The boys went outside to play twice today, and both times it started thundering and lightening not long after they got to the playground. The first time I drove out to get them and the rain started pouring as I was pulling into our parking spot. I was trying to finish up my work from the other day, and I got some good stuff accomplished.

First thing, though, Ted’s alarm went off at 5am-ish to go to work. We didn’t go to bed late last night, and usually I’m a morning enough person that I wake up well enough, but this morning I didn’t want to get up at all! When he got out of the shower I threw clothes on and sent J to the bathroom. When we got back home around 7:30am I read and dozed a bit, and was sound asleep at 9:30!

Jack just came in and said, “I see sugar!” I asked where and he said no, 3 times. I finally said on the counter? And he said no, by the shoes. I asked him if he tasted it and he said yes. It’s powder we put in Max’s shoes!! Doh! I asked if it tasted yucky and he said no. That kid!

I caught up with my blog, copied all my reminders to the Keep, settled on a church for tomorrow (maybe), and Ted and I started our Monarch subscription. Some Monarch statistics:

7th grade
Algebra 168 units
LA 476
Bible 124
History 128
Science 114
1,010 total units

8th grade
Geometry 198
English 1 146
Bible 137
History 177
Science 114
772 total units

If we do 130 school days Max will average 6 units per day.

While I was copying my reminders I had Max start making bruschetta for supper. In the end he cut the tomatoes and pretty much toasted all the bread.

Sara Lu chatted with me this morning and after supper. It’s fun to visit with sweet friends even when they’re so far away.

IF: it was going well today until my iPad gave me fits. I retaliated by eating half a bag of cheddar veggie straws. Oh well. I’ll do better tomorrow.

We left for Grandmom’s at 11:30 and took her to Weber’s for lunch. They’re supposed to be THE place for root beer. I liked it, but it was kind of dark or woody…something. Ted said it almost had a fermented taste to him, like they’d let it sit too long. It was good but not super sweet like root beer usually is. The burger and fries were good too.

Next we went to Wegmans to see if they had pork belly. They didn’t but they told us where to get some. When I looked the place up on Google it showed the shop not far from our campground. Later while we were headed there we realized that Google had lost my home setting and the shop was close to Home Depot! Stupid! Since Ted is leaving tomorrow morning he didn’t want to go get pork belly today. But I did get a pair of pearl drop earrings.

On the way back to Grandmom’s house we stopped for ice cream. I ordered Jack a mint chocolate chip flavored water ice since that’s a NJ (or northeast?) treat. It was fine, but tasted like diet ice cream…good but really thin. I let him have half of my chocolate root beer float. I don’t feel the need to get another water ice ever.

We hung out at Grandmom’s for a bit and Ted got a haircut at a nearby barber shop. On our way home we stopped at a farmers market and bought some tomatoes, peaches and beets. Next was the nearby IGA grocery store for milk and smores stuff. We got gas and used the 2nd bottle of STP stuff. It’s the first time we’ve filled up in NJ this time and it’s so hard to remember that we don’t pump our own gas here!

For supper we had meats and cheeses, cantaloupe, a peach, a tomato, French bread and oil. We played Skip Bo and Uno and then Ted packed up for his trip.

Ted left at 8 this morning to take Grandmom for her first cataract surgery. I made a to-do list and got up and at ’em!

My to-do list today:
Wash sheets, both beds
Call Mom
Clean ice maker
Read Bible
Mom’s dishcloth
Fingernails, mine and Jack’s
Clean toilet
Make dough
Move reminders to Keep
Recipes (incl Gmom’s cake…chocolate with 1.5 cups walnuts)
List of NJ things to do
Chart IF
Meal plan
Re-write school schedule
Bus stickers

Ted came home as the boys were eating their sandwiches. We did the bus stickers (only 17 States left!!) and then he went to take a nap. He slept horribly last night and I think he has my bad attitude from yesterday.

We took the boys to the pool at 4 where they played with a handful of other kids. At 5 a woman came to close the pool early. Somehow this seems like the worst place we’ve stayed in 2 years. It’s not horrible, but there are a million little things that push it to the bottom of the list: the water pressure is abysmal and the girl says just wait till Labor Day, with so many more people it’ll be really bad then! The pool area has no chairs and no food or drink is allowed inside (most pool places allow you to bring stuff in, just no glass bottles); the woman who checked us in was completely devoid of good attitude, though she did try to help us find a better site, but there was no apology for them not having enough info about the site on the web for us to make an informed decision. Again, this isn’t a horrible place to stay, but it’s right at the bottom of all the places we’ve stayed.

I made buffalo chicken pizza for supper and Ted said it was awesome! We ate both pizzas and several cheese sticks.

Things left at the end of the day on my (ever changing, never ending) to-do list:
Mom’s dishcloth
Move reminders to keep
List of NJ things to do
Meal plan

IF: 3:50, and supper

We went to bed at 2am last night and I woke up at 8 on the wrong side of the bed! I tried to start looking at what kind of things we want to see while we’re here in NJ but I had to give it up because my attitude was so bad! I stayed in bed pretty late reading and just avoiding real life. 11:30 I started baking biscuits for our lunch with clotted cream, and I burned them! I can bake so many things in that oven, but biscuits are always hard for me. This time the clotted cream tasted better with strawberry jelly. I thought it would be fine with the other jelly but somehow the strawberry just works well. I liked the clotted cream, but it doesn’t have a strong flavor at all. I’d eat it again, but won’t go out of my way to get some. We still have a few of the Wegmans cranberry-orange scones; they’re terrific! I could eat those all day.

After lunch I took a nap and that helped a lot! Then Ted and I went to Home Depot and WM. We found a pretty magnetic sheet of metal for the timer to hang on behind the oven. The space we’ve been putting it on the front of the stove is just too small and it falls off and the battery comes out. Now that we have something that works I’ve asked Ted to get me another timer…2 are so handy with cooking and school.

While the boys were outside Ted looked for a church for a while and then added the ‘freon’ to the truck. It didn’t take much so I wonder if it made any difference? We had Fritos and pulled pork for supper…that’s amazing!

It’s been a full week since I sent a message to So Happy To Learn and no response. I need to check my spam but it’s looking like a no to me.

IF: not today.

I got out of bed to clean up the mess from last night…we’d come in from WM around 9:30 and were beat so we just dropped everything and went to bed. Jack had gotten the new sewer hose and and was playing with it. Punk!

As soon as I was finished cleaning everything and they boys had breakfast and were out of my hair I made Grandmom’s birthday cake. She likes a chocolate cake with walnuts in it, so I used a box cake mix and added the nuts, and made a homemade chocolate buttercream.

The boys had sandwiches for lunch, Ted had hamburger patties on white bread and I had half a hamburger patty with some of that amazing hatch chili cheddar from Wegmans. With all the batter licking that goes into making a cake I decided to skip IF today. After lunch Ted and I snuck back and started on the pound of Reese’s we got at Hershey Park!

We headed to Grandmom’s around 4 for supper at 5 with her and Ken. We’d planned to leave the boys home but Ted didn’t want Jim to feel like he had to babysit our boys if they stayed at Grandmom’s house so they came to supper with us. Grandmom picked Outback for her birthday meal. I had the filet mignon and it was wonderful! I even had some of the bloomin’ onion they ordered…with all the dipping sauce they had it tasted great!

Grandmom told Nikki we would cut the birthday cake at 7. I didn’t know how many slices my 3 layer cake would cut, the icing was pretty soft, but Grandmom said someone was bringing some cupcakes so there would be plenty. Cupcakes never appeared but there was plenty of cake for everyone so that was awesome! We finally sang and cut the cake around 8:30 and Nikki came in about half an hour later. At the end it was the 4 of us, Grandmom, Ken (though he stayed in his room the entire time we were there), Ryan and Cam, Amanda and Jim with Dominic and Justin, Nikki and Eddie with baby Eddie. The only people we were missing were Angela and Anthony. We had a good time visiting with everyone and got back home close to 10pm.

IF: didn’t happen because CAKE! first thing in the morning!