they’re good.

After school and lunch we headed straight to Animal Kingdom and straight to Avatar to get our DAS. After we got there we realized we were about an hour earlier than we wanted to be, so we walked through the Tree of Life animal area. We saw some tortoises and porcupines, and then we headed over to Everest. While on that ride Jack held his hands up most of the way, and then during the dark portion of the ride Jack’s glasses came off! I don’t know how that happened, but when I thought that’s what was going on I felt Jack’s face/head and sure enough they weren’t there! We came out of the dark and his glasses were on the floor as far away from me as possible! I leaned over and could just reach them, but then I couldn’t sit up because of all the forces from the ride. Ah well, I’m glad it ended well. After the ride we took a photo with a really crazy photographer.

Jack and Ted headed off to the playground, and Max and I went shopping. There are such pretty things here, and I know Ted would say I should get any of them I wanted, but we don’t need to clutter our lives any more, and I already have lots of Disney mementos. When Max and I were finished we headed to the playground to meet up with the other boys. When it was time to leave I took Jack’s shirt off and wet it and put it back on him…he gets so hot and red-faced, sometimes I worry about him. Next up was Kali River Rapids, and this time I got really wet! I didn’t mind it, though, it was pretty hot today. The weather app says the high today was 88.

On our way to Kilimanjaro Safari we saw a walk-through safari with lots of birds. It’s annoying, though, when you can’t figure out what kind of bird you’re seeing when you even have the bird guide card in your hands! Oh well. A guide there pointed out a pheasant that was pretty awesome. It was sitting on the side of the walkway, so the guide asked us to stop walking in front of it, and in a minute it walked out of the bushes and crossed the road in front of us. Its plumage was beautiful, and its feathers were so long!

Kilimanjaro safari was next, and we got to see lots of animals there, too.

On our way out of that safari the guide mentioned Gorilla Falls, another walk-through safari, so we went to that one too. Ted wanted to see the gorillas, and we also saw a partially submerged hippo through the underwater viewing window, several kinds of monkeys, naked mole rats, huge bats, skinks, Komodo dragons, and lots of other animals.

When we had our fill we headed to Avatar. This is still such a great ride, and it smells so wonderful! Just recently I got a new lotion and it smells a lot like Avatar, a lot like what people say the ocean smells like. During Avatar Ted got a call from the Savannah campground he tried to get us into. It’s a better commute for him, so he called them back when we got out and was gonna take it; but they told him that they only allow 2 people per campsite!!! Way to not advertise that on their website. He said it was because of their septic system. Ah, well, I guess it’s for the best.

I was supposed to cook tandoori chicken for our supper tonight. Well, really I was supposed to cook it for yesterday’s lunch, but I got it in the marinade too late, so it was going to be today’s supper, but then we left Animal Kingdom so late, and it’s always so nice to have someone serve you a sit-down meal when you’re really tired, so that’s what we did. Ted’s been wanting to go to Smokey Bones so that’s where we went, and it was awesome! I don’t think it’s just because I was hungry, and really, I was more tired than hungry. The ribs were amazing! They couldn’t have been as good as TJ Ribs, but they fell off the bones, and the sauce was awesome. I want to go there again! Jack and I split a ribs/brisket platter with fries and baked potato. The brisket was good, but I ate the ribs first and they were the best. Ted got a huge burger that was great, too; and Max got buffalo wings, no surprise there. When we walked out of there it was 9:05pm!! I turned tomorrow’s alarm off and we’ll sleep as late as we can. We gassed up the truck and headed home. The boys showered and got right into bed. I took my wedding rings off and my finger looks good. I thought we’d watch Lost, but here I am blogging this post and then we’ll hit the hay. What a good day!

Only 26 days of school left!!!!!